Oscars Award General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Question Answers 2020

Oscars General Knowledge Quiz deals about top question answers about various oscar winners and nominees of year 2018 

Play this online trivia quiz to learn everything related to Oscar Awards

The 2018 Oscars popularly known as 90th Academy Awards ceremony presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences(AMPAS) honored the best films of 2017 and took place in Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The ceremony was held on 4 March 2018 just after the PyeongChang Olympics. Famous American comedian cum producer Jimmy Kimmel was the host of the whole programme.

The Shape of Water film grabbed the best picture award and most nominations. Like every past years this year also oscars were awarded in 24 different category.

Oscar (Academy Awards):

Oscar is given for excellence in cinematic achievments for various category like direction, music, cinematography etc. The history of Oscar award starts when it first instituted by selecting American director William Wellson’s ‘Wings’ as the best picture of 1927/1928 on the First Academy Award ceremony. Best Picture Oscar winner for 2016 given to film ‘Moonlight’ which has been honoured on 89th Academy Award ceremony 2017.

Among the film world, Academy Award has been recognised the highest international film award presented by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences(AMPAS) annualy. It is also the most prestigious award in Hollywood.  All awardees are categorically honoured with a golden Oscar statuette at an annual ceremony organised by AMPAS. Each best national film can be sent for Oscar nominations which is previewed by Oscar’s authorised committees. Since the beginning a total number of 89 Best Picture winners have been awarded Oscar till 2018

Oscars 2018 General Trivia Quiz Question Answers

1. What film got the best picture 2018 oscar award?

Ans: The Shape of Water

2. What film got most nominations in 2018 Academy Awards?

Ans: The Shape of Water

3. Who won the Best Director Oscar award 2018 for film The Shape of Water?

Ans: Guillermo del Toro

4. Who won the 2018 Best Actor Oscar award?

Ans: Gary Oldman

5. Who won the 2018 Best Actress Oscars award?

Ans: Frances McDormand

6. Who is the winner of Best Supporting Actor oscar award 2018?

Ans: Sam Rockwell

7. Who is the winner of Best Supporting Actress oscar award 2018?

Ans: Allison Janney

8. What film won Best Original Screenplay oscar award 2018?

Ans: Get Out

9. What film received the Best Adapted Screenplay award 2018?

Ans: Call Me by Your Name

10. What film got the Best Animated Feature Film oscar award of 2018?

Ans: Coco

11. What film won Best Foreign Language Film award in 2018?

Ans: A Fantastic Woman(Chile)

12. What movie won Best Documentary Feature Oscar award in 2018?

Ans: Icarus

13. What film won Best Documentary Short Subject category oscar award 2018?

Ans: Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405

14. What film is the winner for Best Live Action Short Film award?

Ans: The Silent Child

15. What film is the winner for Best Animated Short film award 2018?

Ans: Dear Basketball

16. What film won Best Original Score award in 2018?

Ans: The Shape of Water

17. Who got oscar award for Best Original Song category in 2018?

Ans: Remember Me feom Coco

18. What film got oscar award for Best Sound Editing category?

Ans: Dunkirk

19. What film won oscar award 2018 for Best Sound Mixing?

Ans: Dunkirk

20. What film won 2018 academy awards for ‘Best Production Design’?

Ans: The Shape of Water

21. What film got oscar 2018 for ‘Best Cinematography’?

Ans: Blade Runner 2049

22. What film got 2018 Academy Awards for ‘Best Makeup and Hairstyling’?

Ans: Darkest Hour

23. What film won 2018 Academy Awards for ‘Best Costume Design’?

Ans: Phantom Thread

24. What film is the winner of 2018 oscar award for ‘Best Film Editing’?

Ans: Dunkirk

25. What movie got 2018 oscar award for ‘Best Visual Effects’?

Ans: Blade Runner 2049

26. How many oscar nominations the film Dunkirk got in 2018 oscar award ceremony?

Ans: Eight

27. How many nominations the film Darkest Hour got in 2018 Academy Awards ceremony?

Ans: Six

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