Daily Current Affairs: 18Nov,2016 Current Affairs, News Update, World News Affairs

Current Affairs 18th November, 2016:

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Delhi Shaken After A Earthquake

Today Early morning India’s capital city Delhi felt earthquake near about 5 am yesterday. New delhi area and several parts of north india shaken by the tremors.

According to reports the earthquake epicentre was near Haryana with a magnitude of 4.2 by measurement of Richter scale.

The tremors lasted for a minute without losing any property or lives. Jalandhar district of Punjab also felt this quake. The quake was 13 Kilometres in depth.

Peggy Whitson to become oldest woman astronaut in space from NASA

The 56-year aged Peggy Whitson is going to make an history as a oldest woman astronaut. She will celebrate her 57th birthday in international space station.

This is her third space mission when she will launch with two other french and russian astronauts from Baikonour, Kajakhstan space centre.

Peggy’s six month space mission is a challenge to her all previous mission.

Indian Currency Note Exchange Limits to 2000

Update Till 18th November

Conditions on currency issue

1. Old currency notes exchange limits decreased from Rs 4500 to 2000rs

2. Notes can be exchanged once within deadline of 30th december 2016

3. Agricultural related markets businessman can withdraw an amount of 50,000 Rs in a week

4. Farmers can withdraw an amount of rs 25,000 per week showing the documents of agriculural loan papers or kishan credit card

5. Central govt group-c and group-d employees can avail their salaries of Rs 10000 cash in advance.

6. For marriage purpose a total of Rs 2.5 lakhs can be withdrawn

6. Invitation card and application need to be submitted

7. Toll taxes are subsidised till midnight of 24th december 2016

8. Pan card submitting is compulsory on depositing of rupees upto 2.5 lakhs.

Mozambique Blasts, 73 Killed

Maputo: 18th November, 

Today in Mozambique 73 people killed on blasting a fueled truck. Almost 110 people injured. A few of children also wounded. The blasts happened when local civilians from Tete province had came for fuel.

Injured people had been submitted to local hospital at Tete. The blasting place is 2000 Kms away from capital Maputo.

Mozambique is one of the poorest country in the world. There are crisis of food due to droughts. Economical situation has dropped there after 16 yrs old civil war has ended.

Michael Fline To Be Next National Security Advisor of US

18th November, 2016: Retired Lt.General Muchael Fline had been proposed to be National Security Advisor of USA by Donald Trump. 

Michael Fline was a democrat supporter and chief of US security organisation. He was suspended from CIA due to some reason. 

Now Michael Fline is a supporter of republicans

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