DurgaPuja 2016-Top Puja Pandals at Bongaon Sub-Division,North24Pgs, India and Overseas

Durga Puja is one of the best festival of bangali as well as whole West Bengal. Below is given a list of top pandals at bongaon area and surroundings. This puja not only celebrated in bengal but also in most states of India and all over the major cities in the world. It is one of the best and biggest festival of hindu religion from India to overseas. This year 2016 Durga Puja starts from 7th october with “Mahashasthi“. “Mahasaptami” on 8th october, saturday. The “Mahastami” happens 9th october and then “Mahanabami” on 10th. At last the time of “Mishtimukh” that is called “Bijoyadashomi” on 11th october.

Mahalaya: This is the very first begining of durgapuja. The countdown starts one week before with the “agamani gaan” of mahalaya. Many people show tributes to their passed offs by “pitritarpan” on the holy water of ganges.

Every year we celebrate the biggest festival “DurgaPuja” at the month between september to october. This year “MaaDurga” arrives on elephant and departures on ‘Charanayudha‘.

DurgaPuja 2016 Themes, Pandals, News

There is a huge competition among the puja committees with making of themes. Each puja club authority tries to draw people to watch their puja pandals decorated with various artistic design. There is a difference we see between urban puja and rural puja pandals. Because in urban area puja there is a theme based where at rural area we see the beauty of idols.

Know about latest news on durga puja 2016. Places where the biggest pandals made, which club or pujo committee acquire the best puja pandal prize. Which puja wins the best theme prize. And the best big budget pujo of 2016.

In the districts of north 24 parganas there are some places famous for durgapuja like barasat, bongaon, habra, gaighata, ashokenagar, gobardanga, basirhat etc. Obviously i can say bongaon is best one of them. Because the touch of an artistic hand makes maa durga like a lively idol there. 

      শুভ শারদীয়া 2016

বনগাঁ গাইঘাটা গোবরডাঙ্গা হাবড়া পুজো 2016

Top Puja Pandals Themes Clubs At Bongaon Area And North 24 Pgs

Here I have sorted a random list of top pandals at Bongaon surroundings area and places in north 24 Pgs. Check this out before you going to explore the DurgaPuja 2016.

1. Abhijan Sangha: The mondop is decorated in similarity with the buddhist temple of Nepal

2. Peyadapada Sporting Club: Mondop or pandal is made of jute

3. Egiye Cholo Sangha(3No Talikhola): Theme based on the environment.

4. Bongaon Motigunj Aikya Sanmilani: Pandal made with the imitation of the buddhist temple of Malaysia

5. Pratapgarh Sporting Club: This committee made pandal with imitation of temple pancheswari of south india.

6. Irongate Sporting Club: Pandal is made with imitation of golden temple lakshminarayan of Tamilnadu


update 9th oct 2016–  As per authority of bongaon irongate puja committee is selected the best pandal of bongaon sub-division and also one of the best pandal in north 24 Parganas.

7. Ratepada Sporting Club: Here theme based puja on chhou dance of purulia.

8. Amlapada Atheletic Club: Theme is life into a bottle.

9. Paikpada Sabuj Sangha: Theme is earthquake

10. Diamond Club: Theme -life Of birds

11. Nobel Sporting Club: Theme- Abolishion of dowry system and recreation of widow marriage(vidhaba vivaha).

12. Balaka Samiti: Theme- The arrival of maa durga

13. Baijayanta Club: Theme- Change of education

14. Vidyaytan Club: Pandal is made with imitation of buddhist temple of Nepal.

15. Purbapada Netaji Sangha: Theme- Bengal is ahead

16. Shimultala Shanti Sangha: Pandal is made with imitation of buddhist temple of china.

17. Gyanbikashini Sangha: Pandal is the imitation of south indian temple.

18. Haridaspur Kheyali Sangha: Pandal made with imitation of a steamer.

19. Jagrata Sangha: Pandal is made of imitation of Akshardham Temple.

20. Debgarh Boishakhi Sporting Club: This pandal is designed with various ornamentals.

21Egaror Palli Puja

22. Baror Palli Puja

23. GandhiPalli Puja

24. Palla Dakshinpada Pujo Committee: Theme is based on singur.

25. Bagda Charmandal Sukanta Club: Pandal is an imitation of Belur Math.

26. Helencha Bazar United Club Committee: Pandal is an imitation of ganesh temple of gujrat.

27. Gaighata Panchpota Biplabi Sangha: Here the pandal made on the golden temple of Amritsar.

28. Gobardanga Garpara Bidhan Smriti Sangha: Pandal is made of different ornaments like net of wire, sankha,jhinuk plastics etc.

29. Thakurnagar Jagrata Sangha: Theme is mahabarat era in India.

30. Kundapukur Sarbojonin: Pandal is made like a big peackock.

31. Habra Kamarthuba Pragati Sangha: Pandal is an imitation of jodhpur’s sinhabahini temple.

32. Kamarthuba United Club: Mondop is made of like a pagoda

33. North Habra Seva Sangha: Mondop is made with imitation of lakshminarayan temple of London.

34. North Habra United Club: Pandal is an imitation of buddhist temple of Mayanmar.

35. Ashoknagar Kalitala Sarbojonin: Here pandal is designed with flowers and pari.

36. Ashoknagar Purbachal Sangha: Designed pandals with geometrical parts.

37. 8No Scheme Bharati Math: Theme is various type of arts.

38. 4 Er Polli Ashoknagar Agradut Sangha: Puja Pandals made of thermocol, jute parts, things made of clay etc.

39. Habra Sabuj Sangha: Pandals decorated with various arts and crafts

40. Habra Pragati Sangha: Well decorated pandals, lightings.

41. Habra Udayan Sangha: 


Here are some awesome lightings of bongaon durgapuja 2016

Bongaon Batar More Lightings

DurgaPuja lighting bata more 2016

Lightings at various sites near bongaon

Durga Puja in India and Overseas/Abroad

There are so many bengali and hindu religious people spreaded in India and all over the world. As durga puja is one of the best festival of India like other festivals so hindus celebrate it once a year very joyfully. Maximum states of India like jharkhand, bihar, up, tripura, assam celebrates durga puja as their traditional festival.

Like this year 2016 prabasi bangali in overseas countries celebrates durga puja festival every year. Probasi bangali association in usa, london, canada, helsinki, moscow celebrated also this year durgautsav.

Important Durga Puja pandals overseas or abroad- There are several significant durga puja celebrated in overseas countries. Those are Sanskriti Durga Puja at Washington D.C. Baga’s Puja at Atlanta, Kallol Durga Puja at New Jersey, Bay area prabasi Durga Puja at San Fransisco, Santa Clara Durga Puja, United Kingdom, Germany, London, Russia.

Durga Puja festival is the time when bengalis reunite together, probasi bangali meets each other in a pandals, transacts greetings and makes ‘mishtimukh’ with sweets.

If there anything to add or edit please comment below….wrong comment will be deleted. You can also send your pandal photo with some details like area club name etc >>jobprostuti@gmail.com

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