Karnataka GK Quiz : Top 100 Questions & Answers 2018, Karnataka Exams

Karnataka General Knowledge(GK) Quiz Top 100 Question Answers 2018 Karnataka Exams:

Here you will find most important 100 gk(general knowledge)and quiz questions on Karnataka state. Including questions on Karnataka historyKarnataka polityKarnataka geography,state symbol, Karnataka economyKarnataka population and literacy,Karnataka arts,culture and literature. 

Besides these topics some questions on sports, awards, and other topics. Questions on famous Karnataka personality. GK in Kannada General knowledge(gk)question on famous places and architecture in Karnataka

All these questions and answers are for Karnataka competitive exams of year 2017 and upcoming exams of 2018. This article is a best practice set for job preparation and interview questions. Its also a model question sets and a suggestion of possible question papers for 2017-2018 exams in Karnataka. There may be some similarity between previous question papers and this article. Students those are appearing KPSC, FDA, SDA or Karnataka Board exams can follow these sets.

State of Karnataka:

Karnataka is a state in the south-western region of India. It was formed on 1 November 1956. Originally known as State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The largest city Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Karnataka is bordered by Arabian sea, Laccadive sea and some neighbouring state like Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Telangana. Karnataka is the seventh-largest Indian state by area.

Most Important GK Quiz Question and Answers for all competitive exams in Karnataka 2017-2018

History of Karnataka GK Quiz Question

1. When did Karnataka formed as a partial state of India

Answer : 1 November, 1956

2. When the State of Mysore renamed as Karnataka?

Answer : 1973

3. The historical haridasa movement was flourished during the reign of which Carnatic empire?

Answer : Vijayanagar empire(between 13th-14th century)

4. Who is the founder of Kadamba dynasty?

Answer : Mayurasharma

5. Who was the first Wadiyar ruler of Mysore?

Answer :  Yaduraya Wodeyar was the first monarch from 1399 to 1423

6. Who established the Vijayanagar empire in Karnataka?

Answer : Harihara and Bukka in 14th century

7. In which war the Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan was killed by the British?

Answer : In the Battle of Srirangapatnam in 1799

8. Who was the last ruler of famous Kingdom of Mysore?

Answer : Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar Bahadur was the last ruler of Kingdom of Mysore(former karnataka) from 1940-1950. He was also the founder-president of Vishva Hindu Parishad(VHP)

9. Who was the real founder of the South Indian Chalukya Dynasty?

Answer : Pulakesi I

10. What was the capital of Chalukya Dynasty?

Answer : Vatapi(Badami)

Who is regarded as the founder-king of South Indian Rashtrakuta Dynasty?

Answer : Dantidurga

Karnataka Places & Architecture Questions

11. Which place in Karnataka is an World Heritage Site built by the Chalukya & Rashtrakuta empire of ancient Karnataka?

Answer: Group of temples at Pattadakal

How many districts are there in Karnataka?

Answer : 30 Districts

12. Which place is the largest and capital city in Karnataka?

Answer : Bangalore

Where is the Indian Institute of Technology located at?

Answer : Dharwad, Karnataka (Founded by Central govt of India in 2015)

13. Which is the 1897’s historical Carnatic architecture built for the Wodeyar dynasty rulers?

Answer : Mysore Palace(It is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Karnataka)

Where the Bahubali statue is found?

Answer : Shravanabelagola, Karnataka

14. What is the 1656’s famous deccan architecture that dedicated to Mohammed Adil Shah?

Answer : Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur,Karnataka

Nagarhole National Park is located in which district of Karnataka?

Answer : Kodagu district

15. The famous historical place of Hampi which is a World Heritage Site located in which district of Karnataka?

Answer : Bellary

Kudremukh mountain peak which is a famous tourist spot located in which district of Karnataka?

Answer : Chikkamagaluru district

Karnataka Personality Quiz Questions

16. Who served as first Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Answer: K. Chengalaraya Reddy (Period of 1952-1957)

Who is the longest-serving 8th Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Answer: D. Devaraj Urs

17. Who is the current Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court as of 2017?

Answer : Subhro Kamal Mukherjee

Who is the first person to be the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court?

Answer : R. Venkataramaiah(1956-1957)

18. Who is the famous Kannadian personality served as first Governor of Karnataka?

Answer : Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar the last Maharaja of Mysore kingdom (period of 1957-1963)

19. Who is the first female person to be the Governor of Karnataka?

Answer : V. S. Ramadevi(period of 1999-2002), She is also the first female Chief Election Commissioner of India

20. Who is the current Home Minister of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : G. Parameshwara

Who is the current Agricultural Minister of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Krishna Byre Gowda

21. Who is the current Minister for Law & Justice and Parliamentary affairs in Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : T. B. Jayachandra

22. Who is the current Minister for forest and environment department in Karnataka?

Answer : Ramanath Rai

Who is the Minister for Transport in Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Ramalinga Reddy

23. Who is the present Minister for Higher Education in Karnataka?

Answer : Basavaraj Rayareddy

24. Who is the current Labour Minister of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Santosh Lad

Who is the current Minister for Women & Child Welfare and Kannada Culture development?

Answer : Umashree

25. Who is the current Minister for Sports & Fisheries in Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Pramodh Madhavaraj

Karnataka Quiz Question Answers & Current affairs 2016-2017

26. Who is the present Minister for Health & Family Welfare in Karnataka?

Answer : K. R. Ramesh Kumar

27. Who is the most recently elected Chief Minister of Karnataka as of 2018?

Answer: H.D. Kumaraswami

Who is the current Governor of Karnataka as of 2018?

Answer: Vajubhai Bala

28. What is the pen-name of famous Kannada poet Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre?

Answer : Ambikatanayadatta

29. Who is the famous Carnatic musician received Bharat Ratna in 2008?

Answer : Bhimsen Joshi

30. Who is the notable Kannada personality received India’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna in 2014?

Answer : Famous Indian chemist C. N. R. Rao

Who is the Kannada person being the first Indian commander-in-chief of the Indian Army?

Answer : K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa)

Karnataka Politics Quiz Questions

31. Which political party currently ruling the Government of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Indian National Congress

32. What type of Karnataka state legislature is?

Answer : Bicameral

What is the name of upper house in Karnataka state legislative assembly?

Answer : Vidhana Parishat

33. What is the name of lower house in Karnataka state legislative assembly?

Answer : Vidhana Sabha

Who is the leader of the opposition party in Karnataka state legislative assembly as of 2017?

Answer : Jagadish Khettar(Bharatiya Janata Party)

34. Who is the Speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer : KB Koliwad(Indian National Congress)

35. Who is the Deputy Speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer : Shivashankara Reddy(INC)

36. How many members of all constituencies are there in Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer : 225 Members(224+1 Anglo-Indian elected by Governor)

37. Who is the leader of the Karnataka legislative assembly as of 2017?

Answer : Siddaramaiah(CM of Karnataka)

38. How many seats are occupied by Indian National Congress in Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer: 123 Seats

39. There are how many members in Karnataka Vidhana Parishat?

Answer: 75 Members

40. What is the term length of the Vidhan Parishad members?

Answer: Six years

What is the political party faced the first President’s rule in Karnataka in 1971?

Answer: Indian National Congress

Karnataka art, culture, literature & state symbol Questions

41. Karnataka srate’s culture is rich of different type of famous arts,music,festivals,cinema,literature etc. 

What is the symbol of Karnataka state animal?

Answer : Asian elephant

42. What is the symbol of Karnataka state bird?

Answer : Indian roller

43. Which symbolise Karnataka state flower?

Answer : Lotus

What is the state anthem of Karnataka?

Answer : Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate

44. What is the symbol of Karnataka state tree?

Answer : Sandalwood

45. What is the symbol of Karnataka state emblem?

Answer : Gandaberunda

46. Which symbolise the state & official language of Karnataka?

Answer : Kannada

Which traditional folk art is the symbol of Karnataka state dance?

Answer : Yakshagana

47. What is the first Kannada talkie film?

Answer : Sati Sulochana released in 1934

48. What is the name of Carnatic regional language officially used in Goa state and mentioned in 8th scedule of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: Konkani

49. Which religion has the highest percent of majority in Karnataka?

Answer : Hindu, 84%

50. What is the name of the festival celebrated as Kannada new year?

Answer : Ugadi

Which day is celebrated as Kannada Rajyotsava?

Answer : November 1 is celebrated as Kannada Rajyotsava commemorating the formation of the Karnataka state

51. Who is known by Grandfather of Carnatic Music?

Answer : The great Purandara Dasa

52. Which famous Kannada poet who was honoured by Karnataka Ratna award wrote Jaya Bharitya Jananiya Tanujate?

Answer :  Kuvempu

53. Who is the writer of the historical literary work Kavirajamarga in 850 AD?

Answer : Rashtrakuta king Amoghavarsha I

Who are known by the Three Gems of Kannada literature?

Answer : Sri Ponna, Pampa and Ranna

54. Who is the creator of the great Kannada epic Vikramarjuna Vijaya(Pampa Bharatha) in 10th century?

Answer : Jain poet Adikavi Pampa

55. Who is the writer of the play Tale Danda?

Answer : Girish Raghunath Karnad

Which famous novelist received India’s highest literary Jnanpith Award in 1977 for Kannada literature?

Answer : K. Shivaram Karanth

56. Which famous writer prospered Kannada literature by receiving India’s highest literary Jnanpith Award in 1983?

Answer : Masti Venkatesha Iyenger well known by Pen name Srinivasa or Maasti

57. For which language Chandrashekhara Kambara well known writer received 46th Jnanpith Award in 2010?

Answer : Kannada language

58. The modern Kannada literature was developed during which period?

Answer : Modern Kannada literature was developed in 19th century, during the reign of last Wadiyar King 

59. Who wrote the first Kannada-English dictonary published in 19th century?

Answer : Christian missionary Ferdinand Kittel wrote this in 1894

60. What is the first Kannada newspaper published in 1843?

Answer : Mangalore Samachara

61. What is the first modern novel in Kannada language?

Answer : Mudramanjusha by Kempu Narayana

62. Who is known as the Father of modern Kannada literature?

Answer : Famous author B. M. Srikanthaiah

63. Which famous Kannada playwright wrote Tollu Gatti?

Answer : The father of humorous plays T. P. Kailasam

64. For which Kannada novel Gopalakrishna Pai received 2011 Sahitya Academi Award?

Answer : Swapna Saraswata

65. Who is the writer of the famous Kannada poems Nada Lila and Gari?

Answer : D. R. Bendre

66. Who is known by Father of modern Kannada Poetry?

Answer : D. R. Bendre

67. Who is the author of the great epic poem Sri Ramayana Darshanam?

Answer : K. V. Puttappa wrote this in 1949

68. Who is the writer of Mankuthimmana Kagga?

Answer : D. V. Gundappa

69. Who wrote the 1965’s Kannada novel Samaskara?

Answer : U. R. Anantha Murthy

70. Who is the writer of 1963’s notable Kannada short story Prasne?

Answer : U. R. Anantha Murthy

71. Which Kannada poem of Gopalakrishna Adiga was inspired by English poet T. S. Eliot?

Answer : Nadedu Banda Dari

72. Which famous Kannada novelist wrote the novel Grihabhanga?

Answer : S. L. BhCongress

Karnataka Geography Questions

73. How much of total Indian geographical area are acquired by Karnataka?

Answer : 191,976 square kilometer

74. What time zone Karnataka follows for standard time?

Answer : Indian Standard Time

75. What is Karnatak’s rank by area?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 7th by area among all Indian states

76. What is the Indian state located to the north direction of Karnataka?

Answer: Maharashtra

What is the Indian state located to the east direction of Karnataka?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

77. Telangana is located to the north-east direction of which Indian state?

Answer: Karnataka

Which Indian state is located to the south-west direction of Karnataka?

Answer: Kerala

What are the major rivers in Kerala?

Answer: Krishna, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Sharavathi, Malaprabha

78. What is the name of Indian ocean origin sea located to the west of Karnataka?

Answer: Arabian sea

What is the highest point in Karnataka?

Answer : Mullayanagiri hills

79. Jog falls lies on which river?

Answer : Sharavathi river

80. How much geographical area are covered by forest in Karnataka?

Answer : 20% Area

81. Almatti dam is built on which river?

Answer : Krishna

Karnataka Economy GK Questions

82. What is the GSDP(Gross State Domestic Product)rate of Karnataka as of 2014-2015?

Answer : 7%

83. What is Karnataka’s rank by GDP per capita?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 10th by gdp among all Indian states

84. Which city is known by sobriquet Silicon Valley of India?

Answer : Bangalore, Karnataka

85. What is the HDI rank of Karnataka as of 2015?

Answer : 8th

86. How much of total Karnataka population are based on agriculture?

Answer : 56%

87. Which sectors play a major role in economic development of Karnataka?

Answer : Agricultural industry, floriculture industry and software industry

Karnataka Population & Literacy GK Questions

88. What is the literacy rate in Karnataka?

Answer : 75.60%

89. What is Karnataka state’s rank by literacy rate in India?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 16th by literacy rate among all Indian states

90. What is the overall population in Karnataka as of census 2011?

Answer : 61,130,704 

91. What is Karnataka state’s rank by population?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 8th by population among all Indian states

92. Which district of Karnataka has the highest literacy rate?

Answer : Dakshina Kannada 88.50%

Karnataka sports, prizes, honours Questions

93. Who received the 1958 Sahitya Academi Award for Kannada language?

Answer : D. R. Bendre for the poem Aralu Maralu

94. Which state hosted the 1997 National Games of India?

Answer : Karnataka

95. Who is the latest recipient of the 2016 Sahitya Academi Award for Kannada language?

Answer : Bolwar Mohammad Kunhi for the novel Swatantryada Ota

96. Who is the first winner of Jnanpith Award in Kannada literature?

Answer : K. V. Puttappa (Kuvempu) in 1967

97. Bengaluru’s M. Chinnaswamy stadium is famous for which international game?

Answer : Cricket

98. Who is the world famous Badminton player won the 1980 All England Badminton Championships?

Answer : Prakash Padukone, Karnataka

99. India won 1983 Cricket World Cup along with which two famous player from Karnataka?

Answer : Roger Binny and Syed Kirmani

100. Which Kannada writer received 26th Jnanpith Award in 1990?

Answer : Vinayaka Krishna Gokak

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