Vitamins – General Knowledge Questions & Answers|Defficiency, Diseases, Biology,General Science

Top General knowledge(gk) questions and answers about vitamins, vitamin gk, vitamin knowledge test questions, vitamin related various trivia quiz questions, gk for kids. Most frequently asked vitamin questions in IBPS, Banking PO, SSC, PSC, UPSC, GROUP-D, Railways, State Board exams and interviews.


Vitamin is an organic compound and a vital nutrient that an organism needs in limited ammounts. Human body needs vitamins as supplements to be developed properly. Supplement is important for certain health problems, but have some nutritional benefit when used by other than healthy people.

There are 13 vitamins are globally recognised. Vitamins are classified by their biological and chemical activities. The largest number of vitamins in B-Complex vitamin. Vitamins have diverse biochemical function. Some, such as vitamin D have hormone-like functions, as regulator of mineral metabolism. Others vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E sometimes functions as antioxidants. 

Side Effects and Diseases caused by Vitamins:

Vitamins(plural form of vitamin)are essential for normal growth and development of an organism. Vitamins must be consumed periodically and in limited ammount to avoid defficiency. There are some side effects and defficiency of vitamins. At high enough doses some vitamins has side-effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomitting. Some vitamins losses by heat such as – boiling,cooking,steaming etc.

Mostly vitamins found in foods and a few in other ingredients. As vitamin D is produced on skin with the help of natural ultraviolet ray of sunlight. 

Dietary supplements often contains vitamins, but may also include some other ingredients such as minerals,herbs and botanicals.

Vitamin Types:

There are two kind of vitamins in nature which protect human body from various type of deseases, one is fat soluble and the other water soluble. Every vitamin has its own capability and a unique chemical name. The fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, K. The water soluble vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin B-Complex(B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12)

Here are all general knowledge(gk) top questions and answers on vitamin with explanationWe have explained vitamin’s usefullness and defficiency you need to know for all job preparation.

Most important General Knowledge(GK) Quiz Questions Answers on Vitamins

1. What is the scientific name of vitamine A?

Ans:- Retinol ( Fat soluble)

2. What is the chemical name of vitamin C?

Ans:- Ascorbic Acid ( Water soluble)

3. What is the chemical name of vitamin D?

Ans:- Cholecalciferol ( Fat soluble)

4. What is the chemical name of vitamin E?

Ans:- Tocophrols ( Fat soluble)

5. What is vitamine K called in general science?

Ans:- Phylloquinone ( Fat soluble)

6. The chemical name vitamin B1 is?

Ans:- Thiamine ( Water soluble)

7. The chemical name of vitamine B2 is?

Ans:- Riboflavin ( Water “)

8. What is the chemical name of vitamin B3?

Ans:- Niacin ( Water ” )

9. What is the chemical name of vitamine B5?

Ans:- Pantothenic Acid ( Water Soluble)

10. What is the chemical name of vitamine B6?

Ans:- Pyridoxine ( Water ” )

11. The chemical name of vitamin B7 is –

Ans:- Biotin ( Water ” )

12. What is the chemical name of vitamin B9?

Ans:- Folic Acid (Water ” )

13. What is the chemical name of vitamin B12?

Ans:- Cyanocobalamin ( Water ” )

14. Which vitamin protects us from night blindness?

Ans:- Vitamin A

15. Which vitamin protects human body from beriberi desease?

Ans:- Vitamin B1

16. Which vitamin protects human body from Pellagra desease?

Ans:- Vitamin B3

17. Which vitamin protects human body from Paresthesia?

Ans:- Vitamin B5

18. Which vitamin protects us from Anemia?

Ans:- Vitamin B6

19. Which vitamin protects us from Dermatitis?

Ans:- Vitamin B7

20. Scientifically which vitamin protects human body from Scurvy disease?

Ans:- Vitamin C

21. Which vitamin protects human body from Rickets disease?

Ans:- Vitamin D

22. Which vitamin protects human body from Bleeding Diathesis?

Ans:- Vitamin K

23. Which food source contains Vitamin A?

Ans:- Cod liver oil

24. Which food source contains Vitamin C?

Ans:- Most type of fresh foods like guava, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, brocoli, papayas, peas, citrus fruits etc.

25. Which food source contains Vitamin D?

Ans:- Cod liver oil

26. Which food source contains Vitamin K?

Ans:- Leaf Vegetables

27 Which food source contains Vitamin B complex?

Ans:- Meat, Dairy Products, Eggs, Liver, Grains etc

28. In which year Vitamin A was discovered?

Ans:- 1913

29. Which are the water soluble vitamins?

Ans:- Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex

30. Which are the fat soluble vitamins?

Ans:- A, D, E, K

31. Hypervitaminosis is a desease for overdose of which vitamin?

Ans:- Vitamin A

32. Overdose of vitamin B3 causes which disease?

Ans:- Liver damage

33. Who were awarded Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine in 1929?

Answer : Frederick Hopkins and Christiaan Eijkman for their vitamin related discoveries

34. When vitamin D was first discovered?

Answer : In 1920

35. When vitamin-E was first discovered?

Answer : In 1922

36. Who were awarded Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 1943?

Answer : Edward Adelbert Doisy and Henrik Dam were awarded Nobel Prize for discovery of vitamin-k and its structure.

37. Which vitamin is produced in body after converted of Provitamin B5(panthenol)?

 Answer : VitaminB5

38. Ergosterol is the other name of which provitamin?

Answer : Provitamin D2

39. What is anti-vitamin?

Answer : Anti-vitamin is simply a substance that makes a vitamin metabolicaly ineffective

40. What type of nutrient vitamin is?

Answer : Vitamin is an organic and essential nutrient

41. What is the function of vitamin?

Answer : Mainly vitamin acts as a enzymatic cofactors or antioxidants

42. Which vitamin is produced by the action of ultraviolet rays on the skin?

Answer : Vitamin D

43. Which vitamin is produced by bacteria in our intestine?

Answer : Vitamin B12

44. Which vitamin produces sperms?

Answer : Vitamin C (2000-6000 Mg daily dose)

45. Which vitamin produces melanin?

Answer : Vitamin C and E

46. Which vitamin produces collagen?

Answer : Vitamin C

47. What are the brain vitamins?

Answer : Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 which are essential for brain health, are the brain vitamins

48. What vitamin can cure Alzheimer’s desease?

Answer : Vitamin B13  (B12)

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