How can i add and verify an website to google search engine

If you are a owner of an website or blog you need to add your site to google search engine first. To add an website, you need a google search console account. Every site owner has a unique website url. To be appeared an website on google search you need to submit the property on google search console, may be the site in bengali or any other local languages. Earlier google search console was known as webmaster tools, which has changed to search console. If you search for webmaster tools it shows search console on results.


Everyone wants his sites to be found on google. Because google search engine ranks top most popular search engine among all in the world wide web.

Thats why we need to add our website to google search.

For this we need to follow some procedures to add a site on google search console.


Procedure to submit a website or blog property to google :-


1 . First of all sign in to google search console with your gmail account or any  google account.


2 . Google search console page will be opened. There you will see a red coloured button text with “ADD A PROPERTY” .


3 . Click on that button then a pop up window will open showing add a property.


4 . Put your website or blog URL in the text box under “Enter the url of a property you would like to manage”.


5. Then a page will open with your site name. You have to verify now


6. There are two types of website verification method available by google, one is Recommended methods and the other is Alternate methods.


If you are a custom domain owner then Recommended methods is right for you. Just choose your domain name registrar and the rest part will do your domain registrar for you.


If you are a blog or subdomain owner then alternatively you can verify an website with four available process.


A) By HTML file upload :

In this process you need to download an html file which is auto generated after adding site, and upload to your website homepage. After completion of uploading process, click on verify to see a ‘Verified Successfully’ message.


B) By HTML tag :

In this second process you need to copy the auto generated meta tag by google, and paste it into the home page of your site. The tag should be lie between head and body section into your homepage. After then click verify to complete the process successfully.


C) Google analytics :

In this third process you need to copy the google analytics tracking code and paste it within head section of your page. After then click verify.


D) Google Tag Manager :

You need a google tag manager account and google tag manager container id to verify your site. After verification you will get a message that “Your new site has been successfully verified”.


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