Sobriquets – List of Sobriquets Person and Places of The World, Photos


The word sobriquet came from french word soubriquet. Definition of sobriquet can be described like this – Sobriquet is a unique nick name of a particular place or person. The sobriquet is completely different from the original name. The uniqueness relates about the significance of that person or places. Usually a nick name is given by another considering the importance of that person or places. Synonym of sobriquet is nickname.

Generally famous personalities and places are called by nick name due to their importance. Sobriquets or nick name is quite familiar with the original one. For example – Rome is a place better known as ‘The Silent City’, as well as Shakespeare the famous person is known by- ‘Bard of Avon’. A famous person from the field of art, culture, polity, sports or music often called by nickname.

There are a massive amount of sobriquets or nicknames of well known places and person have in the Universe. The listed geographical sobriquets are by any person, any city, any country of seven continents of the world.

Note: Sobriquets of India and sobriquets of world are frequently asked in PSC, SSC, IBPS, CGL, POLICE, WBCS, TAX ASSISTANT, POSTAL DEPARTMENT exams. So these important sobriquets are useful for quizzes, general knowledge(gk) as well as competitive exams.

Nicknames of Places

Which place is known by which name! Sobriquets of famous places includes – sobriquets of country(belonging continents),sobriquets of world city(belonging country), sobriquets of India. There are some places that have many sobriquets.

Sobriquets                     Places

Queen of the Adriatic            Venice

Pearl of the Antilles                  Cuba

Cockpit of Europe                Belgium

Playground of Europe    Switzerland

Garden of England      Kent, England

Pink City                                    Jaipur

Eternal City                                 Rome

City of Seven Hills                     Rome

Granite City        Aberdeens,Scotland

Land of The Midnight Sun    Norway

Silent City                                  Rome

Gift Of The Nile                         Egypt

Blue Mountain                           Nilgiri

Forbidden Country                    Tibet

Sorrow of China      Hoang-ho River

Queen of the South               Sydney

Dark Continent                        Africa

Garden City             Bangalore(India)

Great White Way               Broadway,                                                               NewYork

Empire State                         NewYork

Great Britain of South   Newzealand

Garden of South India           Tanjore

Roof of the World       Pamir plateau

Land of Pyramids                      Egypt

The Emerald Isle                      Ireland

City of Pope                            Vatican

City of Palaces             Kolkata(India)

Land of Earthquakes                Japan

City of Temple           Baranasi(India)

Sorrow of Bengal      River Damodar

City of Thousand Minarrets      Cairo

Rome of India                  Delhi(India)

The Windy City                       Chicago

Gateway of India       Mumbai(India)

Heaven at Earth                    Kashmir

Land of Deserts                       Africa

Cashew Capital of the World                                        Kollam, (Kerala,India)

City of Mosques & Shrines     Dhaka

The Rock                                Gibralter

Land of Wall                              China

Queen of the Arabian Sea  >     Cochi, India

Sugar Bowl Of World                  Cuba

Land of The Rising Sun            Japan

City of Festivals              Quebec City

Land of a Million Palms, Isle of Pearl~


City of Golden Temple   >    Amritsar

Yellow River        >   Hoang-Ho River

Land of Thousand Lakes  >   Finland

City of Gold > Johanesberg(S. Africa)

Land Of Golden Fish   >  Bangladesh

The Golden State                California

Land of Golden Pagoda  > Myanmar

Land of The Morning Calm   > Korea

Land Of Maple          >             Canada

Land of White Elephant  >  Thailand

White City               >             Belgrade

Gateway of Tears  >  Bab-El-Mandeb

Pillars of Hercules  >             Strait of                                                                Gibralter

The Paris of the west> SanFrancisco

Gotham                >       New York City

The Athens of the North>Edinburgh

The Motor City            >            Detroit

The Federal City  >  Washington D.C

The Enchanted Isle   >     Puerto Rico

The Magic City        >  Miami, Florida

The Holy Land              >      Palestine

The Golden State              > California

The Great white North   >      Canada

Tinseltown               >           Hollywood

The City Beautiful > Coral Gables, Florida

Pearl of the Orient >HongKong(asia)

The Apple Isle           >         Tasmania

Little Paris      > Bucharest, Romania

The City of Light     >                 Paris

Oxford of the East   >       Pune, India

Orange City              >  Nagpur(India)   

Manchester of south India > Coimbatore(Tamilnadu, India)

Tea City of India > Dibrugarh(Assam, India)

City of Pearls  > Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Steel City of India  > Jamshedpur, (Jharkhand, India)

City of Festivals > Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

Diamond City  > Surat, Gujrat, India

City of Lakes    >          Udaipur, India

Bengaluru >  Sillicon Valley of India

The Big Apple > Manhattan, New York City

The City of Angeles   >    Los Angeles

Detroit of Asia  > Chennai (Tamilnadu, India)

Venice of the East    Alappujha,India

Venice of the North       >  Stockholm

Hollywood of the South > Covington, Georgia

Nicknames of Famous Personality

Which person is known by which nickname! Great person are often called by sobriquets for their contribution to the various field of works like arts, music, culture, sports, polity, social service, science etc.

The following chart is the nick names or sobriquets of all famous personalities around the world

Sobriquets                     Person

Father of economics  Adam Smith

Uncle Ho              >          Ho Chi Minh

Father of Modern Theatre   Henrik  Ibsen

Father of Modern Tourism  ThomasCook

Anna                  >        C.N.Annadurai

Father of History         >   Herodotus

Iron Chancellor   Otto Von Bismarck

Father of EnglishPoetry JeoffreyChaucer

Elvis the Pelvis     >      Elvis Pristley

Osho             >        Acharya Rajneesh

The King of Spain            Ashley Gills

Father of Novel  Giovanni Boccaccio

Maiden Queen Queen Elizabeth 1st

Guruji              >        M.S.Golwalkar

Father Of Medicine     Hippocrates

Desert Fox       Gnrl. Erwin Rommel

2nd Duce          >   Benito Mussolini

The Elephant Man > Joseph Merrick

The Don    >      Sir Donald Bradman, Cricketer

The Philosopher  >                Aristotle

The Haryana Hurricane > Kapil Dev, Indian cricketer

The King of Spin      >   Shane Warne

Deenbabdhu         >       C.F.Andrews

Deshbandhu  C.R.Das (Chittaranjan)

Netaji                 >      Subhaschandra Bose, The patriot of patriot                  

Punjab Kesari    >     Lala Lajpat Rai

Father of Atomic Physics   – E.Rutherford

The Lady             > Aung San Suu Kyi

Bangabandhu > Sk. Mujibar Rahman

Pele >Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Bard of Avon   -William Shakespeare

One Man Army      >      V.M. Basheer

Father of Modern Art- Nandalal Bose

The Iron Lady > Margaret Thatcher

The King of Spain    >     Ashley Giles

Nightingale of India >   Sarojini Naidu

Birdman of India  Salim M.Abdul  Ali

The Queen of Soul   >  Aretha Franklin

Father of Indian  Civil Aviation ~  JahangirRatanji DadabhoyTata

Iron Man Of India       Sardar  Vallabbhai Patel 

Lokmanya         Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Frontier Gandhi   Abdul Gaffar Khan

Chacha                 Jawaharlal Nehru

Masterda                           Surya Sen

Kathashilpi Saratchandra Chatterjee

Kobiguru          Rabindranath Tagore

Bapu                       Mahatma Gandhi

The Voice              Whitney Houston

Father of Nation               Mahatma                                                                  Gandhi

Human Computer   Sakuntala Devi

Iron woman of India              Indira                                                                   Gandhi

Sakespeare of India              Kalidas

Napoleon of India>Samudragupta

Father of Indian Atomic Science  >      Homi Bhava

Father of Indian Renessains          > Rammohan Roy

The Fastest Girl on Earth   Dorothy Levitt

The Fab Four                 The Beatles

The King of Pop   >  Michael Jackson

Father of Indian Industry   > Jamshedji Tata

Father of Indian Film >      Dadasaheb  Falke

Oldest Person of Indian Army    > K.M.Kariappa

Tiger of Mysore      >      Tipu Sultan

Master of Suspense >  Alfred Hichcock

Maid of Orleans      >     Joan of Arc

Man Of Destiny  Napoleon Bonaparte

Little Corporal  Napoleon  Bonaparte

Rajaji                   C.Rajagopalachari

Lady With TheLamp >  Florence Nightingale

Lawrence of Arabia  >  Thomas Edward Lawrence

Shaheed-eAzam  >     Bhagat Singh

Sher-e-Kashmir    >  Sk.Muhammad  Abdullah

Santa Clause   >          Saint Nicholas

Saint of The Gutters  >  Mother Teresa

The Rawalpindi Express > Shoaib Akhtar

The Queen of Pop   >           Madonna

Prince of Kolkata >  Sourav Ganguly

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