List of All Canadian Nobel Prize Winners Ever

From Frederick G. Banting to Arthur B. McDonald since its inception a total number of 23 Canadians have been awarded Nobel Prize so far including an organisation. These Canadian winners are may be citizen by birth or migration. All the Canadians grabed this six categorised prize from Nobel Foundation administered Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Canada ranks top eight Nobel Prize winning countries led by United States(371 winners), United Kingdom(128 winners), Germany(107 winners),France(68 winners), Sweden(31 winners), Switzerland(26 winners), and Japan(26 winners).

Nobel Prize Statistics for Canada

Till now a total number of four Canadians have won Nobel Prize in Physics. Maximum number of Canadian Nobel Prize winners are in Chemistry which is seven. Only two Canadians prouded own country by winning Nobel Prize in literature. Five Canadian received Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. Three Canadian won Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences. Among all the Canadians, one individual and an organisation won Nobel Peace Prize.

The first Canadian won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1923. The first Canadian won Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. The first Canadian won Nobel Prize in economic science in 1996. The first Canadian won Nobel Prize in physics in 1990. The first Canadian ever to win a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1949. The first Canadian to win a Nobel Prize in literature in 1976. 

What is Nobel Prize

According to the final Will of Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel the prizes were established in 1895. At first the prizes in physics, chemistry, peace, physiology or medicine and literature were awarded in 1901. Later in 1969 the Sveriges Riksbank first introduced the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences which was given to Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen.

Nobel Peace Prize is provided by Norwegian Nobel Committee. Except peace and economics all the prizes are awarded by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm headed by Nobel Foundation. Each Nobel laureates receives a gold medal, a diploma and a sum of money 9 million sek which are provided on a annual ceremony held in Stockholm, Sweden.

All Canadian Nobel

Prize Winners List

So here we have listed all people from Canada who received Nobel Prize in six categories from 1901 to 2017

Canadian Nobel Prize Winners in Physics


1. Arthur B. McDonald

The winner of 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics is Canadian astrophysicist Arthur Bruce McDonald. McDonald jointly received the prize with another Japanese physicist Takaaki Kajita. McDonald completed his higher studies and researches from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and California Institute of Technology. Arthur McDonal was awarded with 2016 Fundamental Physics Prize for discovery of neutrino oscillations, 2007 Benjamin Franklin Medal etc.

2. Willard Boyle – 2009

The well known Canadian physicist Willard Sterling Boyle was honoured with 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of imaging cemiconductor circuit the charge-coupled-device. Boyle spent his life with McGill University , Royal Military College of Canada.

3. Bertram Brockhouse

Alberta born Bertram Brockhouse is the only Canadian physicist who won 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with another American physicist Clifford Shull for neutron scattering techniques. Bertram is the winner of Henry Marshall Tory Medal and Duddell Medal Prize.

4. Richard E. Taylor – 1990

Richard E. Taylor is the first Canadian to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics. Nobel Foundation awarded this prize in 1990 for his contribution to deep enelastic scattering of electrons on protons and bound neutrons essential for particle physics. Born in Alberta Taylor completed his degrees in University of Alberta and Stanford University, USA. Rechard E.Taylor is the 140th among those 207 Nobel Laureates awarded between 1901-2017. Taylor won Nobel eighty nine years after the inaugural laureate German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen received in 1901.

Canadian Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry

5. William Giauque – 1949

William Giauque is the first Canadian to receive a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Giauque became popular after Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences awarding him Nobel Prize in 1949 for his absolute zero temperature and matter related research. Born in Ontario, Canada in 1895, Giauque shifted later in USA and spent his most educational scholarships, degrees, research at University of California, Berkeley, USA.

6. Gerherd Herzberg – 1971

7. Henry Taube – 1983

8. John Polanyi – 1986

9. Sydney Altman – 1989

10. Rudolf A. Marcus -1992

11. Michael Smith – 1993

Canadian Nobel Prize Winners in Literature

12. Saul Bellow – 1976

13. Alice Munro – 2013

The notable short story writer Alice Munro won Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013. Munro is the 110th among those 114 laureates who were awarded Nobel Prize between 1901 to 2017.  Munro is the first Canadian to win a Nobel Prize in Literature also she is the one and only woman to win a Nobel Prize. Some of her award winning books are Dance of the Happy Shades, Lives of Girls and Women, The Progress of Love, Friend of My Youth etc.

Canadian Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine

14. Charles B. Huggins – 1966

15. Frederick G. Banting –

Ontario, Canada born medical scientist Frederick G. Banting received Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery of insulin. Banting’s insulin discovery made a revolution in science. For this extreme contribution Banting was honoured by Nobel Foundation of Stockholm in 1923. As a first Canadian ever Banting received Medicine Nobel Prize  along with a Scottish scientist John James Rickard Macleod. He has a deep relationship with University of Toronto regarding his medical practice. Banting recorded as a youngest winner in Medicine or Physiology area by winning Nobel at the age of 32.

16. David H. Hubel – 1981

17. Jack W. Szostak – 2009

18. Ralph N. Steinman – 2011

Canadian Nobel Prize Winners in Economics

19. William Vickrey – 1996

William Spencer Vickrey the professor of economics won 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences. The Sveriges Riksbank awarded Nobel for his research into economic theory of incentives under asymmetric information. Vickrey received this prize along with Scottish economist James Mirrlees same year. From Ragnar Frisch to Richard Thaler a total number of 79 laureates have been awarded Nobel in Economics till 2017 and William Vickrey is the 40th person among them. In Nobel history William Vickrey is the first Canadian ever to win a Nobel Prize in Economics. Born in Victoria, Canada Vickrey completed his higher studies from Columbia University.

20. Robert Mundell – 1999

21. Myron Scholes – 1997

Canadian Nobel Prize Winners in Peace

22. Lester B. Pearson

Nobel history says Lester Bowles Pearson is the one and only individual from Canada who won the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1957 the Swedish Nobel Foundation honoured Pearson with Nobel Prize for his excellent job in resolving Suez Canal Crisis by organising United Nations Emergency Force. Pearson is the 54th among those 104 individuals and 27 organisations awarded Nobel Prize between 1901-2017. Lester B. Pearson served as 14th Prime Minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968 representing Liberal party. He was a diplomat, soldier and played a major roll in politics of Canada. He also served as 8th President of the United Nations General Assembly in 1952. Pearson received Nobel Prize 56 years after the inaugural 1901’s Red Cross founder Swiss Henry Dunant.

23. Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs – 1995






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