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Have you heard about earning money by playing online quiz! Yes there is an live quiz app called Brain Baazi where any Indian citizen can take part and win real cash upto Rs 500000 by answering 11 simple general knowledge questions. There is no age restrictions to play this game. Only you have to utilise your brain quickly to win the game. Thats why the game called brain baazi.

Brain Baazi is a money earning app and multiple choice quiz game show and has a referral system where everyone has a unique referral code by which one can earn extra life by sharing the code. This life is like a lifeline which can be used during the live game show. This lives save a brain baazi player from eliminating from the game.

The Brain baazi live show is conducted by a male or female host. The host asks total eleven questions and each question has ten second to answer. There are also a cheat code system where a hints of next day questions are hidden. When the quiz host will ask questions, one can apply this life during this online game show.

How to play the game

Playing Brain Baazi is very easy as one two three. To play you need an android phone or iphone.


1. First of all download the game for android from here

To download for ios click here

2. After installing the app sign up or register with your mobile number by verifying with otp.

3. Now enter the quiz game show at 9 pm and answer all the 11 questions with or without lives.

4. Now if you can give all the answers correctly you will win a share of Rs 100000 as a form of paytm cash.

How to get extra life:

To get extra lives in Brain Baazi app, refer it with your friends as much you can. When your referred friends download and plays the game once, you will get an extra life. Extra life can be used only once during the live game. 

You can use my referral code to get an extra life                      


How to win Brain Baazi

Try to answer each question correctly in 10 seconds as the brain baazi clock run fast so actually you get less than ten seconds. Refer most of your friends to earn extra lives as much you can. Your referred friends play and your extra live increases. Apply these lives during brain baazi game. This is the hidden trick to win brain baazi. Remember to use life as it is can be utilise only once. 

How to get referral code:

To get your referral code is easy, after sign up your user name is your code which you need to share through whatsapp, google plus, facebook or twitter like social media to earn free lives.

About Brain Baazi

Brain Baazi is a real time app that let users participate through 11 quiz question answers in 15 minutes. Each quiz question has three multiple choice options. And users need to choose the correct option within 10 seconds to win the game show prize money between Rs 1000 to 50,00,00. 

Times Internet Limited(TIL) launched Brain Baazi app in earlier of 2018 to popularise quiz game show among Indian people. 

At first the game show was started at 1 pm daily but now the time changes to 9 pm daily.

There have also so many real cash earning apps available such as loco, cashboss, tuskbucks, sachin saga champions, but brain baazi is best among them because it really pay money to winners in form of paytm cash, mobikwik or any other digital wallet.

If you have any query you can contact brain baazi admin here at [email protected]

Brain Baazi Today Questions Answers

1. Which day is celebrated as Earth Day?

Ans: 22 April

2. Which Indian film first nominated for Oscar award?

Ans: Mother India

  1. How many makes 12+30-10?

Ans: 32

4. Who is known as Father of Economy?

Ans: Adam Smith

5. In which country first computer was used?

Ans: USA

6. What is the first film of Akshay Kumar?

Ans: Aaj

7. Who is the maximum wicket taker in IPL ever?

Ans: Lasith Malinga

8. Which IPL team is the most title winner?

Ans: Mumbai Indians

9. Who wrote the National Anthem of India?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

10. When India won first World Cup?

Ans: 1983

11. Which nation is the host of 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Ans: Russia






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