Toronto Trivia Quiz Question Answers 2018

How well you know about Toronto! Take part in our Toronto trivia online quiz 2018 and test your knowledge.

Toronto is officially known as City of Toronto which is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located within Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and fourth-largest city in North America by population. 

Toronto Quiz 2018

1. What is the most popular nickname of Toronto?

A) The Big Smoke

B) Hogtown

C) The Queen City

2. Which city is the capital of the province Ontario?

A) Waterloo

B) Toronto

C) Quebec

3. North America’s biggest street festival Caribana is held in Toronto every year on_?

A) January to February

B) February to March

C) July to August

4. In which year the first Caribana festival was celebrated?

A) 1960

B) 1967

C) 1969

5. The Hockey Hall of Fame dedicated to commemorate the history of ice hockey, was founded in_?

A) 1943

B) 1945

C) 1958

6. The Royal Ontario Museum is a museum of art, world culture and natural history, is located at?

A) Oaksville

B) Quebec

C) Toronto

7. In which year the University of Toronto was established?

A) 1847

B) 1827

C) 1837

8. What is the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) per capita in Toronto?

A) US$40,579

B) US$45,771

C) US$46000

9. What is the tallest building in Toronto?

A) The Adelaide Toronto

B) Scotia Plaza

C) CN Tower

10. What is the largest river in Toronto?

A) Rogue River

B) Humber River

C) Don River

11. What is the geographic location of Toronto?

A) 41°32′ N 80°32′ W

B) 32°42 N 80°34 W

C) 43°42′ N 79°24′ W

12. How many years ago Toronto was settled?

A) 248

B) 268

C) 258

13. When the Battle of York was fought?

A) 1823

B) 1813

C) 1800

14. Who became the first Mayor of Toronto?

A) George Gurnett

B) William Lyon Mackenzie

C) Robert Baldwin Sullivan

15. Who is the current Mayor of Toronto as of 2018?

A) Stephen Harper

B) Rob Ford

C) John Tory




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