Sweden Trivia Quiz Question & Answers

Sweden Trivia Quiz Question Answers Trivia Facts 2017: This educational article is about Sweden general knowledge ‘Quiz’ which contains various interesting trivia facts with top question answers on Sweden country.

Test your knowledge online with our Sweden facts quiz which have been classified in seven groups – 1. Swedish history Quiz 2. Swedish geography Quiz 3. Swedish economy Quiz 4. Swedish culture Quiz 5. Swedish Governance & Politics Quiz 6. Swedish Demographics Quizand 7. Swedish education Quiz.

The question is often asked that ‘What is the currency of Sweden?’ probably it is the easiest question. But if you ask ‘Who won 1951 Nobel Prize in literature? This is quite harder to guess, but dont worry you are given multiple options to choose the right one from the Sweden Quiz Game.

All the quiz answers are shown at bottom


rige) Facts Quiz 2017

1.Swedish HistoryQuiz

1. How long the Viking age lasted in Swedish history?

a) 200 Years b) 300 Years c) 400 Years d) 500 Years

2. What is the historical year of Sweden’s joining to the European Union?

a) 1994 b) 1995 c) 1996 d) 1997

3. When the establishment of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences took place in Swedish history?

a) 1730 b) 1737 c) 1739 d) 1741

4. When Gustav Vasa became the king of Sweden?

a) In 1520 b) In 1523 c) In 1525 d) In 1530

5. When the Battle of Lutzen took place in Swedish history?

a) 1628 b) 1630 c) 1632 d) 1634

6. When the Hanseatic League made history by formation?

a) 1326 b) 1344 c) 1356 d) 1366

7. When the Battle of Narva took place in Swedish history?

a) 1690 b) 1700 c) 1705 d) 1710

8. Which nation won the historical Battle of Poltava in 1709?

a) Poland b) Sweden c) Russia d) Lithuania

9. The Swedish East India Company founded which year?

a) 1721 b) 1731 c) 1741 d) 1751

10. Who is historically known the Father of Modern Sweden?

a) Gustav Vasa b) Gustav I c) Gustavus Adolphus d) Charles X

11. Which historical king won the Battle of Klissow in 1702 by defeating Poland?

a) Gustavus Adolphus b) Charles XII c) Gustav I

12. What is the historical year of the Treaty of Nystad was signed?

a) In 1717 b) 1721 c) 1726 d) 1731

2. Swedish Geography Quiz

Q. How Sweden’s geographical location is traced in world map?

Answer : World map shows, Sweden is located in Europe continent

13. Sweden lies in which continent of the world?

a) Australia b) North America c) Europe d) Antarctica

14. Which country shares an international border to the West with Sweden?

a) Germany b) Denmark c) Norway d) Finland

15. Which nation geographically shares an international border with Sweden to the South-east?

a) Norway b) Denmark c) Finland d) Poland

16. What is the only place on earth known by ‘Venice of the North?

a) Paris b) Stockholm c) Vienna d) Tokyo

17. What is the most populous city among Nordic countries?

a) Oslo b) Helsinki c) Stockholm d) Copenhagen

18. Finland shares an international boundary to which direction of Sweden?

a) North b) South c) East d) West

19. Which country ranks 55th by area around the world?

a) Japan b) Germany c) Norway d) Sweden

20. How much percent of forested land in Sweden?

a) 60% b) 50% c) 65% d) 55%

21. What is the areawise rank of Sweden within European Union?

a) 2nd largest b) 3rd largest c) 4th largest d) 5th largest

3. Economy of Sweden Quiz

22. What is Sweden’s HDI rank as of 2015?

a) 10th b) 12th c) 14th d) 16th

23. What is the GDP(gross domestic product) per capita income in Sweden in 2016?

a) 53603 us dollar b) 48603 us dollar c) 45603 us dollar d) 51603 us dollar

24. What is Sweden’s economic rank in the world in term of GDP per capita income till 2015?

a) 5th b) 6th c) 7th d) 8th

25. What is the currency based on economy in Sweden?

a) Swedish dollar b) Euro c) SEK(Swedish Krona) d) Pound

26. According to World Economic Forum which country is the fourth-most competitive economy in the world in 2012-2013?

a) Norway b) Finland c) Sweden d) Denmark

27. What does Sweden rank in the world in term of exporting arms?

a) 5th b) 6th c) 8th d) 9th

28. What is the manufacturing company founded by Lars Magnus Ericsson?

a) Volvo b) Sony c) Ericsson d) Sandvic

29. Which are the major international airports in Sweden for tourism?

Answer : Stocholm Arlanda International Airport and Copenhagen/Kastrup International Airport,

30. Which is the major source for generating energy in Sweden?

a) Hydropower b) Nuclear power c) Biomass 

4. Swedish Culture Quiz

Swedish culture gk quiz divided in three groups-Literature,Sport,Music

31. According to Reader’s Digest magazine which city ranked first ‘greenest’ and ‘liveable’ city in the world in 2007?

a) Gothenburg b) Malmo c) Stockholm d) Linkoping

32. What is the National Day of Sweden?

a) 6 March b) 6 April c) 6 June d) 6 December

33. The first television service was first launched in Sweden in-

a) 1950 b) 1952 c) 1956 d) 1960

Q. Which song was selected in Eurovision Song Contest 2017, performed by Robin Bengtsson?

Answer: I can’t Go On


34. Which of following is regarded as the beginning of Swedish literature?

a) Gok Runerstone b) Rok Runerstone

35. When Gustav Vasa Bible was translated in Swedish language?

a) 1531 b) 1541 c) 1542 c) 1540

36. Which era is regarded as the ‘Swedish Golden Age’ in literature?

a) 16th century b) 17th century c) 18th century d) 19th century

37. Who wrote the popular poem Herculus?

a) Georg Stierhielm b) Carl Michael Bellman c) Lars Johansson d) Erik Axel Karlfeldt

38. It is believed the Swedish Romantic Literature started journey from –

a) Year 1800 b) Year 1805 c)Year 1810 d)Year 1812

39. Who is the writer of The Red Room(Roda Rummet)?

a) Par Lagerkvist b) August Strindberg c) Erik Lindegren d) Bertil Malmberg

40. What is the actual beginning of Swedish Modern Literary tradition?

a) Year 1900 b) Year 1908 c) Year 1910 d) Year 1912

41. Who is the writer of famous Swedish novel Doctor Glas?

a) Selma Lagerlof b) Hjalmar Soderberg c) Vihelm Moberg d) Verner von Heiderstam

42. Which famous Swedish novelist won Nobel Prize in literature in 1916?

a) Verner von Heidenstam b) Eugen Semitjov c) Fredrik Strom d) Adolf Noreen

43. Who is the one & only Swedish novelist won Nobel Prize in literature in 1951?

a) Alf Ahlberg b) Par Lagerkvist c) Walter Dickson d) Tage Danielsson

44. When Par Lagerkvist wrote Mariamne?

a) 1957 b) 1960 c) 1967 d) 1965


What is the host and champion nation of 2017 Bandy World Championship?

Answer : Sweden

What is the National game/sports of Sweden?

Answer : Most popular sports like handball, football, athletics, golf, gymnastics are played in Sweden, actually there is no specific Swedish national game. Ice hockey, tennis, bandy are some commonly played games.

45. What was the only city in the world to host 1912 Summer Olympics?

a) Gothenburg b) Uppsala c) Lund d) Stockholm

46. Which city hosted the event UEFA Euro 1992?

a) Uppsala b) Stockholm c) Helsingborg d) Vasteras

47. Famous international figure Bjorn Borg prouded Sweden by playing which sports?

a) Football b) Golf c) Tennis d) Ice hockey

48. Which was the only country in the world to host 1958 FIFA World Cup?

a) Mexico b) Argentina c) Sweden d) Chile

49.  What is Bjone Borg’s rank in list of male tennis players, along winning of 11 Grand Slam single titles ?

a) 4th b) 5th c) 6th d) 7th

50. When Tre Kronor became the first national team winning both Olympic and World Championship?

a) Year 2000 b) Year 2002 c) Year 2005 d) Year 2006

51. Which nation won 1958 FIFA World Cup championship by placing Sweden on 2nd position?

a) Argentina b) Mexico c) Brazil d) France

52. What was the status of Sweden in 1994 FIFA World Cup?

a) Ranked 1st b)Ranked 2nd c)Ranked 3rd d)Ranked 4th

53. Swedish Stefan Holm became popular by playing which sports?

a) Football b) Ice hockey c) Athletics d) Horse sports

54. Swedish Ingemar Johansson became famous by playing which sports?

a) Athletics b) Boxing c) Football d) Ice hockey

55. Annika Sorenstam is a Swedish player related to which sport?

a) Football b) Golf c) Ice hockey d) Athletics

56. Thomas Wassberg is a world famous Swedish figure related to which sport?

a) Football b) Ice hockey c) Ski d) Athletics


57. Who is the Swedish architect of famous Kiruna Church?

a) Peter Selsing b) Ivar Tengbom c) Gunnar Asplund d) Gustaf Wicman

58. Who designed the cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site Woodland Cemetry(Skogskyrkogarden)?

a) Ivar Tengbom b) Gunnar Asplund & Sigurd Lewerentz c) Gert Wingardh

59. When the Nationalmuseum(old name-Kungliga Museet) building was founded?

a) 1780 b) 1782 c) 1790 d) 1792

60. The Djurgardsbron Bridge was built in the year-

a) 1880 b) 1885 c) 1895 d) 1897

61. Which one of following is an example of notable modern architecture in Sweden?

a) Royal Dramatic Theatre b) Kalmar Cathedral c) Listers District Court House d) Stockholm University

62. What is the architectural feature of Husaby Church in Sweden?

a) It is made of old stone b) It is made of wood c) Steep walls & High towers

63. When the UNESCO listed cultural World Heritage Site Drottningholm Palace built in?

a) 14th century b) 15th century c) 16 th century d) 17th century


64. What is the most successful and oldest musical band in Sweden?

a) Robyn b) Ghost c) Abba d) Ace of Base

65. Which musical group won the Eurovision Song Contest 1974?

a) Roxette b) The Cardigans c) A Teens d) Abba

5. Governance & Politics of SwedenQuiz

66. Swedish administration is controlled by which type of politics?

a) Parliamentary Democracy b) Monarchy c) Federalism d) Constitutional Monarchy

67. Which European country’s unique parliament name is Riksdag?

a) Norway b) Denmark c) Sweden d) Finland

68. Who is leading current Prime Ministership in Sweden as of 2017

a) Carl Bildt b) Stefan Lofven c) Ingvar Carlsson d) Fredrik Reinfeldt

69. There are how many members in Riksdag?

a) 339 b) 350 c) 349 d) 353

70. Who is the present King of Sweden?

a) Gustaf VI Adolf b) Charles XV c) Carl XVI Gustaf d) Gustaf V

71. Which political party currently ruling the Govt of Sweden?

a) Green Party b)  Centre Party c) Moderate Party d) Swedish Social Democratic Party

72. Who is the head of the Swedish government?

a) The King b) The Prime Minister c) The Riksdag d) The Speaker

73. Who is the first Prime Minister of Sweden?

a) Gillis Bildt b) Fredrik von Otter c) Louis Gerhard de Geer d) Arvid Posse

6. Demographics of Sweden Quiz


74. What is the total population of whole Sweden?

a) 8 Million b) 10 Million c) 12 Million d) 14 Million

75. Which region of Sweden has the lowest density of population?

a) Uppsala b) Norrland c) Smaland d) Gothenberg

76. Which region of Sweden has the highest density of population?

a) Malmo b) Stockholm c) Gothenberg d) Uppsala

77. Which is Sweden’s second-largest city by population?

a) Uppsala b) Gothenberg c) Gotland d) Malmo

78. What is the third-largest city by population?

a) Oresund b) Malmo c) Gotland d) Uppsala

79. How much percent of Swedes population lives in urban area?

a) 80% b) 85% c) 90% d) 75%


80. What is the official language mostly used in Sweden?

a) English b) Swedish c) Finnish d) Romani

81. When Swedish became the official language of Sweden?

a) In 2007 b) In 2008 c) In 2009 d) In 2010

82. How much Swedish(svenska)spoken people live in Sweden?

a) 8 Million b) 7 Million c) 9 Million d) 6 Million

83. How much percent of Swedes can speak English?

a) 78% b) 80% c) 89% d) 92%

84. The Swedish language has a closest touch with which nationality?

a) Danish language b) Norwegian language c) North Germanic language d) Finnish language

85. How many minority languages are officially recognised in Sweden?

Answer : Five, they are – Romani, Sami, Finnish, Yiddish and Meankieli

7. Education in Sweden Quiz

86. What is the financial source of school education in Sweden?

a) Levy b) Tax c) Contribution d) Tuition fees

87. When the Uppsala University was established?

a) 1468 b) 1470 c) 1477 d) 1487

88. Who is the Minister for Education in Sweden?

Answer : Gustav Fridolin

Extra Highlights of 20

Mind blowing Sweden

Trivia Facts


1. Do you know who was the first permanent representative of Sweden to the United Nations ? Yes he is Gunnar Hagglof who served from 1947 to 1948.

2. There are almost 8000 people of Armenian descent lives in Sweden.

3. There are almost 300000 people of Swedish descent living in Canada.

4. Sweden is the 6th largest trade partner of Colombia in the Eoropean Union.

5. Uppsala is the oldest uiversity in Sweden

6. Vanern is the largest lake in Sweden and also in European Union. It is located in the provinces of Vastergotland, Dalsland and Varmland.

7. The more interesting fact, Sweden is one of the largest donor to the protection for United Nations’s personnel in Iraq.

8. Do you know the fact that, as of 2009 there are 90 Swedish companies present in Malaysia.

9. As of 2014 Sweden’s investment in South Korea is $2074,000,000

10. According to a working agreement there is no quota limit of South Korean citizens working in Sweden.

11. Oresund is the separator between Denmark and Sweden. There are 42000 Danish people living in Sweden. There are almost 21000 Swedish people living in Denmark.

12. Estonia was under Swedish occupation between 1561 and 1721.

13. During the World war I and World war II, Sweden was neutral.

14. Sweden exports most of their products to Norway. Sweden imports an amount of 17% from Germany.

15. Sweden located on Scandinavian penninsula with thousands of coastal islands and lakes.

16. Sigtuna is the oldest town/city in Sweden.

17. The oldest English name of Sweden is Sweoland.

18. Geographic coordinates of Stockholm, Sweden is latitude 59°20’4″ N and longitude 18°3’47” E

19. The longest river in Sweden is Klaralven. It is also longest in Scandinavia and Nordic countries. The length of Klaralven is 460 Kilometre(286 Mile)

20. Multinational manufacturing company volvo is the largest company in Sweden.


Quiz Answers : 1 (b) 2(b) 3(c) 4(b), 5(c) 6(c) 7(b)  8(c) 9(b) 10(b) 11(b) 12(b) 13(c) 14(c) 15(b) 16(b) 17(c) 18(c) 19(d) 20(c) 21(b) 22(c) 23(d) 24(c) 25(c) 26(c) 27(d) 28(c) 30(b) 31(c) 32(c) 33(c) 34(b) 35(b) 36(c) 37(a) 38(b) 39(b) 40(c) 41(b) 42(a) 43(b) 44(c) 45(d) 46(b) 47(c) 48(c) 49(c) 50(d) 51(c) 52(c) 53(c) 54(b) 55(b) 56(c) 57(d) 58(b) 59(d) 60(d) 61(c) 62(c) 63(c) 64(c) 65(d) 66(d) 67(c) 68(b) 69(c) 70(c) 71(d) 72(b) 73(c) 74(b) 75(b) 76(b) 77(b) 78(b) 79(b) 80(b) 81(c) 82(c) 83(c) 84(c) 86(b) 87(c)

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