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The term or name parliament is came from 11th century Old French parlement meaning “to talk“. By 15th century in Britain it had come to specifically mean the legislature. In modern politics and history, a Parliament is the supreme legislative and elected body of any form of a government. The parliament directly or indirectly makes and regulates […]
List of Important National(India) and International(world) Days/dates observed in 2018: Important national day important international day General knowledge quiz topic deals about these important national and international days observed in 2017- 2018 through objective question answers. It means the important days such as Gandhi Birth Day, Republic Day, Constitution Day, World Health Day which have been celebrated […]
List of current Chief Minister and Governors of India capital of Indian states general knowledge(gk) current affairs 2018: Here you will find present governors, chief ministers with representing political party and capital cities of all Indian states and territories in an alphabetically ordered list. The list is updated with most recent changes of governors and CM […]
Sobriquet(Nickname): The word sobriquet came from french word soubriquet. Definition of sobriquet can be described like this – Sobriquet is a unique nick name of a particular place or person. The sobriquet is completely different from the original name. The uniqueness relates about the significance of that person or places. Usually a nick name is […]
Here we have classified Indian Literature GK(General Knowledge)Quiz questions answers in fifteen groups. 1. English literature GK Questions 2. Bengali literature GK Questions 3. Tamil literature GK Questions 4. Kannada literature GK Questions 5. Telugu literature GK Questions 6. Punjabi literature GK Questions 7. Hindi literature GK Questions 8. Assamese literature GK Questions 9. Gujarati literature GK Questions 10. Malayalam literature GK Questions 11. Marathi literature […]