Current List of important international boundary lines 2021

Follow the list of international boundary lines like 10 Degree Channel 38th Parallel Line Radcliffe Line Siegfried Line etc and the history behind this. The list is very important to know because this information is always asked as a general knowledge and quiz questions in any competitive exams PSC, WBCS, IPS, IFS, or in interviews.

Radcliffe Line between India Pakistan, Mannerheim Line between Russia and Finland, Duncan Passage between rutland island and little Andaman, Teen Bigha Corridor between India and Bangladesh Palk strait between India and Srilanka

So let’s discuss about all the borders in details-

What is an international border

Border alternatively called as boundary line that is a geographical landmark which devides two nation or territory. An international border line is established through any type of agreement between two political entities that control those areas. There are several form of border it may be land or water or maritime. Borders those are defined by river, sea or any type of water body is called natural/maritime border. And land borders basically made by human being. Length of border depends on the area of those two nations. A border is defined nationally and internationally.

In Europe, Asia, North America, South America there are many two countries which have been separated by land or natural borders. There are also have some countries with more than one international borders(ex- India shares border with Pakistan, Bangladesh and China etc), Russia shares border with Finland, Poland, Brlarus, Ukraine etc.

China shares most borders in the world(14). This asian country has border with Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tazikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea.

Russia also shares its international land border with 14 different countries in the world. Russia is bordered by Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbizan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North Korea and China.

Finland shares its international land border with three countries- Sweden, Norway and Russia

India shares its international land border with eight different countries. This asian country has border with Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

All these boders have been discussed below.

Today we are focusing on those seventeen most important and amazing international border names amongst all the borders exist in the world.

Following are the list of border lines and related countries.

(Seventeen) Most Important International Border Lines Name till 2021

1. 10 Degree Channel > The Ten Degree Channel is a water body that separates the Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal. The two sets of islands form the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This channel is about 150 KM wide and it is named as it lies on 10- Degree line of latitude, north of the equator.

2. 16th Parallel Line > The 16th Parallel Line devides border of Angola and Namibia

3. 17th Parallel Line > The 17th Parallel Line is the demarcation between North Vietnam and South Vietnam founded by the Geneva Accords 1954. This name is given as it lies on 17-degree of latitude, north to the equator. The 17th Parallel existed till union of two Vietnam in 1976.

4. 38th Parallel Line > The 38th Parallel Line separates North Korea and South Korea

5. 49th Parallel Line > The 49th Parallel Line is the boundary line between USA and Canada

6. Oder Neisse Line > The Oder-Neisse line is the international border between Germany and Poland. The line was drawn on Potsdam Conference after World War II. The mix flow of Oder and Lusatian Neisse river makes this border between two countries.

7. Durand Line > The Durand Line is the 2430 km border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This line was drawn by British diplomat Henry Mortimer Durand in 1896. 

8. Duncan Passage > Duncan Passage is a 48 km wide strait in the Indian ocean. The passage separates Rutland Island to the north and Little Andaman to the south.

9. Teen Bigha Corridor > According to a treaty signed in 16 May 1974 between Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Mujibar Rahaman, India and Bangladesh were to hand over sovereignty of a land ‘Tin Bigha Corridor’ to each other. This land became the international border between India and Bangladesh. Tin Bigha corridor is the one and only land border between India and Bangladesh. Benapole is the border crossing of Bangladesh to India and Petrapole is the border crossing of India to Bangladesh.

10. McMahon Line > The McMahon line is a land border between Northeast India and Tibet proposed by British colonial administrator Henry McMahon at the 1914 Simla Convention. It is the effective boundary between India and China. The line named after Henry McMahon , foreign secretary of British India and one of the administrator of the Convention at Simla. The line extends 550 miles from Bhutan in the west and 160 miles in the east of the Brahmaputra river. 

11. Maginot Line > The Maginot line is a boundary built by France in 1930 to defend German invasion. The Maginot line is a land border which separates France snd Germany and this border was named after French Minister of War Andre Maginot. The line was built with concrete, steel and iron by French architect Paul Painleve. The main purpose of building Maginot Line is to prevent German attack, save manpower and protect industrial area like Alsace and Lorraine. The line extends 940 miles from Alps to English channel and is controlled by French authority.

12. Nine Degree Channel > The Nine Degree Channel is a 200 km wide channel in Indian ocean. It separates Lakshadeep and Minicoy islands. The so called name is given as it lies on 9-degree line of latitude, north of equator.

13. Radcliffe Line > The Radcliffe Line drawn between India and Pakistan during 1947’s partition. This border line was demarcated by Sir Cyril Radcliffe who was a British lawyer and played an important role in partition of British India. The border extends 1600 km from Arabian Sea to Mumbai harbour. The Radcliffe Line ended the British rule and made two independent nation India and Pakistan.

14. Mannerheim Line > The Mannerheim Line is the land border between Finland and Soviet Union(Russia). It is a defensive line built by Finland in 1939. 

15. Siegfried Line > During World War I in 1917 Germany drawn a defensive line to the border of France. This border is called Siegfried Line. This line is wide more than 630 km and featured with different war strategic things. The line completed drawn up in 1940

16. Shatt el Arab  > Shatt el Arab or Arvand Rud is a 200 km long river formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris river. This water body separates Iraq and Iran

17. Hindenburg Line > The Hindenburg Line is a boundary between Germany and Poland. This land border was built by German army during World War I in 1917. The line named after German Army General Paul Von Hindenburg. 

Some borders are added recently check below-

Wagah Border :

There is also a border between India and Pakistan, it is Wagah which is a village situated in Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan and lies near Radcliffe Line, the demarcation line deviding India and Pakistan during Partition of British India in 1947. The Wagah border is located 24 km from Lahore and 32 km from Amritsar, India.

Palk Strait:

Palk Strait is a maritime border between India and Sri Lanka. This boundary agreements were held in 1974 and 1976 between India and Sri Lanka that define international maritime boundary between two countries. The Palk Strait consist of Gulf Mannar and Bay of Bengal that detaches two country.

India-Myanmar Border:

The India-Myanmar border is a 1624 km long international boundary line between India and Myanmar.

India Nepal Border:

There is no official name between India Nepal international border.

Canada USA Border:

There is a international boundary between Canada and United States of America. It is known to be the longest international border in the world between two countries. The border extends 8890 kms long area covers eight Canadian provinces and territories and thirteen US states. Out of this Canada has a 2475 kms border with Alaska. There is a monument naming Peach Arch built in 1921 on exact US-Canada boundary. River Niagra, is a part of border that flows between the province of Ontario in Canada and NewYork in United States.

Mexico-USA Border

The Mexico-USA border is an international boundary of 3200 kms long extends from Pacific ocean to Gulf of Mexico separates United States from Mexico.

Curzon Line

The Curzon Line is an international boundary drawn between the Second Polish Republic and Soviet Union. It was demarcated by a British historian Lewis Namier in 1919.


The Baarle-Nassau is a boundary line between Belgium and Netherlands. Baarle-Nassau is a municipality and a small town in Netherlands.

Argentina-Chile Border

The Argentina-Chile border is the longest land border of South America with a length of 5150 kms. The border devides Argentina from chile with Andes mountains and on the islands of Tierra del Fuego.

Kazakhstan-Russia Border

The Kazakhstan-Russia border is a 6846 kms long international border between Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.


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