Kerala GK Quiz Questions Answers and Current Affairs 2020

Kerala GK(General Knowledge) Quiz Questions Answers and Current Affairs 2019-2020: Kerala GK Quiz Questions answers and current affairs 2016 deals with geography, history, economy, polity, population, literacy, personalities, sports, awards, statistics, architecture and places, literature, films of Kerala in 2019-2020. All the question answers are very important for Kerala govt and non-govt competitive exams.

All these topics related gk(general knowledge)questions answers and current affairs 2019-2020 are as following

Kerala A Quick Statistics

Population – 33387677

Literacy – 93.9% Highest in India

Chief Minister – Pinarayi Vijayan

Governor – P. Sathasivam

Official Language – Malayalam

Rank by Area – 22nd

Rank by Population – 13th

Legislature – Unicameral

HDI Rank – 1st

Capital – Thiruvananthapuram

Districts – 14

Largest Water Body – Vembanad

Kerala General Knowledge(GK) Quiz Questions and Answers, Current Affairs 2019-2020

Important gk quiz questions with answers , current affairs on everything related to Kerala are given below –

Current Affairs 2017- March 27 ;Kerala Transport Minister A. K. Sassendran resigns

Kerala Literacy GK Questions and Answers

1. Which state has the highest literacy rate in India?

Answer : Kerala ranks 1st in terms of literacy rate of 93.9% in India

*Which district of Kerala has the highest literacy rate?

Answer : Kottayam, 97.21%

*Which district of Kerala has the lowest literacy rate?

Answer : Palakkad, 89.31%

Kerala Polity GK Questions and Answers

2. Which is the current political party ruling the government of kerala as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Left Democratic Front(coalition) led by Communist Party of India(Marxist)

3. Who is the current leader of opposition party United Democratic Front of Kerala as of 2020?

Answer : Ramesh Chennithala

*How many Loksabha seats are allotted for the Member of Parliament of Kerala?

Answer : 20 Seats

4. How many Rajya Sabha seats are allotted for the Member of Parliament of Kerala?

Answer : 9 Seats

5. Which Legislative Assembly is known by Niyamasabha?

Answer : Kerala

6. There are how many constituencies under Kerala Legislative Assembly?

Answer : There are 140 constituencies of Kerala Legisltive Assembly

7. Who is the current speaker of the Kerala State Assembly?

Answer : P. Sreeramakrishnan

Kerala Quiz Questions and Answers 2019-2020

8. Who is the recepient of the most recent Vallathol Award in 2019-20?

Answer : M Mukundan

9. The ’13th Kerala Bamboo Festival 2016′ organised by Bamboo Mission and Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion is being held at which city?

Answer : Kochi

10. Which place is known by nickname ‘God’s Own Country’?Answer : Kerala

11. What is the importance of Kerala’s biggest Onam festival?

Answer : It is a harvesting festival

12. Which day is celebrated as Kerala Piravi Day every year?

Answer : 1st November( Piravi means birth day of kerala in Malayalam)

13. How many districts in Kerala?

Answer : 14 districts

14. How many times the Kerala state football team has won the Santosh Trophy?

Answer : Five times- 1973, 1992, 1993, 2001 and 2004

15. Who wrote Kerala Kaumudi?

Answer : Kovunni Nedungadi

16. Which is the world’s first ‘Baby-friendly’ state recognized by WHO and UNICEF?

Answer : Kerala, India

17. The first Indian state to offer free treatment to the cancer patients?

Answer : Kerala

18. Which state became the first ‘Complete Digital State‘ in India in 2015?

Answer : Kerala

19. Which sport is regarded as the mother of all martial arts in the world?

Answer : Kalaripayattu of Kerala, South India

20. The Sangeet Natak Academy recognized Kathakali one of India’s classical dance belongs to which state?

Answer : Kerala

21. In which year Kerala became a partial state of Indian Union?

Answer : 1st November, 1956

22. In which year the capital of Kerala renamed as Thiruvananthapuram from Trivandrum?

Answer : 1991

23. The official language of Kerala is –

Answer : Malayalam

24.Where is the Kerala High Court located at?

Answer : Kochi

25. Which symbolise the state animal of Kerala?

Answer : Indian Elephant

26. Which bird is the state symbol of Kerala?

Answer : Great Hornbill

27. Which fish is the state symbol of Kerala?

Answer : Pearl Spot

*Mention one of the biggest festival of Kerala?

Answer : Onam

Kerala Economy GK Questions and Answers 2019-2020

28. How Kerala affects Indian economy?

Answer : The economy of Kerala mainly based on remmittances and it has a huge contribution to gross state domestic product.

29. Which place is the highest coir supplier in the world?

Answer : Indian state Kerala supplies 60% of total globally produced coir fibre.

30. How much percentage of black pepper Kerala produces of total production in India?

Answer : 97%

31. What are the major agricultural products of Kerala?

Answer : Tea, Coffee, Cashew, Coconut, Vanilla, Cardamom, Cinamon are the main agricultural products of Kerala

32. One of India’s major spice exporting state is –

Answer : Kerala

*Which place is the largest cashew exporter in the world?

Answer : Kollam, Kerala, India

Kerala History GK Qustions and Answers

33. The historical ‘Treaty of Mavelikkara’ was signed between Dutch and Travancore in which year?

Answer : 1753

34. What is the historical name of Kerala?

Answer : Keralam

35. The Kulasekhara dynasty was established by which king?

Answer : Kulasekhara Varman

36. In 1498 Portugese visitor Vasco Da Gama arrived at which place in Kerala?

Answer : Kappad Kozhikode

37. Where was the headquarter of Francisco de Almeida in Kerala?

Answer : Fort Kochi

38. Portugese were defeated by Zamorin forces in which war in 1571?

Answer : Chaliyam Fort Battle

39. In which battle the Dutch were defeated by Marthanda Varma?

Answer : Battle of Kolachel in 1741

40. Which treaty was signed by the Dutch and Travancore in 1753?

Answer : Treaty of Mavelikkara

41. In which year Hyder Ali the ruler of Mysore invaded in northern region of Kerala?

Answer : 1766

42. In which year the Malabar Rebellion was happened?

Answer : 1921

43. In which year Travancore and Kochi merged to form a new state Travanore-Cochin of Indian Union?

Answer : 1949

Kerala Architecture and Places GK Question Answers

44. Which is the largest naval academy in Asia?

Answer : Ezhimala naval academy at Kannur, Kerala

45. The Jawaharlal Nehru sports Stadium is located in which city of Kerala?

Answer : Kochi

46. Most of the architecture of Kerala has been influenced by which culture?

Answer : Dravidian culture

* Mattancherry Palace is an architecture built by-

Answer : Portugese

47. Palakkad fort which is also known as fort of Tipu Sultan built by which architect?

Answer : Hyder Ali 

*Which place is known by sobriquet or nickname ‘Cashew Capital of the World‘?

Answer : Kollam city, Kerala

*Thrissur Pooram one of the biggest festival held in which city in Kerala?

Answer : Vadakkunnathan temple, Thrissur city

Kerala Population GK Questions and Answers

48. According to census 2011 which Indian state ranks 13th by population?

Answer : Kerala

49. Which Indian state has the lowest positive population growth rate?

Answer : Kerala, 3.44%

50. Mention the name of only Indian state that has the highest sex ratio?

Answer : Kerala – Male:Female = 1000:1084

51. Mention the name of only Indian state that has highest life expectancy?

Answer : Kerala, 77 Years

52. What is the latest population in Kerala as per census 2011?

Answer : 33,387,677

53. Which religion has the majority in percentage of total population in Kerala?

Answer : Hindu, 54.73%

54. There are how much percent of Muslim religious people of total population in Kerala?

Answer : 26.56%

Kerala Geography GK Question Answers 2019-2020

55. What are the major rivers in Kerala?

Answer : Kerala’s most important and major rivers are Periyar, Pamba, Bharathapuzha, Kadalundipuzha, Chalakudypuzha, Achancoil. Most of the rivers origin from Western Ghats

56. Asia’s largest arch dam ‘Idukki’ is located in which district of Kerala?

Answer : Idukki district

57. There are how many wildlife sanctuary and national park in Kerala?

Answer : There are twelve wildlife sanctuary and two national parks in Kerala.

59. What are the two most popular national parks in Kerala?

Answer : Silent Valley National Park and Eravikulam National Park

60. What is the geographical area of Kerala?

Answer : 33,863 Square kilometer(15,000 Squar mile)

61. Arabian sea is located on which direction of Kerala?

Answer : West

62. Kerala is situated on which coastal belt?

Answer : Malabar coast

63. What is the latitude and longitude of Kerala?

Answer : Latitude- 10° 00′ N                          Longitude- 76° 25′ E

64. How the climatic nature of Kerala is?

Answer : Kerala’s climate is mainly wet and maritime tropical, heavily influenced by the seasonal heavy rains brought up by the monsoon

65. Western Ghats is located on which direction of Kerala?

Answer : East

66. Which is the highest mountain peak in India?

Answer : Anaimudi, 8842 Ft

67. Lakshadweep sea is located on which direction of Kerala?

Answer : West

68. Which is the largest lake and water body in Kerala?

Answer : Vembanad

69. The Madhur temple is located at which city in Kerala?

Answer : Kasaragod

70. Which is the only state known by nickname ‘Spice Garden of India’?

Answer : Kerala

71. Which is the largest city in Kerala?

Answer : Thiruvananthapuram which is also capital city of Kerala

72. The neighbouring state Tamilnadu is located to which direction of Kerala?

Answer : Tamilnadu is located to the East and South of Kerala

73. Where is the Central Coir Research Institute located at?

Answer : Alleppey, Kerala

74. Which is the first technology park in India and where it located at?

Answer : Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram. It is also the largest IT park in India.

75. Which place is known by nickname ‘ Evergreen City of India’?

Answer : Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

76. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is an well known International Ecotourism spot under Kerala Govt is famous for –

Answer : Tiger reserve

77. Eravikulam National Park which is a UNESCO world heritage site in Kerala famous for –

Answer : Wild dog, Jungle cat, Golden jackal, leopard

Kerala Personalities GK Question Answers and Current Affairs

78. Who was the first elected Chief Minister of Kerala?

Answer : Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad of CPIM(1909-1998)

* Who is the current Chief Secretary of Kerala Govt?

Answer : Dr. Vishwas Mehta

79. The famous athlete P.T. Usha belongs to which state?

a) Karnataka                                           b) Kerala                                                 c) Tamilnadu                                           d) AndhraPradesh

Answer : Kerala

80. Who is the present Chief Minister of Kerala as of 2019-2020?

Answer : Pinarayi Vijayan of CPI(M). He was sworn in as 12th CM of Kerala on 25th May 2016

81. Who is the first recipient of Indian Jnanpith Award in Malayalam literature in 1965?

Answer : G. Sankara Kurup of Kerala

82. Who was the first female judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of India in 1989?

Answer : Justice M. Fathima Beevi from Kerala. She is also the first Muslim woman to be appointed to any higher judiciary

83. Who is the first ever governor of State of Kerala?

Answer : Burgula Ramakrishna Rao

84. Who is the current governor of Kerala as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Arif Mohammad Khan

85. Who is the first Ambassador of India to China?

Answer : K. P. S Menon

86. Who is the current Education Minister of Kerala?

Answer : C. Raveendranath

87. Who is the current Labour and Excise Minister of Kerala?

Answer : T. P. Ramakrishnan

88. Who is the current Agricultural Minister of Kerala as of 2016-2017?

Answer : V. S. Sunil Kumar

89. Who is the present Food Minister of Kerala?

Answer : P. Thilothaman

90. Who is the present Transport Minister of Kerala?

Answer : A. K. Saseendran

91. Who is the current Forest Minister of Kerala?

Answer : Adv. K. Raju

92. Who is the present Finance and Coir Minister of Kerala?

Answer : Dr. T. M. Thomas Isaac

93. Who is the current Minister for fisheries in Kerala?

Answer : J. Mercykutty. Amma

94. Who is the present Health Minster of Kerala?

Answer : K. K. Shailaja Teacher

95. Who is the current Electricity Minister of Kerala?

Answer : M. M. Mani

96. Who is the present Sports and Industries Minister of Kerala?

Answer : A. C. Moideen

97. Who is the present Revenue and Housing Minister in Kerala?

Answer : E. Chandrasekharan

98. Who is the current Water Resources Minister in Kerala?

Answer : Adv. Mathew. T. Thomas

Malayalam Literature GK Questions Answers

99. Who is known as the father of Malayalam language and Malayalam literature?

Answer : Ezhuthachan

100. Which is the earliest known literary work in Malayalam language?

Answer : Ramacharitam which is a epic poem

101. What is Manipravalam?

Answer : Manipravalam is a form of literature which is a mixture of Sanskrit and Malayalam

102. Balyakalasakhi is a famous and romantic novel written by which Malayali author?

Answer : Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

103. Jnanappana is written by which famous poet?

Answer : Poonthanam Nambudiri

104. Nalacharitham is written by which famous writer?

Answer : Unnayi Variyar

105. In which year V. M. Basheer was awarded Sahitya Akademi Award?

Answer : 1970

106. Who is the first recepient of the literary Vallathol Award?

Answer : Pala Narayanan Nair who received this award in 1991

107. Which is the first short story in Malayalam literature?

Answer : Vasanavikriti by V. K. Nayanar

108. Who is the author of Ghathakawadham?

Answer : Rev. Richard Collins

109. Chemmeen is a Malayalam novel written by which famous author?

Answer : Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai

110. Pazhamcholmala is written by which famous author?

Answer : Herman Gundert

111. For which novel Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai received the literary Jnanpith Award in 1984?

Answer : Kayar

112. Who wrote Chakki Chankaram?

Answer : P. Rama Kurup

113. Who wrote Kesaviyam?

Answer : K. C. Kesava Pillai

114. Who is the first recipient of Vallathol Award in 1991?

Answer : Pala Narayanan Nair

115. Who is the author of Rukmangatha Charitham?

Answer : Pandalam Kerala Varma

116. Who is the first recipient of Ezhuthachan Award

Answer : Sooranad Kunjan Pillai in 1993

117. Who is the author of ‘Sri Yesu Vijayam’?

Answer : Kattakkayam Cherian Mappila

118. Who is the recipient of Kunhiraman Nair literary award in 1997?

Answer : K. Satchidanandan

119. ‘Kesari’ is the pseudonym of which famous author?

Answer : Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar

120. Adhyathmaramayanam epic was written by which great Malayalam writer?

Answer : T. Ramanujan Ezhuthachan

121. Who is the founder of Thullal?

Answer : Kanchan Nambiar

122. Varthamanapustakam is written by which literary figure?

Answer : Paremmakkal Thoma Kathanar

123. Who is the author of Narayaniyam?

Answer : Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri

124. Who is the recipient of Jnanpith Award in Malayalam Literature in 1984?

Answer : Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai

125. Who wrote A Malayalam-English Dictionary in Malayalam language?

Answer: Herman Gundert

126. Who is the recipient of Basheer Award in 2009?

Answer : Rafeeq Ahammed for Aalmara

127. Mayurasandesam is written by which famous author?

Answer : Kerala Varma Valiya Koyithampuran

128. Who is the author of the Malayalam book ‘Grammar of Malayalam’ published in 1876?

Answer : Vaikkam Patchu Moothathu

129. Who wrote the first ever historical novel Marthandavarma in Malayalam?

Answer : C. V. Raman Pillai

130. Indulekha the famous Malayalam novel written by which author?

Answer : O. Chandhu Menon

131. The famous Malayalam novel Kundalatha was written by which author?

Answer : Appu Nedungadi

Malayalam Films GK Questions and Answers 2019-2020

132. Which was the first Malayalam feature film that awarded National Film Award held in 1954?

Answer : Neelakuyil produced by Chandrathara productions

133. Which Malayalam film got the most recent 63rd National Film Award in 2015?

Answer : Pathemari produced by Allens Media

134. Adoor Gopalakrishnan the notable figure in Malayalam cinema, directed his first film Swayamvaram in which year?

Answer : 1972

135. Which Malayalam film maker received India’s highest film award Dadasaheb Phalke in 2004?

Answer : Adoor Gopalakrishnan

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