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Switzerland trivia Quiz Top question answers Swiss facts and information 2020:

You will find various Swiss facts and information in Switzerland quiz. These facts and information contain geographical data, historical data, economic data, cultural data, political data and demographical data of Switzerland country. Switzerland country quiz answers all type of important facts and information through a rapid question-answers round. This quiz is completely in English

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Switzerland (Swiss German:Schweizer):

Switzerland is a mountainous and landlocked country in western & central Europe. Internationally bordered by France, Italy, Germany and Austria, and was founded in 1291. Geographically whole Swiss region is divided among Alps, the Swiss Plateau and the Jura.

Switzerland facts,

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Swiss History Quiz

When Switzerland became a free naton((National Day)?

a) August 15 b) August 1 c) October 24 d) March 8

When the national flag of Switzerland officially adopted?

Answer : In 1889

What National unit of Swiss monetary measurement introduced in 1850?

Answer : Swiss Franc

What is the city capital of Switzerland an European country?

a) Zurich b) Geneva c) Bern d) Basel

What is the French name of the Swiss Confederation?

Answer : Confederation Suisse

What is the German name of the Swiss Confederation?

Answer : Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft

What is the National Flower of Switzerland?

Answer : Edelweiss(it is believed)

What is the historical year of adopting Swiss Psalm as the official Swiss National Anthem?

Answer : Swiss Psalm was officially used from April 1, 1981, but it was adopted in 1961

Which nation defeated Switzerland in 1798?

a) Germany b) France c) Italy d) Netherlands

What is the fact about first Swiss national anthem used until 1961?

Answer : First Swiss national anthem is German patriotic song Rufst du, mein Vaterland composed by Johan Rudolf Wyss

What is the Peace of Westphalia?

Answer : Peace of Westphalia is a several peace treaties that ended the European thirty years war(1618-1648)

How long the Restoration and Regeneration in Swiss historical facts lasted?

Answer : The Restoration period lasted from 1814 to 1830 and the Regeneration period is from 1830-1848

What was the last major war between the Old Swiss Confideracy and House of Habsburg?

Answer : Swabian war of 1499

Since when Switzerland being a part of armed neutral country?

Answer : From 1815

When did Switzerland become a country?

a) In 1280 b) In 1290 c) In 1291 d) In 1281

What is the year of Switzerland’s joining the League of Nations?

a) 1945 b) 1920 c) 1917 c) 1940

Where is the first settlment site found in Switzerland?

Answer : Gachlingen

Who became the second Roman emperor conquering Alps in 15 BC?

Answer : Tiberius

By which treaty modern Switzerland was divided between Middle Francia and East Francia?

Answer : Treaty of Verdun in 843 AD

Swiss Political Quiz

What type of government does Switzerland have?

Answer : In short Switzerland is a democratic federal republic

What is the name of upper house of the Swiss Federal legislature?

Answer : Council of States(German:Standerat)

Who is the Swiss Federal Chancellor as of 2016?

Answer : Walter Thurnherr

What is the name of lower house of the Swiss Federal legislature?

Answer : National Council(German:Nationalrat)

From which year the Helvetic Republic inscribed on Federal Palace of Switzerland?

Answer : From the year 1902

What is the type of the Swiss Federal Assembly?

Answer : It is bicameral

Who is the President of the Swiss Coucil of States?

Answer : Rafael Comte

There are how many seats in Swiss Federal Assembly?

Answer : 246 Seats

Who is the leader of the Swiss People’s Party(SVP,UDC) the major political group in Federal Assembly as of 2017?

Answer : Albert Rosti

How many seats are acquired by Swiss People’s Party in Swiss Federal Assembly as of 2017?

Answer : 65 seats

What is the term-length of the Swiss Federal Council?

Answer : Four years

How many members the Swiss Federal council contains?

Answer : Seven members

What is the executive body of the Swiss Federal Government?

Answer : Federal Council

What is the legislative body of the Swiss Federal Government?

Answer : Federal Assembly

The time of 1848’s creation of Swiss federal constitution was heavily influenced by which country?

Answer : The Swiss constitution is mostly influenced by the United States Constitution

Are Swiss country constitution and cantonal constitution same or separate?

Answer : Different

What does CH stand for ?

Answer: Switzerland is officially called by name ‘Swiss Confederation’ in English. Confoederatio Helvetica is the Latin name which is abbreviated to CH

What is the area code for Switzerland?

a) 45 b) 41 c) 91 d) 866

When was the Swiss constitution originally written?

a) In 1850 b) In 1848 c) In 1866 d) In 1860

What is the type of Swiss legislature?

Answer : Federal Assembly

Swiss Economy Quiz

What is the HDI(Human Development Index) rank of Switzerland in the world as of 2016?

Answer : 2nd

What is the contribution of Manufacturing sectors to whole economy of Switzerland?

Answer : Manufacturing sectors contributes 27% of total economy in Switzerland

How much contribution of Swiss banking sector represents to whole country’s GDP in percent as of 2015?

Answer : 5.12%

Which sector has a major role in Swiss economy as of 2012?

Answer : The tertiary or services sector has a great contribution of 71% of Swiss economy

What is Switzerland’s world rank by GDP(nominal) per capita?

Answer : 2nd

What are the major source of income of the Swiss federal government?

Answer : Direct federal tax and value added tax

What are the major exporting products of Switzerland?

Answer : Watches, vaccines, glycosides, orthopadic appliances, medicaments, precious jewelleries and agricultural products

What is the largest trading partner of Switzerland?

Answer : Germany, 21% of Switzerland’s exports and 29% of its imports with Germany

Who is the largest importer of Swiss watches?

Answer : Asia 55%

What is the total population in Switzerland?

Answer : 8 million as of 2015

Swiss Geography Quiz

What became fact about geographical area of Switzerland country?

Answer : Total area of Switzerland is 41,285 square kilometer

What Swiss canton is the largest by area & population?

Answer : Zurich

What time zone does Switzerland follow for its standard time?

Answer : Switzerland observes Central European Summer Time(CEST: UTC+2:00)

What is the fact about the Swiss plateau?

Answer : Swiss plateau covers an area of 30% of total area of the country

What are the most seismically active regions in Switzerland?

Answer : Rhine Rift Valley and Valais

What is the most important fact about the water body that is largest in Switzerland?

Answer : Lake Geneva

What is the longest rail tunnel in the world?

a) Gotthard Base tunnel, Switzerland b) Seikan tunnel, Japan c) Channel tunnel, UK, France d) New Guanjiao tunnel, China

Where is the headquarter of European Nuclear Research Organisation(CERN)?

a) Zurich b) Bern c) Geneva d) Lucern

What is the largest airport in Switzerland?

Answer : Zurich International Airport in the canton of Zurich

What is the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site located in Valais canton?

Answer : Oberaletsch Glacier, 9 Kilometer long

What is the fact about the region that covers a major area of Switzerland?

Answer : Swiss Alps covers an area of 60% of total area in Switzerland

Swiss Alps is located in which direction of Switzerland?

Answer : South

What is located to the west direction of Switzerland?

Answer : Jura mountains

Which country shares longest geographical border with Switzerland?

Answer : Italy 734 Kilometer

How much landed area in Switzerland?

Answer : 95.8%

What is the lowest point in Switzerland?

Answer: Lake Maggiore(193 Meter)

What Swiss cantons contain the highest point Jungfraujoch?

Answer : Valais and Bern

What is Europe’s highest tourist destination geo-located between Switzerland and Italy?

Answer: Matterhorn(4478 Meters)

Europe’s highest railway station Jungfraujoch is how much higher from sea level?

Answer : 3450 Meters above sea level

Which Swiss city has the second-largest office of the United Nations?

a) Bern b) Geneva c) Zurich d) Lucern

What is the largest Swiss city by area & by population?

a) Geneva b) Laussane c) Zurich d) Lucern

What is the headquarter of the Red Cross International Committee?

a) Munich b) Geneva c) Bern d) Lugano

What is the largest city on the river Rhine?

a) Geneva, Switzerland b) Cologne, Germany c) Rotterdam, Netherlands d) Bonn, Germany

What is the Swiss origin longest river that touches the land of Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands  and Liechtenstein?

a) Reuss b) Rhine c) Thur d) Aare

How many sovereign states are there in Switzerland?

a) 20 Cantons b) 26 Cantons c) 30 Candons d) 24 Cantons

Swiss Culture Quiz

Swiss culture quiz contains these datas – art, literature, festivals, cinema, architecture, sports of Switzerland-

Which German physicist won 2017 Nobel prize with Barry Barish and Kip Thorne?

Answer : Rainer Weiss

Who was the main architect of the Swiss Federal Palace?

Answer : Hans Auer

Who created the landmark fact that Heidi became the most selling children’s fiction ever?

Answer : Swiss author Johanna Spyri is behind this fact. Her novel Heidi published in 1881

Which Swiss-German novelist won 1946 Nobel Prize in literature?

Answer : Hermann Karl Hesse

What is the fact about most popular sports in Switzerland?

Answer : Skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering known to be the most popular Swiss games

Q. What is the host city of 2017 ATP World Tour 250?

Answer : Geneva

Q. Who won the 2017 ATP World Tour 250 singles title?

Answer : Swiss player Stan Wawrinka

Who is the only Swiss tennis player won gold in 1992 Olympic Games?

Answer : Mark Rosset won gold in men’s singles event held at 1992 Barcelona Olympics

What is the Swiss film fact about the producer who received six Oscar awards?

Answer : Arthur Cohn

What is considered as National sport of Switzerland?

Answer : Schwingen or Swiss wrestling or Alpine wrestling

Who is the famous Swiss driver won the 1990 British Touring Car Championship?

Answer : Alain Menu

Andres Ambuhl is the current captain of which sports team?

Answer : Switzerland Men’s Ice Hockey Team

Q. Which country will host the upcoming 2018 UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship from 18 to 30 July?

Answer : Switzerland

Which host country won bronze medal in 1939 World Ice Hockey Championships?

Answer : Switzerland

Since when La Tene culture was started developing in Switzerland?

Answer : Near about 450 BC

Who won the 2017 Australian Open Men’s Singles title defeating Rafael Nadal?

Answer : Swiss tennis player Roger Federer

Most recently who won 2017 Miami Open Men’s Singles title defeating Rafael Nadal?

Answer : Swiss tennis player Roger Federer

What first big sport event was hosted in Murren in 1931?

Answer : World Ski Championships

Who is the current captain of the Switzerland national football team as of 2017?

Answer : Stephan Lichtsteiner

Who is the Head coach of the Swiss national football team?

Answer : Vladimir Petkovic

Which European country hosted the 1954 FIFA World Cup?

a) Germany b) Italy c) Switzerland d) France

Which world famous Swiss player won a record of 18 Grand Slam Singles Titles?

a) Martina Hingis b) Roger Federer c) Stanislas Wawrinka d) Patty Schnyder

In which biggest event Swiss player Martina Hingis won silver medal partnering with Timea Bacsinszky?

Answer : 2016 Rio Olympics

Which Swiss tennis player was selected 2013 International Tennis Hall of Fame?

Answer : Martina Hingis

Who is the first from Switzerland to play in NBA(National Basketball Association)?

Answer : In 2006 Thabo Patrick Sefolosha became first Swiss to play in NBA. He played for the teams of Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Angelico Biella, Elan Chalon etc

Which country is going to host 2026 Winter Olympics?

a) Greece b) Sweden c) Switzerland d) France

For which things Switzerland is most famous in the world?

Answer : Chocolate, cheese and watches

What are the famous food dishes in Switzerland?

Answer : Fondue, raclette, rosti etc

Swiss Demographics Quiz

Swiss demographics quiz contains these datas – famous places, famous personality, famous languages, famous religion of Switzerland-

What is the official language of Switzerland?

a) Two official languages b) Three official languages c) Four official languages d) Five official languages

What are the two common things you can’t miss after step in Swiss land?

Answer : Swiss watch and Swiss chocolate

Who is the head of of Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs?

Answer : Didier Burkhalter

Who is the person heading the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs?

Answer : Alain Berset

Who is the head person of the Swiss Federal Department of Environment and Transport, Energy and Communications?

Answer : Doris Leuthard

Who is the head person of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs?

Answer : Johann Schneider-Ammann

Who is the head of Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police?

Answer : Simonetta Sommaruga

Who is the current head of Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil protection and Sports as of 2016?

Answer : Guy Parmelin

Who is the current head of the Swiss Dederal Department of Finance as of 2016?

Answer : Ueli Maurer

What is the fact about major religion in Switzerland?

Answer : 71% of total Swiss population are Christian

What is the major language most widely spoken by 65% of total Swiss people?

a) Romansh b) German c) French d) Italian

How many Swiss canton officially uses German language?

Answer : Seventeen out of twenty six

What is the major French-speaking part in Switzerland?

Answer : Romandy

What is the average life expectancy in Switzerland?

Answer : 82.5 Years

Who is the world famous Swiss personality became the eighth FIFA President from 1998-2015?

a) Heinze Hermann b) Johan Vogel c) Sepp Blatter d) Granit Xhaka

What is the place headquarter of International Olympic Committee(IOC)?

Answer : Lausanne district in Switzerland

What is the place of Olympic Museum located?

Answer : Lausanne

Who is the President of the Swiss Federal Council as of 2017?

Answer : Doris Leuthard

Which Swiss person won 1919 Nobel Prize in literature?

a) Herman Hesse b) Carl Spitteler c) Felix Bloch d) Paul Karrer

Who is the world famous Swiss-German scientist won 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics?

Answer : Albert Einstein

Who was Huldrych Zwingli?

Answer : Huldrych Zwingli was a notable leader of the Reformation in Switzerland

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