Kalipuja 2017 – Top Puja at Barasat, Madhyamgram, Habra, West Bengal | Puja Date,Time,Photos

Kalipuja(Bengali:কালীপূজা) is one of the biggest festival of bengalis as well as hindu religion dedicated to goddess Kali. Kalipuja is also known as ShyamaPuja(Bengali:শ্য়ামাপূজা). After durga puja, it is the second biggest festival of bangali hindu people. Hindus worship maa kali as the goddess of power on amavasya tithi. The goddess kali is worshiped on full moon day on bengali month kartick. In the state of bihar, assam and west bengal people celebrates kalipuja on full moon day. Besides this diwali is celebrated in Gujrat, AndhraPradesh, Punjab, MadhyaPradesh, Jharkhand, UttarPradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, ArunachalPradesh, Odisha, Delhi, Mumbai and many places in India.

During the time of kalipuja people celebrates festival of lights that is ‘diwali’ in all over india. Diwali 2017 images or Diwali 2017 wallpaper is one of the craziest thing people set on their devices in india. Though this puja occurs on amavasya thats why we pray to goddess kali to remove darkness by lightening the earth. Diwali is much known to non-bengali people where bengalis call it ‘Deepavali'(Bengali: দীপাবলী).

On puja festivals fourteen is a significant number to the people of bengal, because we obey some myths and rituals by celebrating ‘choddoprodip'(where fourteen candles are fired) and ‘choddoshak'(where fourteen type of vegetables are eaten) during kalipuja.

Kalipuja Muhurat- Kalipuja/diwali Date,Time(schedule) in west bengal, India:

As per hindu calendar or ponjika this year Kalipuja/Diwali(Bengali:কালীপূজা 2017) starts on the date of october 19, thursrday. Kalipuja Nishita Time- 23:40 to 24:31+. Duration- 0 hours 51 Mins. Amavasya Tithi begins and ends from 19 october 00:13  to 20 october 2017, 00:41. Kalipuja Bengali date is ১ লা কার্ত্তিক ১৪২৪

Here we are giving some info about where to see the famous kalipuja in West Bengal

Top Kalipuja Pandals Places, Theme at Barasat

So here i am going to share you the details about the most famous kalipuja of west bengal. Right, barasat is no doubt the most famous and most attracting place in district of north 24 pgs. Maximum big budget kalipuja pandals you can see near barasat raliway junction. Best theme based puja(educational or artistic)maa kali idols, pandals design and decoration everything you want to see available at barasat mega city. From Dumdum International Airport to Barasat can be reached within 45 minutes. If you need a barasat kalipuja route map guide just search it on google map. The puja pandals images are so beautiful that you can set it for your device as kalipuja wallpaper 2017. Barasat is a dub-division of district north 24 Pgs. Barasat police station and barasat municipality maintain law and order, transport public rush during this puja festival. A lot of vollunteers and private security guards also recruited. They also organises charitable services during puja season. Now people of Barasat and whole bengal are ready to explore pandals to see maa kali protima. 

Before explroring whole barasat kalipuja take a look at the list of top and best pandals-

1. K.N.C. Regiment Kalipuja, Barasat, West Bengal- Located on jessore road, near barasat rail station: It is one of the mega budget kalipuja at barasat organised every year. Wave of people proves the popularity of this puja pandal.

2. Bidrohi Sangha Kalipuja, Barasat, West Bengal, India

3. Nabapally Bayam Samiti Kalipuja, Barasat, West Bengal, India

4. Satadal Sangha Kalipuja, Barasat, West Bengal, India

5. Pioneer Park Kalipuja-Barasat West Bengal, India-Located Near Barasat Railway Station:

6. Samya Sangha Kalipuja, Banamalipur, Barasat, West Bengal, India

7. Nabapally Sarbojonin Kalipuja, Barasat, West Bengal, India

8. Sandhani Math Kalipuja, Barasat, West Bengal, India

Top Kalipuja Pandals Places,Photos At Habra, West Bengal

There are a several puja committees have at habra municipal area who organises shyamapuja or kalipuja every year. Habra kalipuja is one of the best puja competitor in the district of north 24 Pgs. The whole habra people are waiting for the mega event. Deshbandhu Park Seva Samiti Kalipuja is one of the notable big budget puja forever at habra. Besides this habra presents some other big puja at local. 

Following is a list of some famous kalipuja at habra locality-

1. Deshbandhu Park Seva Samiti Kalipuja, Deshbandhu Park, Habra, West Bengal- Located near habra 1 No. Railgate

Deshbandhu Park 2017

2. Radharani Park Kalipuja, Habra, West Bengal

3. Habra Bazar Babsayee Samiti Kalipuja, Habra, West Bengal

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Top Kalipuja Pandals Places At Madhyamgram, West Bengal

Bengalis like to travel here and there and where it comes the time of puja vacation its a great pleasure moment to them. Every year the people of madhyamgram wait for this kalipuja festive season. Madhyamgram is a municipal city of district north 24 pgs, west bengal. Where are several places famous for Madhyamgram big budget kalipuja pandals to see around. This is one of the best place of north 24 Pgs as well as whole west bengal known for kalipuja.

Following are a list of some famous kalipuja:

1. Debigarh Sanskritik Sangha Puja, Madhyamgram, West Bengal, India

2. Bosenagar Pratap Sangha Puja, Madhyamgram, West Bengal, India

3. Subhash Pally Puja, Madhyamgram, West Bengal, India

4. Young Centre Kalipuja, Madhyamgram, West Bengal, India

5. Agragami Sangha Puja Sajirhat, Madhyamgram, West Bengal, India

6. Srinagar Yuva Parishad Club Puja, Madhyamgram, West Bengal, India


Top Kalipuja Pandals Places in Kolkata, West Bengal

The city of Kolkata also have some attracting places to visit for kalipuja. Mind blowing lightings, decoration of pandals, beautiful idols are great showpiece to visitors. As kolkata is known for city of joy so pandal hopping and taking awesome photo and video during is the most exciting part of this festive season.

Following is a list of some famous kalipuja pandals-places to visit at kolkata:

1. Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

2. Kalighat Temple Kali Puja, South Kolkata, West Bengal, India

3. Ballygunj Dakshini Sangha Kali Puja, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

4. Janbazaar Kalipuja, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

5. Agragami Kali Puja Committee, South DumDum, Kolkata, India

6. Mitra Sangh KaliPuja, South Dumdum, Kolkata, India

7. Ballygunj Netaji Sangh Kalipuja, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

8. Notun Sangha Kalipuja, Kalighat, Kolkata, India

Kalipuja at Howrah Near Kolkata

Following places at howrah near kolkata including clubs and puja committees organises kalipuja-

1. Shibpur Bijoyee Sangha Kalipuja, Howrah, West Bengal, India

2. Kadamtala Pancham Sangha Kalipuja, Howrah, West Bengal, India

3. Biswamilani Kalipuja, Howrah, West Bengal, India

4. Shibpur Youth Organisation Kalipuja, Howrah, West Bengal, India

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