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2018 Winter Olympics Interesting  Quiz Free Online Winter Games Quiz 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Quiz 2018 South Korean Olympics Quiz 2018 Winter Olympics host events mascot Quiz Question Answers with tv schedule and trivia

One of the biggest event of 2018 is going to be held at PyeongChang province in South Korea. Yes its a good news for those who loves to watch best talented multi-sports person performing on an international platform, can join PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 from 10 February to 25 February. There are many things to learn from this winter games so take our free online quiz that includes question answers about Winter Olympics 2018. Taking part in this amazing winter olympics 2018 quiz you will learn current affairs, news, results, general knowledge and facts. Athletes of 92 nations will compete in 15 multi-sport events according to schedule fixed by South Korean Olympics organising authority headed by International Olympics Committee. So along with quiz don’t forget to check also the Olympic games television schedule in South Korean, European and Pakistan standard time.


International Olympic Committee (IOC)has chosen PyeongChang in South Korea for hosting the event 2018 Winter Olympics. After officially opened by South Korean President Moon Jae-In, the 23rd Winter Olympic games starts from 9 February through lightening the Olympic Torch holding by famous South Korean figure skater Yuna Kim, which ends on 25 February 2018. The 2018 Winter Olympics is popularly known as PyeongChang Olympics .A capacity of 35000 seated Pyeongchang Olympic stadium witnessed the opening ceremony of this olympics at Korean Standard Time 20:00 hrs. This year an Asian country won the Olympics hosting bid held at 123rd IOC session organised in South Africa.


Participating Nations- 92

Participating athletes – 2920

Events- 102

Sports– 15

Alpine Skiing



Cross-Country Skiing

Curling – The curling team is consisted of two or four athletes, and each team takes turn in throwing curling stone. After curling stone is thrown, athletes follow the movement of the stone and ‘sweep’ the ice surface using the ‘broom’ to control the direction and speed of the stone. Curling was first officially included as winter games in XVIII Winter Olympics. Mixed Doubles event is introducing for the first time this year.

Figure Skating

Freestyle Skiing

Ice Hockey

Long Track Speed Skating


Nordic Combined

Short Track Speed Skating


Ski Jumping


Location– Asia, South Korea

Opening Ceremony – 9 February

Closing Ceremony – 25 February

Mascot – Soohorang

Winter Olympics 2018 Quiz(제23회 동계 올림픽)

Q. Who is the first winter Olympics medal winner?

Ans: Swedish figure skater Gillis Grafstrom

Q. Who is the playback hero behind 2018 Olympic Games?

Ans: Barron Pierre de Coubertin(Founder)

Q. In what winter olympics curling was officially adopted?

Ans: Nagano Olympics 1998

Q. Can you name the same olympics flag bearer for Tonga both in Rio and PyeongChang?

Ans: Pita Taufatofua

Q. The Winter Olympic games is held every year according to Olympic Charter adopted by IOC. True or false?

Ans: True

Q. The five-ringed symbol is same for Summer and Winter Olympics. True or false?

Ans: True

Q. What is the latest winter sport included to olympics?


Q. What is the last year till the Winter and Summer olympics were held same years?

Ans: 1992

1. Which country has been banned from participating in Winter Olympics 2018?

Ans: Russia

2. Who is the next host of winter olympics?

Ans: Beijing, China in 2022

3. What are the official sponsor of winter olympics 2018?

Ans: Samsung, EF, Naver, Hanwha, Aggreko, Shinsegae, CJ, LH, KHNP, Keb Hana Bank, KangwonLand and Sssangyong Informations and communications

4. What is the host country of 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: South Korea

5. What is the official mascot name of winter olympics 2018?

Ans: Soohorang (Korean: 수호랑)

6. What are the opening ceremony venue of winter olympics 2018?

Ans: PyeongChang Olympic Stadium in PyeongChang

7. Who is the current President of the International Olympic Committee?

Ans: Thomas Bach

8. What is the starting date of 2018 winter olympics?

Answer: 9 February

9. What is the ending date of the olympics?

Answer: 25 February

10. What time is the Opening Ceremony of 2018 Winter Olympics?

Ans: According to Korean Standard Time(KST) it starts at 2000 hrs, in Indian Standard Time(IST) at 4:30 P.M, in Pakistan Standard Time(PST) at 4:00P.M

11. When and how Pyeongchang was selected to host 2018 Olympics?

Ans: At the 123rd International Olympic Committee(IOC) Session held in 2011 in Durban, South Africa.

12. How many times the winter olympics held so far?

Ans: 23 times

13. What country was the previous host of winter olympics?

Ans: Sochi, Russia in 2014

14. What is the venue of next Summer Olympics?

Ans: Tokyo in 2020

15. What nation was the host of first Winter Olympics?

Ans: France in 1924

16. What is the previous hosting nation of Winter Olympic games held in 2014?

Ans: Sochi, Russia

17. What nation won the maximum medals in 94 years of winter games existence?

Ans: Norway , 329

18. How many sports are included in winter olympic games?

Ans: Seven

19. What is the official broadcaster of winter olympics in India?

Ans: JioTv

20. Who is the President cum CEO of PyeongChang Winter Olympics Organising Committee?

Ans: Lee Hee-boem

21. What is the official broadcaster of 2018 Olympics in Europe?

Ans: Eurosport, Discovery Communications

22. What was the host city of 2010 winter olympics?

Ans: Vancouver, Canada

23. What was the host city of 2006 Winter Olympics?

Answer: Turin, Italy

24. What was the host city of 2002 Winter Olympics?

Ans: Salt Lake City, USA

25. What was the host city of 1998 Winter Olympics?

Ans: Nagano, Japan

26. What was the first ever Asian city to host a Winter Olympics?

Ans: Sapporo, Japan in 1972

27. What television channel has the digital rights to broadcast winter olympics 2018 in USA?

Ans: NBC Universal

28. How many countries taking part in 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: 92

29. Is coca cola Worldwide Olympic partner in 2018?

Ans: Yes

30. What nation got highest medals in previous olympics?

Ans: Russia, 29

31. What countries are participating for first time ever in this Winter Olympics?

Ans: Six – Equador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore

32. How many athletes took part in first winter olympics?

Ans: 258

33. How many nations competed in previous olympics?

Ans: 88

34. How many nations participated in 1924 Olympics?

Ans: 16

35. The very first Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics both held same year. True or false?

Ans: True

36. What city hosted the 2nd Winter Olympics?

Ans: Antwerp, Belgium

37. The XIV winter olympics was held in 1984 in Sarajevo, Yogoslavia. What was the top nation by winning medal that year?

Ans: Germany(East)

38. What was the host city of 15th Winter Olympics?

Ans: Calgary, Canada

39. Can you name the nation hosted 20th Olympics but top medal winner was Germany?

Ans: Italy

40. Did Lake Placid city in USA hosted any winter olympics?

Ans: Yes, in 1980

41. What is the difference between winter and summer olympics?

Ans: Winter olympics held every four years in winter whether alternatively summer olympic held every two years after the winter

42. Who was the first American to be the winner of downhill event in 1984 Sarajevo Olympics?

Ans: Bill Johnson

43. What was the official mascot of the Sarajevo Olympics?

Ans: Vucko

44. How many nations participated in 1952 Oslo Olympics?

Ans: 30

45. How many athletes taking part in PyeongChang Olympics 2018?

Ans: 2920

46. In which Winter Olympics luge was included?

Ans: 1964 Innsbruck Olympics

47. There are how many players in a Winter Olympics ice hockey team?

Ans: Six

48. What is the venue of Biathlon Olympic games 2018?

Ans: Alpensia Biathlon Centre

49. What is the venue of Curling Olympics 2018?

Ans: Gangneung Gymnasium

50. There are how many participants of curling in Olympics 2018?

Ans: 116

51. The Olympic mascot Soohorang is a tiger. True or false?

Ans: True

52. What four new events included in this Olympics?

Ans: Four – Big Air Snowboarding, Mass Start Speed Skating, Freestyle Skiing and Mixed Doubles Curling

53. How much it cost to built the PyeongChang Olympic stadium?

Ans: $109 Million

54. What is the smallest city to host Olympics since 1994?

Ans: PyeongChang

55. Who is the one and only Indian to compete in PyeongChang Olympics 2018?

Ans: Shiva Keshavan

56. Who wins first gold medal in giant slalom sport event in PyeongChang 2018?

Ans: Mikaela Shiffrin

57. What is the top medal winning nation in 2018 Olympics ?

Ans: Norway (39)

58. What country hosted most winter olympics ever?

Ans: France, 3 times

59. How many medals Germany won in pyeongchang olympics?

Ans: 31

60. What is the athlete’s oath?

Ans: Mo Tae-Bum

61. What city is the host of 2022 Winter Olympics?

Ans: Beijing

62. How many athletes from Switzerland took part in winter olympics 2018?

Ans: 169

63. How many athletes from China took part in winter olympics 2018?

Ans: 80

64. How many athletes from Slovakia took part in 2018 pyeongchang olympics?

Ans: 56

65. What is the IOC code for Canada?

Ans: CAN

66. Who is the flag bearer for Norway at Winter Olympics 2018?

Ans: Emil Hegle Svendsen

67. Who is the top medal winner for Norway at 2018 Olympics?

Ans: Marit Bjorgen

  1. Who recorded as first athlete to participate in eight Winter Olympics along with 2018?

Ans: Japan’s ski jumper Noriaki Kasai

  1. Who won gold in the skiing super-g event in 2018 olympics?

Ans: Ester Ledecka of Czeck Republic

  1. Who won gold in Men’s individual Biathlon event in 2018 Olympics?

Ans: Johannes Thingnes bo

  1. Who won gold in men’s singles Luge event in 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: Austria’s David Gleirscher

  1. Who won gold medal in men’s skeleton event in 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: Yun Sung-bin

  1. Who won gold medal in men’s Snowboarding big air event in 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: Sebastien Toutant

  1. Who won gold medal in Figure skating men’s singles event in 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: Yuzuru Hanyu

  1. Who won gold medal in Freestyle skiing aerials event in 2018 winter olympics?

Ans: Oleksandr Abramenko of Ukraine

Winter Olympics Live Result 2018

Here is the olympics television schedule for 15 disciplines of seven sports as per European Standard Time(EST), Korean Standard Time(KST) and Pakistan Standard Time(PST). Competitors of 92 nations shall compete in 102 sport events according to these schedule.

2018 Winter Olympics competition full schedule click here

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