Mizoram GK Quiz : Top 20 GK Question Answers 2017-2018

Here you will find most important 20 gk(general knowledge)quiz questions on Mizoram. Including gk question on Mizoram history, mizoram polity, mizoram geography, state symbol gk, mizoram economy. Gk on mizoram population, literacy. GK on mizoram culture, arts, literature. 

Besides these topics some questions on sports, prizes, and other topics. Gk question on famous mizoram personality. GK in Mizo General knowledge(gk)question on famous places of mizoram. Questions and answers for mizoram competitive exams of year 2017 and upcoming exams of 2018.

This articles is a best practice set for job preparation interview questions. Its also a model question sets and a suggestion of possible question papers for 2017-2018 exams in Mizoram. Students those are appearing Mizoram Board exams can follow these sets.

Mizoram General Knowledge Quiz 2017-2018

1. Who is the current Chief Minister of Mizoram as of 2018?

Ans: Pu Lalthanhawla

2. Which person is the current governor of Mizoram as of 2018?

Ans: Lt. General Nitbhay Sharma

3. Which personality became the first Chief Minister of Mizoram?

Ans: Ch. Chhunga

4. Who is the first Governor of Mizoram?

Ans: Hiteswar Saikia

5. Who is the fourth Governor of Mizoram?

Ans: Swaraj Kaushal

6. According to which amendment of Indian Constitution, Mizoram became 23rd state of India?

Ans: 53rd ammendment

7. When Mizoram formed in as an Indian state?

Ans: 1987

8. What is the population of Mizoram according to census 2011?

Ans: 1091014

9. What does Mizoram rank by area in India?

Ans: 25th

10. What is the capital of Mizoram?

Ans: Aizawl

11. What type of Mizoram State Legislature is?

Ans: Unicameral

12. There are how many districts in Mizoram?

Ans: 8

13. Who is the Speaker of Mizoram Legislative Assembly?

Ans: Hiphei

14. There are how many seats in Mizoram State Legislative Assembly?

Ans: 40

15. What political party is currently ruling the Mizo Government?

Ans: Indian National Congress

16. Economy of Mizoram is mainly based on which sector?

Ans: Agriculture

17. What are the official languages of Mizoram?

Ans: Mizo, English and Hindi

18. What symbolise the state tree of Mizoram?

Ans: Mesua ferrea

19. What symbolise the state animal of Mizoram?

Ans: Serow

20. What is the literacy rate in Mizoram?

Ans: 91.58%