FIFA World Cup 2018 Trivia Quiz Question Answers

How well you know about FIFA World Cup! Learn about world cup football trivia through our quiz question answers 2018

Federation of International Football Association(FIFA) is organising World Cup Football/soccer championships 2018 on scheduled date from 14 June to 15 July 2018 in different venues in Russia. Russia won the hosting rights earlier on 2 December 2010. The World Cup Football Championship is held every four years by FIFA. The first championship was held in 1930 in Uruguay and the host nation Uruguay became the champion.

FIFA World Cup Quiz 2018

1. When the first qualifying game for 2018 World Cup took place?

A) 10 March 2015

B) 12 March 2015

C) 14 April 2015

D) 19 May 2015

2. How many teams has been qualified for Fifa World Cup 2018?

A) 22

B) 32

C) 42

D) 40

3. There are how many host cities of Fifa World Cup 2018?

A) 10

B) 11

C) 12

D) 13

4. There are how many groups in Fifa World Cup 2018 championships?

A) 16

B) 8

C) 10

D) 12

5. There are how many teams in a group in FIFA World Cup 2018 championships?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 4

D) 10

6. How many times the FIFA World Cup held so far till 2018?

A) 18

B) 19

C) 20

D) 21

7. What is the venue of Fifa World cup 2018 final championship?

A) Luzhniki Stadium

B) Krestovsky Stadium

C) Kaliningrad Stadium

D) Central Stadium

8. What are the two countries first ever appearing in FIFA World Cup 2018?

A) Morocco and Peru

B) Panama and Iceland

C) Serbia and Poland

D) Senegal and Tunisia

9. How many matches will be played in FIFA World Cup 2018 Championships?

A) 54

B) 60

C) 40

D) 64

10. What is the host team of FIFA World Cup 2018?

A) Spain

B) Germany

C) Russia National Football Team

D) Portugal

11.  Which two teams will play the opening match in 2018 FIFA World Cup?

A) Poland and Russia

B) Russia and Saudi Arabia

C) Russia and Egypt

D) Russia and Uruguay

12. In which city the Luzhniki Stadium is located?

A) Leningrad

B) Saint Petersberg

C) Moscow

D) Volgograd

13. What nation has won FIFA World Cup most times?

A) Russia

B) Germany

C) Brazil

D) France

14. What is the prize money for the 2018 FIFA World Cup champion team?

A) 20 Million USD

B) 28 Million USD

C) 30 Million USD

D) 38 Million USD

15. What is the only broadcaster of 2018 FIFA World Cup in the USA?

A) Sky sports

B) Fox sports



16. Who is the current President of FIFA as of 2018?

A) Sepp Blatter

B) Michel Platini

C) Gianni Infantino

D) Issa Hayatou

17. Who is the official broadcaster of 2018 FIFA World Cup in India?

A) Ten Sports

B) Star Sports

C) Sony Six

D) Espn

18. Who was the champion of 2014 FIFA World Cup?

A) Argentina

B) Netherlands

C) Germany

D) Brazil

19. Who was the best player in 2014 FIFA World Cup?

A) Paul Pogba

B) Lionel Messi

C) Manuel Neuer

20. What was the host nation of 2014 FIFA World Cup Championships?

A) Argentina

B) Brazil

C) Germany


21. What nation was the champion of first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

A) Paraguay

B) Brazil

C) Uruguay

D) Argentina

22. What is the mascot name of FIFA World Cup 2018?

A) Fuleco

B) Zakumi

C) Zabivaka

D) Footix

23. What nation is the host of 2022 FIFA World Cup?

A) Japan

B) Qatar

C) Malaysia

D) South Korea

24. The mascot of 2018 FIFA World Cup is an_?

A) Tiger

B) Wolf

C) Bird

D) Elephant

25. How many countries were placed bids for 2018 FIFA World Cup?

A) 7

B) 8

C) 9

D) 12

26. How many national football teams entered in FIFA qualifying round?

A) 200

B) 208

C) 209

D) 211

27. When and where the main qualifying draw took place?

A) 25 July 2015 at Konstantinovsky palace, in Strelna, Saint Petersberg

28. The World Cup football championship is held every _years?

A) 3 years

B) 4 years

C) 5 years

D) 6 years

29.  Who won 2010 World Cup Football Championship?

A) France

B) Spain

C) Netherlands

D) Germany

30. Who won 2006 World Cup Football Championship?

A) France

B) Germany

C) Italy

D) Portugal

31. Who won 2002 World Cup Football Championship?

A) Germany

B) Brazil

C) Argentina

D) France

32. What nation won 1998 World Cup Football Championship?

A) Italy

B) France

C) Croatia

D) Spain

33.  Who scored maximum goal in 2010 World Cup Championship?

A) Thomas Mueller

B) Lionel Messi

C) Diego Forlan

D) David Villa

34. Who won best goalkeeper award in 2010 World Cup Football Championship?

A) Joerg Butt

B) Iker Cassilas

C) Salvatore Sirigu

35. What country hosted the 1986 World Cup?

A) France

B) Mexico

C) Netherlands

36. Which football club is the current champion of the UEFA Champions League?

A) Milan

B) Real Madrid

C) Barcelona

D) Liverpool

37. What nation won the runners up title in 2014 FIFA World Cup?

A) Spain

B) Argentina

C) Brazil

D) Uruguay

38. Who was the top goal scorer in 2006 Fifa World Cup?

A) Gianluigi Buffon

B) Zinedine Zidane

C) Miroslav Klose

D) Lukas Podolski

39. Which of the following country has never won a Fifa World Cup?

A) Germany

B) Netherlands

C) Venezuela

D) Spain

40. Which national team won the 1966 FIFA World Cup?

A) West Germany

B) Portugal

C) England

D) France

41. What country won the 1970 FIFA World Cup final?

A) Italy

B) Mexico

C) Uruguay

D) Brazil

42. What was the host country of 1974 FIFA World Cup?

A) Spain

B) Brazil

C) West Germany

D) England

43. Who is the current captain of Russia national football team as of 2018?

A) Andrey Lunyov

B) Igor Akeenfeev

C) Vladimir Gabulov

D) Andrei Semyonov

44. What national football team is also known by nickname ”Nati” in FIFA 2018?

A) Austria

B) Germany

C) Switzerland

D) Italy

45. What national football team is known by nickname “The Three Lions” in FIFA 2018?

A) Croatia

B) Russia

C) England

D) France


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