Karnataka GK Quiz : Top 100 Questions & Answers 2018, Karnataka Exams

Karnataka General Knowledge(GK) Quiz Top 100 Question Answers 2018 Karnataka Exams:

Here you will find most important 100 gk(general knowledge)and quiz questions on Karnataka state. Including questions on Karnataka historyKarnataka polityKarnataka geography,state symbol, Karnataka economyKarnataka population and literacy,Karnataka arts,culture and literature. 

Besides these topics some questions on sports, awards, and other topics. Questions on famous Karnataka personality. GK in Kannada General knowledge(gk)question on famous places and architecture in Karnataka

All these questions and answers are for Karnataka competitive exams of year 2017 and upcoming exams of 2018. This article is a best practice set for job preparation and interview questions. Its also a model question sets and a suggestion of possible question papers for 2017-2018 exams in Karnataka. There may be some similarity between previous question papers and this article. Students those are appearing KPSC, FDA, SDA or Karnataka Board exams can follow these sets.

State of Karnataka:

Karnataka is a state in the south-western region of India. It was formed on 1 November 1956. Originally known as State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The largest city Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Karnataka is bordered by Arabian sea, Laccadive sea and some neighbouring state like Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Telangana. Karnataka is the seventh-largest Indian state by area.

Most Important GK Quiz Question and Answers for all competitive exams in Karnataka 2017-2018

History of Karnataka GK Quiz Question

1. When did Karnataka formed as a partial state of India

Answer : 1 November, 1956

2. When the State of Mysore renamed as Karnataka?

Answer : 1973

3. The historical haridasa movement was flourished during the reign of which Carnatic empire?

Answer : Vijayanagar empire(between 13th-14th century)

4. Who is the founder of Kadamba dynasty?

Answer : Mayurasharma

5. Who was the first Wadiyar ruler of Mysore?

Answer :  Yaduraya Wodeyar was the first monarch from 1399 to 1423

6. Who established the Vijayanagar empire in Karnataka?

Answer : Harihara and Bukka in 14th century

7. In which war the Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan was killed by the British?

Answer : In the Battle of Srirangapatnam in 1799

8. Who was the last ruler of famous Kingdom of Mysore?

Answer : Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar Bahadur was the last ruler of Kingdom of Mysore(former karnataka) from 1940-1950. He was also the founder-president of Vishva Hindu Parishad(VHP)

9. Who was the real founder of the South Indian Chalukya Dynasty?

Answer : Pulakesi I

10. What was the capital of Chalukya Dynasty?

Answer : Vatapi(Badami)

Who is regarded as the founder-king of South Indian Rashtrakuta Dynasty?

Answer : Dantidurga

Karnataka Places & Architecture Questions

11. Which place in Karnataka is an World Heritage Site built by the Chalukya & Rashtrakuta empire of ancient Karnataka?

Answer: Group of temples at Pattadakal

How many districts are there in Karnataka?

Answer : 30 Districts

12. Which place is the largest and capital city in Karnataka?

Answer : Bangalore

Where is the Indian Institute of Technology located at?

Answer : Dharwad, Karnataka (Founded by Central govt of India in 2015)

13. Which is the 1897’s historical Carnatic architecture built for the Wodeyar dynasty rulers?

Answer : Mysore Palace(It is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Karnataka)

Where the Bahubali statue is found?

Answer : Shravanabelagola, Karnataka

14. What is the 1656’s famous deccan architecture that dedicated to Mohammed Adil Shah?

Answer : Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur,Karnataka

Nagarhole National Park is located in which district of Karnataka?

Answer : Kodagu district

15. The famous historical place of Hampi which is a World Heritage Site located in which district of Karnataka?

Answer : Bellary

Kudremukh mountain peak which is a famous tourist spot located in which district of Karnataka?

Answer : Chikkamagaluru district

Karnataka Personality Quiz Questions

16. Who served as first Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Answer: K. Chengalaraya Reddy (Period of 1952-1957)

Who is the longest-serving 8th Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Answer: D. Devaraj Urs

17. Who is the current Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court as of 2017?

Answer : Subhro Kamal Mukherjee

Who is the first person to be the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court?

Answer : R. Venkataramaiah(1956-1957)

18. Who is the famous Kannadian personality served as first Governor of Karnataka?

Answer : Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar the last Maharaja of Mysore kingdom (period of 1957-1963)

19. Who is the first female person to be the Governor of Karnataka?

Answer : V. S. Ramadevi(period of 1999-2002), She is also the first female Chief Election Commissioner of India

20. Who is the current Home Minister of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : G. Parameshwara

Who is the current Agricultural Minister of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Krishna Byre Gowda

21. Who is the current Minister for Law & Justice and Parliamentary affairs in Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : T. B. Jayachandra

22. Who is the current Minister for forest and environment department in Karnataka?

Answer : Ramanath Rai

Who is the Minister for Transport in Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Ramalinga Reddy

23. Who is the present Minister for Higher Education in Karnataka?

Answer : Basavaraj Rayareddy

24. Who is the current Labour Minister of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Santosh Lad

Who is the current Minister for Women & Child Welfare and Kannada Culture development?

Answer : Umashree

25. Who is the current Minister for Sports & Fisheries in Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Pramodh Madhavaraj

Karnataka Quiz Question Answers & Current affairs 2016-2017

26. Who is the present Minister for Health & Family Welfare in Karnataka?

Answer : K. R. Ramesh Kumar

27. Who is the most recently elected Chief Minister of Karnataka as of 2018?

Answer: H.D. Kumaraswami

Who is the current Governor of Karnataka as of 2018?

Answer: Vajubhai Bala

28. What is the pen-name of famous Kannada poet Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre?

Answer : Ambikatanayadatta

29. Who is the famous Carnatic musician received Bharat Ratna in 2008?

Answer : Bhimsen Joshi

30. Who is the notable Kannada personality received India’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna in 2014?

Answer : Famous Indian chemist C. N. R. Rao

Who is the Kannada person being the first Indian commander-in-chief of the Indian Army?

Answer : K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa)

Karnataka Politics Quiz Questions

31. Which political party currently ruling the Government of Karnataka as of 2017?

Answer : Indian National Congress

32. What type of Karnataka state legislature is?

Answer : Bicameral

What is the name of upper house in Karnataka state legislative assembly?

Answer : Vidhana Parishat

33. What is the name of lower house in Karnataka state legislative assembly?

Answer : Vidhana Sabha

Who is the leader of the opposition party in Karnataka state legislative assembly as of 2017?

Answer : Jagadish Khettar(Bharatiya Janata Party)

34. Who is the Speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer : KB Koliwad(Indian National Congress)

35. Who is the Deputy Speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer : Shivashankara Reddy(INC)

36. How many members of all constituencies are there in Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer : 225 Members(224+1 Anglo-Indian elected by Governor)

37. Who is the leader of the Karnataka legislative assembly as of 2017?

Answer : Siddaramaiah(CM of Karnataka)

38. How many seats are occupied by Indian National Congress in Karnataka legislative assembly?

Answer: 123 Seats

39. There are how many members in Karnataka Vidhana Parishat?

Answer: 75 Members

40. What is the term length of the Vidhan Parishad members?

Answer: Six years

What is the political party faced the first President’s rule in Karnataka in 1971?

Answer: Indian National Congress

Karnataka art, culture, literature & state symbol Questions

41. Karnataka srate’s culture is rich of different type of famous arts,music,festivals,cinema,literature etc. 

What is the symbol of Karnataka state animal?

Answer : Asian elephant

42. What is the symbol of Karnataka state bird?

Answer : Indian roller

43. Which symbolise Karnataka state flower?

Answer : Lotus

What is the state anthem of Karnataka?

Answer : Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate

44. What is the symbol of Karnataka state tree?

Answer : Sandalwood

45. What is the symbol of Karnataka state emblem?

Answer : Gandaberunda

46. Which symbolise the state & official language of Karnataka?

Answer : Kannada

Which traditional folk art is the symbol of Karnataka state dance?

Answer : Yakshagana

47. What is the first Kannada talkie film?

Answer : Sati Sulochana released in 1934

48. What is the name of Carnatic regional language officially used in Goa state and mentioned in 8th scedule of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: Konkani

49. Which religion has the highest percent of majority in Karnataka?

Answer : Hindu, 84%

50. What is the name of the festival celebrated as Kannada new year?

Answer : Ugadi

Which day is celebrated as Kannada Rajyotsava?

Answer : November 1 is celebrated as Kannada Rajyotsava commemorating the formation of the Karnataka state

51. Who is known by Grandfather of Carnatic Music?

Answer : The great Purandara Dasa

52. Which famous Kannada poet who was honoured by Karnataka Ratna award wrote Jaya Bharitya Jananiya Tanujate?

Answer :  Kuvempu

53. Who is the writer of the historical literary work Kavirajamarga in 850 AD?

Answer : Rashtrakuta king Amoghavarsha I

Who are known by the Three Gems of Kannada literature?

Answer : Sri Ponna, Pampa and Ranna

54. Who is the creator of the great Kannada epic Vikramarjuna Vijaya(Pampa Bharatha) in 10th century?

Answer : Jain poet Adikavi Pampa

55. Who is the writer of the play Tale Danda?

Answer : Girish Raghunath Karnad

Which famous novelist received India’s highest literary Jnanpith Award in 1977 for Kannada literature?

Answer : K. Shivaram Karanth

56. Which famous writer prospered Kannada literature by receiving India’s highest literary Jnanpith Award in 1983?

Answer : Masti Venkatesha Iyenger well known by Pen name Srinivasa or Maasti

57. For which language Chandrashekhara Kambara well known writer received 46th Jnanpith Award in 2010?

Answer : Kannada language

58. The modern Kannada literature was developed during which period?

Answer : Modern Kannada literature was developed in 19th century, during the reign of last Wadiyar King 

59. Who wrote the first Kannada-English dictonary published in 19th century?

Answer : Christian missionary Ferdinand Kittel wrote this in 1894

60. What is the first Kannada newspaper published in 1843?

Answer : Mangalore Samachara

61. What is the first modern novel in Kannada language?

Answer : Mudramanjusha by Kempu Narayana

62. Who is known as the Father of modern Kannada literature?

Answer : Famous author B. M. Srikanthaiah

63. Which famous Kannada playwright wrote Tollu Gatti?

Answer : The father of humorous plays T. P. Kailasam

64. For which Kannada novel Gopalakrishna Pai received 2011 Sahitya Academi Award?

Answer : Swapna Saraswata

65. Who is the writer of the famous Kannada poems Nada Lila and Gari?

Answer : D. R. Bendre

66. Who is known by Father of modern Kannada Poetry?

Answer : D. R. Bendre

67. Who is the author of the great epic poem Sri Ramayana Darshanam?

Answer : K. V. Puttappa wrote this in 1949

68. Who is the writer of Mankuthimmana Kagga?

Answer : D. V. Gundappa

69. Who wrote the 1965’s Kannada novel Samaskara?

Answer : U. R. Anantha Murthy

70. Who is the writer of 1963’s notable Kannada short story Prasne?

Answer : U. R. Anantha Murthy

71. Which Kannada poem of Gopalakrishna Adiga was inspired by English poet T. S. Eliot?

Answer : Nadedu Banda Dari

72. Which famous Kannada novelist wrote the novel Grihabhanga?

Answer : S. L. BhCongress

Karnataka Geography Questions

73. How much of total Indian geographical area are acquired by Karnataka?

Answer : 191,976 square kilometer

74. What time zone Karnataka follows for standard time?

Answer : Indian Standard Time

75. What is Karnatak’s rank by area?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 7th by area among all Indian states

76. What is the Indian state located to the north direction of Karnataka?

Answer: Maharashtra

What is the Indian state located to the east direction of Karnataka?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

77. Telangana is located to the north-east direction of which Indian state?

Answer: Karnataka

Which Indian state is located to the south-west direction of Karnataka?

Answer: Kerala

What are the major rivers in Kerala?

Answer: Krishna, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Sharavathi, Malaprabha

78. What is the name of Indian ocean origin sea located to the west of Karnataka?

Answer: Arabian sea

What is the highest point in Karnataka?

Answer : Mullayanagiri hills

79. Jog falls lies on which river?

Answer : Sharavathi river

80. How much geographical area are covered by forest in Karnataka?

Answer : 20% Area

81. Almatti dam is built on which river?

Answer : Krishna

Karnataka Economy GK Questions

82. What is the GSDP(Gross State Domestic Product)rate of Karnataka as of 2014-2015?

Answer : 7%

83. What is Karnataka’s rank by GDP per capita?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 10th by gdp among all Indian states

84. Which city is known by sobriquet Silicon Valley of India?

Answer : Bangalore, Karnataka

85. What is the HDI rank of Karnataka as of 2015?

Answer : 8th

86. How much of total Karnataka population are based on agriculture?

Answer : 56%

87. Which sectors play a major role in economic development of Karnataka?

Answer : Agricultural industry, floriculture industry and software industry

Karnataka Population & Literacy GK Questions

88. What is the literacy rate in Karnataka?

Answer : 75.60%

89. What is Karnataka state’s rank by literacy rate in India?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 16th by literacy rate among all Indian states

90. What is the overall population in Karnataka as of census 2011?

Answer : 61,130,704 

91. What is Karnataka state’s rank by population?

Answer : Karnataka ranks 8th by population among all Indian states

92. Which district of Karnataka has the highest literacy rate?

Answer : Dakshina Kannada 88.50%

Karnataka sports, prizes, honours Questions

93. Who received the 1958 Sahitya Academi Award for Kannada language?

Answer : D. R. Bendre for the poem Aralu Maralu

94. Which state hosted the 1997 National Games of India?

Answer : Karnataka

95. Who is the latest recipient of the 2016 Sahitya Academi Award for Kannada language?

Answer : Bolwar Mohammad Kunhi for the novel Swatantryada Ota

96. Who is the first winner of Jnanpith Award in Kannada literature?

Answer : K. V. Puttappa (Kuvempu) in 1967

97. Bengaluru’s M. Chinnaswamy stadium is famous for which international game?

Answer : Cricket

98. Who is the world famous Badminton player won the 1980 All England Badminton Championships?

Answer : Prakash Padukone, Karnataka

99. India won 1983 Cricket World Cup along with which two famous player from Karnataka?

Answer : Roger Binny and Syed Kirmani

100. Which Kannada writer received 26th Jnanpith Award in 1990?

Answer : Vinayaka Krishna Gokak


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Sweden Trivia Quiz Question & Answers

Sweden Trivia Quiz Question Answers Trivia Facts 2017: This educational article is about Sweden general knowledge ‘Quiz’ which contains various interesting trivia facts with top question answers on Sweden country.

Test your knowledge online with our Sweden facts quiz which have been classified in seven groups – 1. Swedish history Quiz 2. Swedish geography Quiz 3. Swedish economy Quiz 4. Swedish culture Quiz 5. Swedish Governance & Politics Quiz 6. Swedish Demographics Quizand 7. Swedish education Quiz.

The question is often asked that ‘What is the currency of Sweden?’ probably it is the easiest question. But if you ask ‘Who won 1951 Nobel Prize in literature? This is quite harder to guess, but dont worry you are given multiple options to choose the right one from the Sweden Quiz Game.

All the quiz answers are shown at bottom


rige) Facts Quiz 2017

1.Swedish HistoryQuiz

1. How long the Viking age lasted in Swedish history?

a) 200 Years b) 300 Years c) 400 Years d) 500 Years

2. What is the historical year of Sweden’s joining to the European Union?

a) 1994 b) 1995 c) 1996 d) 1997

3. When the establishment of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences took place in Swedish history?

a) 1730 b) 1737 c) 1739 d) 1741

4. When Gustav Vasa became the king of Sweden?

a) In 1520 b) In 1523 c) In 1525 d) In 1530

5. When the Battle of Lutzen took place in Swedish history?

a) 1628 b) 1630 c) 1632 d) 1634

6. When the Hanseatic League made history by formation?

a) 1326 b) 1344 c) 1356 d) 1366

7. When the Battle of Narva took place in Swedish history?

a) 1690 b) 1700 c) 1705 d) 1710

8. Which nation won the historical Battle of Poltava in 1709?

a) Poland b) Sweden c) Russia d) Lithuania

9. The Swedish East India Company founded which year?

a) 1721 b) 1731 c) 1741 d) 1751

10. Who is historically known the Father of Modern Sweden?

a) Gustav Vasa b) Gustav I c) Gustavus Adolphus d) Charles X

11. Which historical king won the Battle of Klissow in 1702 by defeating Poland?

a) Gustavus Adolphus b) Charles XII c) Gustav I

12. What is the historical year of the Treaty of Nystad was signed?

a) In 1717 b) 1721 c) 1726 d) 1731

2. Swedish Geography Quiz

Q. How Sweden’s geographical location is traced in world map?

Answer : World map shows, Sweden is located in Europe continent

13. Sweden lies in which continent of the world?

a) Australia b) North America c) Europe d) Antarctica

14. Which country shares an international border to the West with Sweden?

a) Germany b) Denmark c) Norway d) Finland

15. Which nation geographically shares an international border with Sweden to the South-east?

a) Norway b) Denmark c) Finland d) Poland

16. What is the only place on earth known by ‘Venice of the North?

a) Paris b) Stockholm c) Vienna d) Tokyo

17. What is the most populous city among Nordic countries?

a) Oslo b) Helsinki c) Stockholm d) Copenhagen

18. Finland shares an international boundary to which direction of Sweden?

a) North b) South c) East d) West

19. Which country ranks 55th by area around the world?

a) Japan b) Germany c) Norway d) Sweden

20. How much percent of forested land in Sweden?

a) 60% b) 50% c) 65% d) 55%

21. What is the areawise rank of Sweden within European Union?

a) 2nd largest b) 3rd largest c) 4th largest d) 5th largest

3. Economy of Sweden Quiz

22. What is Sweden’s HDI rank as of 2015?

a) 10th b) 12th c) 14th d) 16th

23. What is the GDP(gross domestic product) per capita income in Sweden in 2016?

a) 53603 us dollar b) 48603 us dollar c) 45603 us dollar d) 51603 us dollar

24. What is Sweden’s economic rank in the world in term of GDP per capita income till 2015?

a) 5th b) 6th c) 7th d) 8th

25. What is the currency based on economy in Sweden?

a) Swedish dollar b) Euro c) SEK(Swedish Krona) d) Pound

26. According to World Economic Forum which country is the fourth-most competitive economy in the world in 2012-2013?

a) Norway b) Finland c) Sweden d) Denmark

27. What does Sweden rank in the world in term of exporting arms?

a) 5th b) 6th c) 8th d) 9th

28. What is the manufacturing company founded by Lars Magnus Ericsson?

a) Volvo b) Sony c) Ericsson d) Sandvic

29. Which are the major international airports in Sweden for tourism?

Answer : Stocholm Arlanda International Airport and Copenhagen/Kastrup International Airport,

30. Which is the major source for generating energy in Sweden?

a) Hydropower b) Nuclear power c) Biomass 

4. Swedish Culture Quiz

Swedish culture gk quiz divided in three groups-Literature,Sport,Music

31. According to Reader’s Digest magazine which city ranked first ‘greenest’ and ‘liveable’ city in the world in 2007?

a) Gothenburg b) Malmo c) Stockholm d) Linkoping

32. What is the National Day of Sweden?

a) 6 March b) 6 April c) 6 June d) 6 December

33. The first television service was first launched in Sweden in-

a) 1950 b) 1952 c) 1956 d) 1960

Q. Which song was selected in Eurovision Song Contest 2017, performed by Robin Bengtsson?

Answer: I can’t Go On


34. Which of following is regarded as the beginning of Swedish literature?

a) Gok Runerstone b) Rok Runerstone

35. When Gustav Vasa Bible was translated in Swedish language?

a) 1531 b) 1541 c) 1542 c) 1540

36. Which era is regarded as the ‘Swedish Golden Age’ in literature?

a) 16th century b) 17th century c) 18th century d) 19th century

37. Who wrote the popular poem Herculus?

a) Georg Stierhielm b) Carl Michael Bellman c) Lars Johansson d) Erik Axel Karlfeldt

38. It is believed the Swedish Romantic Literature started journey from –

a) Year 1800 b) Year 1805 c)Year 1810 d)Year 1812

39. Who is the writer of The Red Room(Roda Rummet)?

a) Par Lagerkvist b) August Strindberg c) Erik Lindegren d) Bertil Malmberg

40. What is the actual beginning of Swedish Modern Literary tradition?

a) Year 1900 b) Year 1908 c) Year 1910 d) Year 1912

41. Who is the writer of famous Swedish novel Doctor Glas?

a) Selma Lagerlof b) Hjalmar Soderberg c) Vihelm Moberg d) Verner von Heiderstam

42. Which famous Swedish novelist won Nobel Prize in literature in 1916?

a) Verner von Heidenstam b) Eugen Semitjov c) Fredrik Strom d) Adolf Noreen

43. Who is the one & only Swedish novelist won Nobel Prize in literature in 1951?

a) Alf Ahlberg b) Par Lagerkvist c) Walter Dickson d) Tage Danielsson

44. When Par Lagerkvist wrote Mariamne?

a) 1957 b) 1960 c) 1967 d) 1965


What is the host and champion nation of 2017 Bandy World Championship?

Answer : Sweden

What is the National game/sports of Sweden?

Answer : Most popular sports like handball, football, athletics, golf, gymnastics are played in Sweden, actually there is no specific Swedish national game. Ice hockey, tennis, bandy are some commonly played games.

45. What was the only city in the world to host 1912 Summer Olympics?

a) Gothenburg b) Uppsala c) Lund d) Stockholm

46. Which city hosted the event UEFA Euro 1992?

a) Uppsala b) Stockholm c) Helsingborg d) Vasteras

47. Famous international figure Bjorn Borg prouded Sweden by playing which sports?

a) Football b) Golf c) Tennis d) Ice hockey

48. Which was the only country in the world to host 1958 FIFA World Cup?

a) Mexico b) Argentina c) Sweden d) Chile

49.  What is Bjone Borg’s rank in list of male tennis players, along winning of 11 Grand Slam single titles ?

a) 4th b) 5th c) 6th d) 7th

50. When Tre Kronor became the first national team winning both Olympic and World Championship?

a) Year 2000 b) Year 2002 c) Year 2005 d) Year 2006

51. Which nation won 1958 FIFA World Cup championship by placing Sweden on 2nd position?

a) Argentina b) Mexico c) Brazil d) France

52. What was the status of Sweden in 1994 FIFA World Cup?

a) Ranked 1st b)Ranked 2nd c)Ranked 3rd d)Ranked 4th

53. Swedish Stefan Holm became popular by playing which sports?

a) Football b) Ice hockey c) Athletics d) Horse sports

54. Swedish Ingemar Johansson became famous by playing which sports?

a) Athletics b) Boxing c) Football d) Ice hockey

55. Annika Sorenstam is a Swedish player related to which sport?

a) Football b) Golf c) Ice hockey d) Athletics

56. Thomas Wassberg is a world famous Swedish figure related to which sport?

a) Football b) Ice hockey c) Ski d) Athletics


57. Who is the Swedish architect of famous Kiruna Church?

a) Peter Selsing b) Ivar Tengbom c) Gunnar Asplund d) Gustaf Wicman

58. Who designed the cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site Woodland Cemetry(Skogskyrkogarden)?

a) Ivar Tengbom b) Gunnar Asplund & Sigurd Lewerentz c) Gert Wingardh

59. When the Nationalmuseum(old name-Kungliga Museet) building was founded?

a) 1780 b) 1782 c) 1790 d) 1792

60. The Djurgardsbron Bridge was built in the year-

a) 1880 b) 1885 c) 1895 d) 1897

61. Which one of following is an example of notable modern architecture in Sweden?

a) Royal Dramatic Theatre b) Kalmar Cathedral c) Listers District Court House d) Stockholm University

62. What is the architectural feature of Husaby Church in Sweden?

a) It is made of old stone b) It is made of wood c) Steep walls & High towers

63. When the UNESCO listed cultural World Heritage Site Drottningholm Palace built in?

a) 14th century b) 15th century c) 16 th century d) 17th century


64. What is the most successful and oldest musical band in Sweden?

a) Robyn b) Ghost c) Abba d) Ace of Base

65. Which musical group won the Eurovision Song Contest 1974?

a) Roxette b) The Cardigans c) A Teens d) Abba

5. Governance & Politics of SwedenQuiz

66. Swedish administration is controlled by which type of politics?

a) Parliamentary Democracy b) Monarchy c) Federalism d) Constitutional Monarchy

67. Which European country’s unique parliament name is Riksdag?

a) Norway b) Denmark c) Sweden d) Finland

68. Who is leading current Prime Ministership in Sweden as of 2017

a) Carl Bildt b) Stefan Lofven c) Ingvar Carlsson d) Fredrik Reinfeldt

69. There are how many members in Riksdag?

a) 339 b) 350 c) 349 d) 353

70. Who is the present King of Sweden?

a) Gustaf VI Adolf b) Charles XV c) Carl XVI Gustaf d) Gustaf V

71. Which political party currently ruling the Govt of Sweden?

a) Green Party b)  Centre Party c) Moderate Party d) Swedish Social Democratic Party

72. Who is the head of the Swedish government?

a) The King b) The Prime Minister c) The Riksdag d) The Speaker

73. Who is the first Prime Minister of Sweden?

a) Gillis Bildt b) Fredrik von Otter c) Louis Gerhard de Geer d) Arvid Posse

6. Demographics of Sweden Quiz


74. What is the total population of whole Sweden?

a) 8 Million b) 10 Million c) 12 Million d) 14 Million

75. Which region of Sweden has the lowest density of population?

a) Uppsala b) Norrland c) Smaland d) Gothenberg

76. Which region of Sweden has the highest density of population?

a) Malmo b) Stockholm c) Gothenberg d) Uppsala

77. Which is Sweden’s second-largest city by population?

a) Uppsala b) Gothenberg c) Gotland d) Malmo

78. What is the third-largest city by population?

a) Oresund b) Malmo c) Gotland d) Uppsala

79. How much percent of Swedes population lives in urban area?

a) 80% b) 85% c) 90% d) 75%


80. What is the official language mostly used in Sweden?

a) English b) Swedish c) Finnish d) Romani

81. When Swedish became the official language of Sweden?

a) In 2007 b) In 2008 c) In 2009 d) In 2010

82. How much Swedish(svenska)spoken people live in Sweden?

a) 8 Million b) 7 Million c) 9 Million d) 6 Million

83. How much percent of Swedes can speak English?

a) 78% b) 80% c) 89% d) 92%

84. The Swedish language has a closest touch with which nationality?

a) Danish language b) Norwegian language c) North Germanic language d) Finnish language

85. How many minority languages are officially recognised in Sweden?

Answer : Five, they are – Romani, Sami, Finnish, Yiddish and Meankieli

7. Education in Sweden Quiz

86. What is the financial source of school education in Sweden?

a) Levy b) Tax c) Contribution d) Tuition fees

87. When the Uppsala University was established?

a) 1468 b) 1470 c) 1477 d) 1487

88. Who is the Minister for Education in Sweden?

Answer : Gustav Fridolin

Extra Highlights of 20

Mind blowing Sweden

Trivia Facts


1. Do you know who was the first permanent representative of Sweden to the United Nations ? Yes he is Gunnar Hagglof who served from 1947 to 1948.

2. There are almost 8000 people of Armenian descent lives in Sweden.

3. There are almost 300000 people of Swedish descent living in Canada.

4. Sweden is the 6th largest trade partner of Colombia in the Eoropean Union.

5. Uppsala is the oldest uiversity in Sweden

6. Vanern is the largest lake in Sweden and also in European Union. It is located in the provinces of Vastergotland, Dalsland and Varmland.

7. The more interesting fact, Sweden is one of the largest donor to the protection for United Nations’s personnel in Iraq.

8. Do you know the fact that, as of 2009 there are 90 Swedish companies present in Malaysia.

9. As of 2014 Sweden’s investment in South Korea is $2074,000,000

10. According to a working agreement there is no quota limit of South Korean citizens working in Sweden.

11. Oresund is the separator between Denmark and Sweden. There are 42000 Danish people living in Sweden. There are almost 21000 Swedish people living in Denmark.

12. Estonia was under Swedish occupation between 1561 and 1721.

13. During the World war I and World war II, Sweden was neutral.

14. Sweden exports most of their products to Norway. Sweden imports an amount of 17% from Germany.

15. Sweden located on Scandinavian penninsula with thousands of coastal islands and lakes.

16. Sigtuna is the oldest town/city in Sweden.

17. The oldest English name of Sweden is Sweoland.

18. Geographic coordinates of Stockholm, Sweden is latitude 59°20’4″ N and longitude 18°3’47” E

19. The longest river in Sweden is Klaralven. It is also longest in Scandinavia and Nordic countries. The length of Klaralven is 460 Kilometre(286 Mile)

20. Multinational manufacturing company volvo is the largest company in Sweden.


Quiz Answers : 1 (b) 2(b) 3(c) 4(b), 5(c) 6(c) 7(b)  8(c) 9(b) 10(b) 11(b) 12(b) 13(c) 14(c) 15(b) 16(b) 17(c) 18(c) 19(d) 20(c) 21(b) 22(c) 23(d) 24(c) 25(c) 26(c) 27(d) 28(c) 30(b) 31(c) 32(c) 33(c) 34(b) 35(b) 36(c) 37(a) 38(b) 39(b) 40(c) 41(b) 42(a) 43(b) 44(c) 45(d) 46(b) 47(c) 48(c) 49(c) 50(d) 51(c) 52(c) 53(c) 54(b) 55(b) 56(c) 57(d) 58(b) 59(d) 60(d) 61(c) 62(c) 63(c) 64(c) 65(d) 66(d) 67(c) 68(b) 69(c) 70(c) 71(d) 72(b) 73(c) 74(b) 75(b) 76(b) 77(b) 78(b) 79(b) 80(b) 81(c) 82(c) 83(c) 84(c) 86(b) 87(c)

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Tamilnadu General Knowledge(GK) and Current Affairs 2017: 100 GK MCQ Objective Questions Answers, Tamilnadu Exams

Tamilnadu GK and current affairs 2017-2018:

Here you will learn top 100 objective gk and current affairs question answers on Tamilnadu, including Tamilnadu art & culture gk, politics of Tamilnadu gk, personalities of Tamilnadu gk, history of Tamilnadu gk, geography of Tamilnadu gk and Tamilnadu economy gk current affairs.

These gk and current affairs questions are very important for all competitive and job related govt and non govt exams such as TNPSC, Tamilnadu police, IBPS, and all upcoming exams of 2017-2018 in Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu Quick Statistics

Population – 77881463

Literacy – 80.33%

HDI Rank – 3rd

Official Language – Tamil

Legislature – Unicameral

Capital – Chennai

Rank by Population – 6th

Districts – 32

Rank by Area – 11th

Chief Minister – Edappadi K. Palaniswami


Tamilnadu most

important GK and

Current Affairs

Question Answers

2017-2018 for all

competitive exams

Tamilnadu state board exam candidates can follow these question paper practice sets to obtain good marks

Tamil Personalities GK

1. Name of the most recent/latest Chief Minister of India who passed away on 5th December 2016?

Answer : J. Jayalalithaa of AIADMK

Q. On which day India’s first banking robot Lakshmi was launched in Chennai?

Answer : On 12 Novemver 2016 City Union Bank launches India’s first banking robot named Lakshmi in Chennai, Tamilnadu

2. Who is the first Chief Minister[CM] of Tamilnadu formerly known as Madras State?

Answer :: P.S. Kumaraswamy Raja

3. Who is the 2nd Chief Minister[CM] of Tamilnadu formerly Madras State?

Answer : C. Rajagopalachari

3. The first CM  P.S. Kumaraswamy Raja of Tamilnadu formerly Madras State represents which political party?

Answer : Indian National Congress

4. When the formerly Madras State officially renamed as Tamilnadu?

Answer : On 14th January, 1969

5. Mention the one and only name who was the Chief Minister of both former Madras State and newly renamed Tamilnadu from 1967- 3rd February 1969?

Answer : C.N. Annadurai. He is the first CM of renamed Tamilnadu for 20 days only.

6. What is the full form of the political party AIADMK?

Answer : All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

7. When did Tamilnadu formed in as a partial state of India?

Answer : 26th January, 1950

8. Who is the current Chief Minister of Tamilnadu as of 2017?

Answer : Edappadi K. Palaniswami

9. Who is the first female CM of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Janaki Ramachandran

10. When President’s rule imposed for the first time in Tamilnadu and what was the duration?

Answer : 31st January, 1976. Duration of 516 days

11. Who is the current Governor of Tamilnadu state as of 2017?

Answer : Banwarilal Purohit

Geography of Tamilnadu GK

Which geographic location of Indian map is captured by Tamil nadu?

Answer : Tamil nadu is located on South in Map of India

12. What is the geographical area of Tamilnadu?

Answer : 1,30,058 Square Kilometer

13. What does Tamilnadu rank in terms of area in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu is the 11th largest state in India in terms of area

14. What are the official languages of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Tamil and English

15. What is the total population of Tamilnadu as of 2017?

Answer : 77,881,463

16. What is Tamilnadu’s rank by population in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu is the 7th most populous state in India (According to census 2011)

17. Which water body lies to the southeast direction of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar

18. Indian Ocean lies on which direction of Tamilnadu?

Answer : South

19. Bay of Bengal lies on which direction of Tamilnadu?

Answer : East direction

20. Which state of India has a second longest coastline?

Answer : Tamilnadu has a coastline of about 1076 Kilometer

21. Tamil nadu mostly influenced by which climatic nature?

Answer : Monsoon Rains

22. How many Indian states shares geographical border with Tamilnadu?

Answer : Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh

23. Who is known as the ‘Father of Tamil Literature’?

Answer : Agastya

* Who is the author of Nandan Charitam?

Answer : Gopalakrishna Bharathi

* Who is the writer of ‘Panchali Sapatham’,’Kannan Pattu’ and ‘Kuyil Pattu’?

Answer : Subramanya Bharathi

24. Mention three influencial dynasties of ancient South Indian history?

Answer : Chola, Chera and Pandya

25. From the document ‘Periplus of the Erythraean Sea’ which information can be found?

Answer : About Tamil land and its ports

26. In Sangam Literature what type of information can be found?

Answer : History of the ancient people and rulers of Tamilnadu

Q.Who is the writer of Tiruvarutpa?

Answer : Ramalinga Adigal

27. Who was the first historical king of the Chola?

Answer: Karikala

28. The capital of Chola dynasty was-

Answer : First capital was Uraiyur, then shifted to Puhar

Q. When the Anglo-Maratha Wars was happened?

Answer : 1772-1818

29. Who was the most influencial king of Chola dynasty?

Answer : Chola king the great Raj-Raj I

Q. When the Anglo-Mysore war was happened?

Answer : 1766-1799

30. Which king built the shore temple(Now UNESCO heritage site) in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Narasimhavarman II

31. What was the capital of Pallava?

Answer : Kanchipuram

32. What was the capital of Pandyan dynasty in the 13th century?

Answer : Madurai

Q. Mention the name of Tamil Novelist who wrote Parthivan Kanavu and Ponniyin Selvan?

Answer : Kalki Krishnamurthy

Q. Which was the first regular newspaper in Tamil language?

Answer : Swadesamitran in 1882

Q. Who is the author of Manimekalai?

Answer : Sattanar

33. Who built the Brihadeshvara Temple of Thanjavur?

Answer : Rajendra Chola

Q. Who is the author of First Tamil novel Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram?

Answer : Mayavaram Vedanayagam Pillai. It was published in 1879

Q. Who is the author of Padmavati Charitram?

Answer : A. Madhaviah

34. Meenakshi temple is an example of architecture of which dynasty?

Answer : Pandya

35. The Vellor Mutiny was a strong protest against british rule, the mutiny happened in –

Answer – 1806

36. What is the literacy rate in Tamilnadu as of 2017?

Answer : According to census 2011 the literacy rate in Tamilnadu is 80.33%

37. What is the male literacy rate in Tamilnadu as of 2016?

Answer : As census 2011 the male literacy rate in Tamilnadu is 86.77%

38. What is the female literacy rate in Tamilnadu as of 2016?

Answer : 73.44% As census 2011

39. How does Tamilnadu rank in terms of literacy rate in all over India?

Answer : Tamilnadu ranks 14th in terms of literacy rate in all over India

40. What is the sex ratio of total population in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Male:Female= 1000:996 It means there are 996 female in 1000 male

41. Which district in Tamilnadu has the highest literacy rate?

Answer : Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu has the highest literacy rate of 92.10%

42. Which district has the lowest literacy rate in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Dharmapuri district has the lowest literacy rate of 64.70% in Tamilnadu

43. Which is the symbol of State Bird in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Emerald Dove

44. Which is the symbol of State Sport in Tamilnadu?

Answer :  Kabaddi

45. Which symbolise the State Tree of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Palm Tree

46. Which symbolise the State Animal of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Nilgiri Tahr

47. Which symbolise the State Flower of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Gloriosa Lily

Economy of Tamilnadu GK

48. How does Tamilnadu economically rank in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu is the 2nd largest state economy in India

49. What was the growth rate of Gross State Domestic Product(GSDP) in Tamilnadu in year 2013-2014?

Answer : 7.29%

50. What was the NSDP(National State Domestic Product) per capita income in Tamilnadu for year 2013-2014?

Answer : 112664 Rs

51. What was the GSDP of Tamilnadu for the year 2014-2015?

Answer : $150 billion US dollar

52. What does Tamilnadu rank in production of rice in all over India?

Answer : Tamilnadu ranks 5th in production of rice in India

53. What are the main fruit crops in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Mango and Banana

54. Which state is the largest producer of turmeric in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu

55. Famous geneticist M.S. Swaminathan who is known as ‘Father of Indian Green Revolution’ belongs to which state?

Answer : Tamilnadu

56. What are the leading agricultural products of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Rice, Turmeric, Mango, Banana, Coffee, Tea, Sugarcane, Natural Rubber

57. Why Coimbatore is known as ‘Manchester of South India’?

Answer : For production of cotton and textile industries.

58. Which region is known as ‘Textile Valley of India‘?

Answer : The combined places of Tirupur, Palladam, Coimbatore, Erode is a region that called Textile Valley of India.

59. Why Chennai is known as ‘Detroit of India’?

Answer : For automobile industries

60. Which religion has the highest majority in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Hindu 87.58%

61. ‘Bharatnatyam’ one of the famous classical dance of India originates from –

Answer : Tamilnadu

62. Which is known to be the oldest Indian literature amongst all others?

Answer : Sangam literature

63. Which is the first Indian book published in Tamil language?

Answer : Thambiraan Vanakkam in 1578

64. Which is the largely celebrated festival in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Pongol, is a havest festival celebrated during 4 days

65. Who is the first Tamil musician to be awarded Bharatratna India’s highest civilian honour?

Answer : M.S. Subbulakshmi

66. Which is the first silent film in Tamil?

Answer : Keechaka Vadham released in 1916

67. Where is the largest tourism industry situated in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu is the largest tourism industrial state of annual growth of 16%. Tourism in Tamilnadu is promoted by Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation Govt of Tamilnadu

68. Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram is an architechture recognized as UNESCO World heritage site located in which district in Tamilnadu?

Answer : Kancheepuram

69. Which is the longest corridor of the world?

Answer : Rameswaram Temple Corridor 

70. The 1st  Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand belongs to which state in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu

71. The M. A. Chidambaram International stadium in Chennai famous for which sport?

Answer : Cricket

72. Who is the first Indian to participate in Formula One racing?

Answer : Narain Karthikeyan of Tamilnadu

73. Who is the first Indian woman to play in Grandslam Tournament?

Answer : Nirupama Vaidyanathan of Tamilnadu

74. The ATP Chennai Open is associated with which sport?

Answer : Tennis

Q. What was the first talkie film in Tamil language?

Answer : Kalidas

75. Who was the Captain of Indian Hockey team when won gold medal in 1980 Moscow Olympics?

Answer : Vasudevan Baskaran of Tamilnadu

76. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site lies in which state in India?

Answer : Tamilnadu

77. Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve is located in which region of India?

Answer : Southern Region, Tamilnadu

78. Mukurthi National Park is located in which part of India?

Answer : Chennai city, Tamilnadu

79. Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for which species?

Answer : Indian elephant, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard

Politics of Tamilnadu GK

80. How many Loksabha seats are allocated for the MPs(Member of Parliament) of Tamilnadu?

Answer : 39 Seats

81. How many Rajyasabha seats are allocated for the MPs of Tamilnadu?

Answer : 18 Seats

82. How many seats are there under Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly?

Answer : Total 235(234+1)of whom 234 are democratically elected and 1 is nominated from Anglo Indian Community

83. Who is the current speaker of Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly as of 2016-2017?

Answer : P. Dhanapal

84. Who is the leader of the opposition party in Tamil Legislative Assembly?

Answer : M. K. Stalin of DMK party since May 2016

85. Who is the Deputy Speaker in Tamil Legislative Assembly?

Answer : V. Jayaraman since 2016

86. When the Central Leather Research Institute set up in Chennai?

Answer : Year 1948

87. When the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology set up in Chennai?

Answer : Year 1968

88. How many districts are there in Tamilnadu?

Answer : 32 districts

89. In which year the Madras High Court was established?

Answer : 1862

90. Who is the present Chief Justice of Madras High Court as of 2017?

Answer : Sanjay Kishan Kaul, since 2014

91. Tamil film industry is popularly known by which name?

Answer : Kollywood

92. The famous architecture of Meenakshi Amman Temple is located on which river bank?

Answer : Vaigai river

93. Vivekananda Rock is located on which district of Tamilnadu?

Answer : Kanyakumari

History of Tamilnadu GK

94. Which king established Thanjavur?

Answer : Vijayalaya Chola

95. Who was the Queen of Sivagangai?

Answer : Rani Velu Nachiyar

96. When the Polygar War fought between Polygars and British East India Company?

Answer : 1799-1802

97. When the Battle of Talikota fought?

Answer : 1565

Culture of Tamilnadu GK

98. Who wrote Silappathikaaram

Answer : Ilango Adigal

99. Who wrote Aathichoodi?

Answer : Avvaiyaar

100. Who wrote Ramavatharam?

Answer : Kamban



Oscar(Academy Awards) – General Knowledge(GK), Current Affairs, Award Winning Films and Winners list, Question Answers, All exams

Oscar(Academy Awards)General knowledge current affairs award winning films list of winners all exams: 

Contents of this article – 1) Academy Awards winning movies quiz questions with answers 2) Oscar award winning films gk question answers 3) Oscar current affairs 2017-2018 4) Complete list of 88th & 89th Academy Awards winners 5) Collection of all Academy Award winning best pictures listed from ‘Wings’ to ‘Moonlight’

Here you will find basic general knowledge(gk)and current affairs question answers on Oscar award winning movies and Oscar facts. You will be quizzed reading these interesting Oscar gk question answers. Not enough! Here is more- complete winners list of 88th and 89th Academy Awards and the best of this article that is a list of Oscar Best Picture Winner ever(1927/28 – 2016)

Oscar (Academy Awards):

Oscar is also known as Academy Awards. It is given for excellence in cinematic achievments for various category like direction, music, cinematography etc. The history of Oscar award starts when it first instituted by selecting American director William Wellson’s ‘Wings’ as the best picture of 1927/1928 on the First Academy Award ceremony. Most recent Best Picture Oscar winner for 2016 goes to ‘Moonlight’ which has been honoured on 89th Academy Award ceremony 2017.

Among the film world, Academy Award has bern recognised the highest international film award presented by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences(AMPAS) annualy. It is also the most prestigious award in Hollywood.  All awardees are categorically honoured with a golden Oscar statuette at an annual ceremony organised by AMPAS. Each best national film can be sent for Oscar nominations which is previewed by Oscar’s authorised committees. Since the beginning a total number of 88 Best Picture(listed below) winners have been awarded Oscar till 2017. 

This article begins with yearwise ordered list of each best picture Oscar winners from starting years to the latest. Then oscar academy awards 2016 and 2017 winners list, and all academy award related top gk question answers.

See 2018 Oscars Award Winners Quiz

Full year wise list of each Best Picture Oscar winning films ever(1927/28-2016)

Here is the list of Best Picture Oscar Award winning films followed by winning years


p style=”margin: 0px; color: #000000; font-family: ‘Times New Roman’; line-height: normal;”>
Year                                 Best Picture

1928                                              Wings

1929                The Broadway Melody

1930           All Quiet On The Western                     Front

1931                                      Cimmaron

1932                                   Grand Hotel

1933                                      Cavalcade

1934             It Happenned One Night

1935                Mutiny On The Bounty

1936                        The Great Ziegfeld

1937                   The Life Of Emil Zola

1938        You Can’t Take It With You

1939                   Gone With The Wind

1940                                          Rebecca

1941        How Green Was My Valley

1942                                  Mrs. Miniver

1943              The Song Of Bernadette

1944                              Going My Way


    The Lost Weekend best Picture of 1945

1946        The Best Year Of Our Lives

1947               Gentlmen’s Agreement


So check this list thoroughly to find your preffered important gk question and current affairs on oscar with answer.

Here is the complete gk solution and guide on oscar for you.


Year                                       Best Film

1948                                            Hamlet

1949                       All The King’s Men

1950                                All About Eve

1951                 An American In Paris

1952      The Greatest Show On Earth

1953                From Here To Eternity

1954                    On The Water Front

1955                                              Marty

1956     Around The World In Eighty               Days

1957  The Bridge On The River Kwai

1958                                                  Gigi

1959                                          Ben Hur

1960                             The Apartment

1961                             West Side Story

1962                     Lawrence of Arabia

1963                                      Tom Jones

1964                                 My Fair Lady

1965                     The Sound Of Music

1966                A Man For All Seasons

1967               In The Hit Of The Night


Year                                       Best Film

1968                                             Oliver!

1969                         Midnight Cowboy


          Patton – Best Picture of 1970

1971               The French Connection

1972                               The Godfather

1973                                        The Sting

1974                    The Godfather part2

1975     One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s              Nest

1976                                              Rocky

1977                                      Annie Hall

1978                          The Deer Hunter

1979                       Kramer vs Kramer

1980                           Ordinary People


        Chariots of Fire- Best Picture of 1981

1982                                            Gandhi

1983                 Terms of Endearment

1984                                        Amadeus

1985                                  Out of Africa

1986                                           Platoon

1987                        The Last Emperor

Year                                       Best Film

1988                                        Rain Man

1989                       Driving Miss Daisy

1990                    Dances With Wolves

1991          The Silence Of The Lambs

1992                                     Unforgiven

1993                             Schindler’s List

1994                                Forrest Gump

1995                                     Braveheart

1996                      The English Patient

1997                                             Titanic

1998                   Shakespeare In Love

1999                          American Beauty

2000                                        Gladiator

2001                          A Beautiful Mind

2002                                           Chicago

2003       The Lord Of The Rings: The                                Return of The King

2004                      Million Dollar Baby

2005                                               Crash

2006                                The Departed

2007            No Country For Old Man

Here you will see the last list of oscar awarded films and years from 2008-2016

Year                                       Best Film

2008                    Slumdog Millionaire

2009                         The Heart Locker

2010                        The King’s Speech



                                          The Artist

2012                                                Argo

2013                           12 Years A Slave

2014                                         Birdman

2015                                         Spotlight

2016                                      Moonlight

Spotlight is the best picture of 2015 which awarded on 88th Academy Awards 2016. The best picture of 2016 has been declared on february 2017 on the ceremony of 89th Academy Awards. Which is held at Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Oscar(Academy Awards)Quiz, GK Question Answers and Current Affairs 2017-2018

Shake your iqs by participating quizzes about Oscar’s best actor, best actress, best picture, best foreign language films, best director, nominations and oscar award winning evergreen movies question with answers –

Q. What film got the most nominations for Oscars 2018?

Ans: The Shape of Water(13) , Directed by American Guillermo del Toro

Q. Is the 90th Academy Awards ceremony going to be held at same venue as previous years?

Ans: Yes 2018 Oscar Award ceremony will be held in 4 March 2018 at Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Q. Who will be the host of upcoming Oscars 2018?

Ans: Jimmy Kimmel

Q. What is the top most nominated movie of Academy Awards 2017?

Answer:- La La Land

Q. What film marked 2017 by achieving most Academy Awards?

Answer:- La La Land

Q. What is 2014’s best Oscar awarded picture?

Answer : Birdman

Q. Which one French film won Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film award in 1958?

Answer : Mon Oncle

Q. What is the most nominated Oscar movie ever?

Answer : Titanic(1997),14 Oscar nominations

Q. Which Q&A based film shaken India by winning eight Oscars in 2008?

Answer : Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle(Theme song jai ho)

Q. What is the best Oscar award winning movie of 2013 ?

Answer : 12 Years A Slave

Q. Who is the one and only first French popular figure to win Best Oscar cinematography award in 1940?

Answer : Georges Perinal for the film The Theif of Baghdad

Q. During the time of Brazil’s FIFA World Cup winning in 1970, which film won oscar best picture award?

Answer : Patton by Frank McCarthy

Q. Which film won the best Oscar Movie Award 2012?

Answer : Argo

Q. Who changed the Indian film history by winning the first Oscar award in 1982?

Answer : Bhanu Athaiya for best costume design in the film Gandhi(1982)

Q. Which Canadian artist made the record by winning an Oscar in 2011(in any acting category)as an oldest person ever?

Answer : Christopher Plummer won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the age of 82

Q. Which film grabbed the Best Picture Academy Awards of 2011?

Answer : The Artist

Q. Which is the first Asian film ever to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film category in 1951?

Answer : Japanese movie Rashomon directed by Akira Kurosawa

Q. Which film made the record of 19th century’s most Oscar award winning film ever?

Answer : Titanic(1997)

Q. Can you remember the legendary figure who won both a Nobel Prize and an oscar?

Answer : George Bernard Shaw received Nobel Prize in literature in 1925. Thirteen years later he won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay.

Q. Can you remember the Best Oscar Picture award winner of 2010?

Answer : Its The King’s Speech

Q. Who is the only woman on earth made record by receiving most Oscar awards ever?

Answer : Edith Head won eight Oscars.

Q. Who is the one & only Indian to be nominated for Oscar 2017?

Answer : Indian origin Dev Patel has been nominated for Best Suporting Actor category in Oscar Awards 2017

Q. Which film topped in Oscar Best Picture Award category in 2009?

Answer : The Heart Locker

Q. Can you remember the first Australian ever nominated for Oscar Best Actress Award in 1933?

Answer : May Robson for the film Lady for a day

Q. Where was the venue of Oscar Academy Awards Ceremony 2017?

Answer : Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Q. The 18th Academy Award reminds us the history of which world organisation?

Answer : The biggest organisation United Nations was formed in 1945

Q. Can you tell the only individually most Oscar winner’s name?

Answer : Walt Disney won 22 Oscars

Q. Can you remember the inaugural best Oscar Movie of 1928?

Answer : Wings

Q. Who is the first Asian ever to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress category in 1957?

Answer : Japanese artist Miyoshi Umeki for the film Sayonara

Q. Which film was awarded as best oscar picture at 1939 World war II?

Answer : It was ‘Gone with the Wind’ by David O. Selznick

Q. What is the similarity between fourth FIFA World Cup and 23rd Academy Award?

Answer : Both the events were organised same year in 1950

Q. Which best picture marked the history of Oscar Awards 2000?

Answer : The movie Gladiator won Best Picture Oscard in 2000

Q. The first Indo-Bengali legendary figure to receive Honorary Academy Award in 1992 Is-

Ans:- Satyajit Ray

Q. Who is the first indian to win two academy awards in same year?

Ans:- A.R. Rahman in 2009

Q. Which is the 2001’s Ashutosh Gowariker directed bollywood film nominated for Oscar award?

Ans:- Lagaan was nominated for Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film category

Q.  For which film, world famous Indian musician A.R.Rahman won two Oscar academy awards in 2009?

Ans:- For the film Slumdog Millionaire of 2008

Q. Deepa Mehta’s film ‘Water’ nominated for oscar academy awards in 2007 for which category?

Ans:- Best Foreign Language Film

Q. What is the first Indian film nominated for Oscar best foreign language film category?

Ans:- Mother India nominated in 1958

Q. The first Indian to win oscar in best sound mixing category is?

Ans:- Resul Pookutty for Slumdog Millionaire, 2009

Q. Who was the nominee of the first ever Oscar nominated indian film ‘Mother India’?

A) Mehboob Khan

B) Ismail Merchant

C) Vidhu Vinod Chopra

88th Academy Awards 2016: Winners List-GK

General Knowledge Quiz, Current Affairs, mcq, for competitive exams.

Best Director – Alejandri G. Inarritu for film ‘The Revenant’

Best Movie – Spotlight

Best Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio for film ‘The Revenant’

Best Actress – Brie Larson for film ‘Room’

Best Supporting Actor – Mark Rylance for film ‘Bridge of Spies’

Best Supporting Actress – Alicia Vikander for ‘The Danish Girl’

Best Original Screenplay – The Spotlight

Best Adapted Screenplay – The Big Short

Best Animated Feature Film – Inside Out

Best Foreign Language Film – The Son of Saul

Best Documentary Feature – Amy

Best Documentary Short Subject – The Girl In The River: The Price of Forgiveness

Best Live Action Short Film – Stutterer

Best Animated Short Film – Bear Story

Best Original Score – The Hateful Eight

Best Original Song – “Writing’s On The Wall” from ‘Spectre’

Best Sound Editing – Mad max: Fury Road

Best Sound Mixing – Mad max: Fury Road

Best Production Design – Mad max: Fury Road

Best Cinematography – The Revenant

Best Makeup & Hairstyling – Mad max: Fury Road

Best Costume Design – Mad max: Fury Road

Best Film Editing – Mad max: Fury Road

Best Visual Effects – Ex-Machina

The film Mad max: Fury Road got the most 6 awards. The Revenant movie got most nominations of 12.

Q. What was the venue the ever first academy awards ceremony took place?

Ans:- Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood

Q. What is the date of first academy awards presentation ceremony?

Ans:- May 16, 1929

Q. Which Hungarian movie won the best foreign language film award 2016?

Ans:- The Son of Saul

Q. Which famous American artist won the Best Actor Oscar Award in 2016?

A) Leonardo DiCaprio

B) Brad Pitt

C) Dede Gardner


89th Academy Awards : 2017 Winners List-GK

Best Picture: Moonlight

Best Director: Damien Chazelle for La La Land

Best Actor: Casey Affleck

Best Actress: Emma Stone

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis

Best Original Screenplay: Manchester by the Sea

Best Adapted Screenplay: Moonlight

Best Animated Feature Film: Zootopia

Best Foreign Language Film: The Salesman in Persian

Best Documentary Feature: O.J. Made in America

Best Documentary Short Subject: The White Helmets

Best Live Action Short Film: Sing

Best Animated Short Film: Piper

Best Original Score: La La Land

Best Original Song: City of Stars from La La Land

Best Sound Editing: Arrival

Best Sound Mixing: Hacksaw Ridge

Best Production Design: La La Land

Best Cinematography: La La Land

Best Makeup and Hair Styling: Suicide Squad

Best Costume Design: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Best Film Editing: Hacksaw Ridge

Best Visual Effects: The Jungle Book

Q. 89th Academy Award is the landmark for which best picture?

Answer:- Moonlight

Q. Who is the first Muslim ever made history by winning an Academy Award in 2017?

Answer : For his performance as mentor Juan in drama film ‘Moonlight'(2016), Mahershala Ali received the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor category. Ali also received a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award nomination. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of Ali’s best film.

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Punjab GK and Current Affairs 2016-2017: 100 GK Current Affairs Questions and Answers, Punjab Exam

Punjab GK(General Knowledge) and Current Affairs 2016-2017 , top 100 GK Current Affairs Questions and Answers: Punjab GK and current affairs topic deals with 100 most important general knowledge(gk) and current affairs questions answers of 2016-2017.

Following top questions and answers are about Punjabi literature, Punjabi language, Punjabi culture, Punjab history, Punjab geography, Punjab sports, Punjab economy, literacy, population, Punjabi films, Punjab polity, Punjabi awards, Personalities of Punjab, architecture of Punjab and places within state.

These gk current affairs questions and answers 2016-2017 are useful for general knowledge information on Punjab, as well as very important for all upcoming competitive exams like PPSC, PCS 2017-2018 in Punjab.

The Punjab gk topic are compiled with objective, descriptive and suggestive type questions with current affairs for Punjab govt and non-govt exams.

Most Important GK and Current Affairs Questions and Answers 2016-2017 For all Competitive Exams in Punjab

Top Questions and Answers on Personalities of Punjab

1. Who is the current Chief Minister(CM) of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Amarinder Singh(Political party- Indian National Congress)

2. Who is the current Governor of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Vijayendra Pal Singh Badnore

3. Who is the current Chief Justice of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Shiavax Jal Vajifdar(Acting)

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4. Who is the current Finance Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Manpreet Singh Badal

5. Who is the Irrigation and Power Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Rana Gurjeet Singh

6. Who is the current Technical Education Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Charanjit Singh Channi

7. Who is the current Health and Family Welfare Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Brahm Mohindra

8. Who is the current Forest Minister of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Sadhu Singh Dharamsot

9. Who is the current Higher Education and School Education Minister of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Aruna Chaudhary

10. Who is the current Parliamentary Affairs Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Brahm Mohindra

* Who is the first female Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Rajinder Kaur Bhattal(1996-1997)

* Who was the past Governor before V. P. Singh Badnore?

Answer : Kaptan Singh Solanki

11. Who is the Rural Development Minister of Punjab as of 2016-2017?

Answer : Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa

12. What is the real name of wrestler Gama Pehalwan(The Great Gama)?

Answer : Ghulam Muhammad Butt

13. Who was the Punjabi person became the 7th Indian President in 1982?

Answer : Giani Jail Singh

14. Who is the Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Answer : Navjot Singh Sidhu, Indian cricketer

15. Who was the former Indian Acting Prime Minister in 1966 belongs to Punjab?

Answer : Gulzarilal Nanda

16. Which Punjabi personality became the 12th Indian Prime Minister served from 1997-1998?

Answer : Inder Kumar Gujral

17. Which Punjabi personality became the 13th Indian Prime Minister before Narendra Modi?

Answer : Manmohan Singh

18. Which Punjabi figure served as Governor of Tamilnadu from 2004-2011?

Answer : Surjit Singh Barnala [ He was also the 11th Chief Minister of Punjab and 1st Governor of Uttarakhand]

19. Which Punjabi person served as the 3rd Chief Minister of Delhi?

Answer : Madanlal Khurana [He also served as Governor of Rajasthan in 2004]

* Who was the past Chief Minister of Punjab before Amarinder Singh?

Answer : Parkash Singh Badal

* Who is the 10th Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Beant Singh(1992-1995)

* Who is the 2nd Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Bhim Sen Sachar

20. Which Punjabi person is the Founder and Chairman of Bharti Enterprise and was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2007?

 Answer : Sunil Mittal

21. Who was the founder of Sikhism?

Answer : Guru Nanak(1469-1539)

22. Who was the 10th Sikh Guru and the founder of Khalsa?

Answer : Guru Govind Singh

23. Which Sikh Guru founded the Taran Taran and Kartarpur city?

Answer : 5th Sikh Guru Arjun(1563-1606)

Which Punjabi personality was awarded the 61st Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2013?

Answer : Gulzar

24. Who was the first Punjabi woman to win Sahitya Akademi Award in 1956?

Answer : Amrita Pritam for Magnum Opus

25. Which Punjabi person became Telecommunication and IT Minister of India in 2002?

Answer : Arun Shourie [ He was also awarded Ramon Magsaysay and Padma Bhushan in 1982 and 1990 consecutively]

26. Which Indian Punjabi Musician was honoured Padma Shri in 1967?

Answer : Mohammed Rafi

27. Who became the first Chief Minister of Punjab?

Answer : Gopi Chand Bhargava(1947-1949)

28. Who was the first Governor of Punjab?

Answer : Chandulal Madhavlal Teivedi(Duration 1947-1953)

Punjab Economy GK Questions and Answers

29. Which industry plays a major roll in economic development of Punjab?

Answer: Punjab economy is mainly based on agricultural industry

30. How much amount of India’s total wheat are produced in Punjab?

Answer : Punjab contributes 19% of total wheat production in India

What is Punjab’s rank by total remittances to India?

Answer : 4th

31. What are the major agricultural crops contribute to Punjab economy heavily?

Answer : Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Sugarcane, Maize, Barley

What is the function of ESO(Economic and Statistical Organisation of Punjab)?

Answer : ESO acts as data bank which provides socio-economic statistics of the state

32. Which state is known as ‘India’s bread-basket’?

Answer : Punjab

33. How much amount of India’s total rice are produced in Punjab?

Answer : 11%

34. What is Punjab’s HDI ranking in India?

Answer : 9th

35. What is the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) rate in Punjab?

Answer : 3.17 Lakh Crore

36. Why Punjab is called ‘Granary of India’?

Answer : Punjab is the most fertile region in India. Major agricultural products like wheat, rice, sugar cane, maize are heavily produced here. Thats why Punjab is called ‘Granary of India’.

37. Which Indian districts are the largest producer of wheat and rice?

Answer : Firozpur and Fazilka, Punjab

38. What is the poverty rate in Punjab?

Answer : 6.16%

39. How much capacity of power in Guru Govind Singh Super Thermal Plant in Ropar?

Answer : 1260 Megawatt

40. How much power capacity there in Rajpura Thermal power plant?

Answer : 1400 Megawatt

41. Which is the biggest milk processing plant in Punjab?

Answer : Moga is the biggest milk processing plant in Punjab. Processing capacity is 435 thousand litres of milk.

42. How much amount of total India’s cotton are produced in Punjab?

Answer : 70%

Punjab History GK Questions and Answers

43. When Punjab formed as a Partial state of Indian Union?

Answer : 1 November 1966

When the Second Anglo-Maratha war was fought between British and Maratha empire?

Answer : 1803-1805

* When Punjab Digital Library launched?

Answer : In 2003

44. In which year Ranjit Singh died?

Answer : 1839

45. In which year the Second Anglo-Sikh war was fought between British and Sikh Empire?

Answer : 1849

46. During British period Punjab province were partitioned in two region, they are-

Answer : East Punjab and West Punjab

*What is the full form of PEPSU?Answer : Patiala and East Punjab States Union

47. How long the Sikh Empire reigned in India?

Answer : 1801-1849(49 Years)

48. Why Punjab was known as ‘Saptasindhu’ region mentioned in Rigveda?

Answer : Punjab was known as Saptasindhu for seven rivers. The rivers are- Saraswati, Satadru(Sutlej), Vipasa(Beas), Chandrabhaga(Chenab), Iravati(Ravi), Vitasta(Jhelum), Sindhu(Indus).

49. Who introduced the Khalsa and when?

Answer : Khalsa was introduced by 10th Sikhguru Guru Govind Singh in 1699

50. In which year Banda Singh Bahadur died?

Answer : 1716

51. In which battle Wazir Khan was killed by sikhs?

Answer : Battle of Chappar Chiri in 1710

52. Who was the Governor of Sirhind?

Answer : Wazir Khan

53. In which war Banda Singh Bahadur defeated Mughals?

Answer : Battle of Samana in 1709

54. When the Battle of Muktsar happened?

Answer : 1705

55. When the Battle of Sarsa fought between Sikhs and Mughals?

Answer : 1704

Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh are the two sons of which Sikh Guru?

Answer : Guru Govind Singh

56. When the Battle of Anandpur fought between Sikhs and Mughals?

Answer : 1704

The Battle of Basoli was fought in the year-

Answer : 1702

57. When the Battle of Bhangani fought?

Answer : 1688

What is the Operation Blue Star?

Answer : Operation Blue Star is an operation into Harmandir Sahib Complex conducted by Indian Army. Blue Star conducted in 1984 in order of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, to abolish the Akal Takht system

58. Who is the father of Guru Gobind Singh?

Answer : Guru Tegh Bahadur

59. Guru Granth Sahib is written in which language?

Answer : Guru Granth Sahib is written in Gurumukhi language

60. Who is the sixth Sikh Guru?Answer : Guru Har Gobind is known as sixth Sikhgurj

61. Who built Akal Takht?

Answer : Guru Har Gobind built Akal Takht

62. Where is Akal Takht situated at?

Answer : Akal Takht located at Harmandir Sahib Complex, Amritsar

63. Who is the father of Guru Arjan?

a) Guru Ram Das

b) Guru Gobind Singh

c) Guru Tegh Bahadur

d) Guru Hargobind

Where is the birthplace of Guru Arjan?

Answer : Tarn Taran District

64. When Guru Amar Das became the 3rd Sikhguru?

Answer : In year 1552

* Who is the 8th Sikh Guru?

Answer : Guru Harkishan

65. Who is the 7th Sikh Guru?

Answer : Guru Har Rai

* Where is the birthplace of Khalsa?

Answer : Keshgarh Sahib

* What is the state animal of Punjab?

Answer : Blackbuck

* What symbolise the state bird of Punjab?

Answer : Baaz

* Which symbolise the state dance of Punjab?

Answer : Bhangra, Giddha

* What is Hola Mohalla?

Answer : Hola Mohalla is a punjabi yearly festival where military skills and various type of exercises are performed by sikhs

Punjabi Grammar and Language GK Question Answers

*How many writing scripts are there in Punjabi language?

Answer : There are two categories in Punjabi language are used. One is Gurmukhi and other is Shahmukhi

Which country uses Punjabi as their third most spoken native language?

Answer : Canada uses Punjabi after English and French

*Which is the standard form in Punjabi language?

Answer : Majhi is the standard form in Punjabi language

*Which type of language Punjabi is?

Answer : Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language

*How much Punjabi spoken people are there around the world?

Answer : There are almost 100 Million Punjabi speaking people around the world

* What is the origin of Punjabi language?

Answer : The word Punjabi is taken from Panj-ab, the language mainly originated from Prakrit language. Grammar is based on Punjabi language

What is the highest-grossing of all time 1998’s Pakistani film based on Punjabi language?

Answer : Choorian

*Which are the major dialects of Punjabi language?

Answer : Majhi, Powadhi, Pothohari, Malwai, Multani, Doabi

How much amount of Punjabi spoken people resides in Punjab?

Answer : 91.69% of total population

What is the official language in Punjab?

Answer : Punjabi

Which schedule of the Indian constitution refers Punjabi as official language status?

Answer : Punjabi is listed on eighth schedule of the Indian constitution out of 22 official languages

*Which country use Punjabi as the geographically most widely spoken language?

Answer : Punjabi is most widely spoken in Pakistan

*When the Punjabi University was established to teach technology, software development, cyber knowledge etc in Punjabi language?

Answer : Punjabi University was established in 30 April 1962

Punjab Geography Top GK Questions and Answers

66. What is the geographical area of Punjab?

Answer : 50,362 Squar Kilometer(19,445 Squar Mile)

Geographically Punjab lies on which climatic zone?

Answer : Subtropical zone

Which region of Punjab known by Steel Town?

Answer : Mandi Gobindgarh, Fatehgarh Sahib district

Punjab falls under which earthquake zone in India?

Answer : Seismic zones 2,3 and 4

* What is Punjab’s areawise ranking in India?

Answer : 20th

67. Which is the largest city in Punjab?

a) Amritsar

b) Ludhiana 310 Km2

c) Chandigarh

d) Patiala

68. Which country shares a border to the west of Punjab?

Answer : Pakistan on west

State of Haryana lies to which direction of Punjab?

Answer : South

*What rivers flows within Pathankot district?

Answer : Beas and Ravi river

Shalimar garden is seen at which city of Punjab?

Answer : Kapurthala

Which state lies to north direction of Punjab?

Answer : Jammu and Kashmir

Rajasthan lies on which direction of Punjab?

Answer : South

Which hilly region lies to the northwest of Punjab?

Answer : Shiwalik hills

How much area of Punjab are occupied by northern India’s largest wetland Harike Pattan wildlife sanctuary ?

Answer : 8600 hectres

Which Indian state has the Rupnagar Zoological Park?

Answer : Punjab

Punjab Population GK Question and Answers

* According to census 2011 what does Punjab rank by population in India?

Answer : 16th

What is Punjab’s largest city by population?

Answer : Ludhiana

* What is the total population of Punjab as census 2011?

Answer : 27,704,236

* What is total population of Pathankot?

Answer : Total population of Pathankot is 626154

*What is the total population of Jalandhar district?

Answer : Total population is 862196

How much of total Indian population are Sikh religious?

Answer : 57.69%

What is the literacy rate in Punjab as census 2011?

Answer : 76.68%

What is the male literacy rate in Punjab?

Answer : 80.23%

What is the female literacy rate in Punjab?

Answer : 68.36%

Punjabi Literature GK Questions and Answers

69. For which book Giani Gurdit Singh was awarded UNESCO prize for Punjabi literature?

Answer : Tith Tihar in 1960

*For which book Giani Gurdit Singh was awarded 1967 UNESCO prize for Punjabi literature?

Answer : Mera Pind da Jiwan

*Who is the writer of the famous Punjabi Qissa ‘Heer Ranjha’?

Answer : The great Sufi poet Waris Shah

*What is the best example of Punjabi prose literature in Mughal-Sikh period?

Answer : Janamsakhis written about life of Guru Nanak

*Mirza Sahiba was written by which great author?

Answer : Hafiz Barkhudar

*Who wrote Qissa Puran Bhagat?

Answer : Qadaryar

* Who wrote the epic poetry Chandi di Var?

Answer : Guru Gobind Singh

* Who wrote the Punjabi Jangnama in Mughal period?

Answer : Shah Mohammad

70. When the first Punjabi dictionary Mahan Kosh was published?

Answer : 1854

*  Which Punjabi novelist wrote Agg The Khed?

Answer : Nanak Singh

Which Sufi poet’s works reflected in Adi Granth?

Answer : Fariduddin Ganjshakar

Who are recognised the pioneer of Punjabi novel?

Answer : Nanak Singh and Vir Singh

* Which Punjabi writer wrote Chitta Lahu?

Answer : Nanak Singh

* For which literary work Nanak Singh was awarded 1962 Sahitya Akademi Award?

Answer : Ik Mian Do Talwaran

* Mention three famous Poems written by Puran Singh?

Answer : Khule Maidan, Khule Ghund, Khule Asmani Rang

* Which kind of poet Sultan Bahu was?

Answer : Punjabi Sufi poet

71. ‘Sisters of The Spinning Wheel’ written by which modern Punjabi poet?

Answer : Puran Singh

72. Who is known by Father of Modern Punjabi Poetry?

Answer : Mohan Singh

Which Punjabi poet, of British era in India, wrote Vagade Pani?

Answer : Diwan Singh in 1938

*Who is the author of Mirza Sahiba?

Answer : Hafiz Barkhudar

73. What is the poetry, of Shareef Kunjahi, written in Gurumukhi language?

Answer : Jagrate, published in 1958

74. Nawan Jahan was written by which writer?

Answer : Dhani Ram Chatrik

75. For which literary work Kulwant Singh Virk awarded Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967?

Answer : Nave Lok a short Story

76. Piran da Paraga was written by which writer?

Answer : Shivkumar Batalvi

Punjabi Sports GK Questions and Answers

77. In which year Punjabi Athletician Milkha Singh won gold medals in Asian Games?

Answer : Milkha Singh won gold medals four times in Asian Games. In 1958 he won two medals and rest two in 1962.

78. PCA cricket statdium is located in which city of Punjab

Answer : Mohali

79. Which is known as the state sport of Punjab?

Answer : Kabbadi (circle style)

80. Lala Amarnath is associated with which sports?

a) Hockey

b) Cricket

c) Kabbadi

d) Atheletics

GK Questions and Answers on Architecture and Places in Punjab

81. Harmandir Sahib is a famous architecture located in which city?

Answer : Amritsar

82. Moti Bagh Palace is located in which city of Punjab?

Answer : Patiala

83. Where the historical Jalianwala Bagh Massacre was occurred in 1919?

Answer : Amritsar, Punjab

84. Kila Raipur is located near which city in Punjab?

Answer : Ludhiana

85. Anandpur Sahib is famous for which thing?

Answer : Virasat-e-Khalsa

86. Where the Shamsher Khan’s tomb located at?

Answer : Gurdaspur

Q. Where is the cemetry of Ranjit Singha located at?

Answer : Lahore, Pakistan

Punjabi Films and Awards GK Questions and Answers

87. By which name Punjabi film industry is known as?

Answer : Pollywood

88. What was the first Punjabi film?

Answer : Sheela or Pind Di Kudi by K. D. Mehra. Released in 1935

89. Which Punjabi film won National Film Award in 1964?

Answer : Satluj De Kandhe by Panna Lal Maheswari

90. Which Punjabi film won the 62nd National Film Award?

Answer : Punjab 1984

91. For which categories the film ‘Anhe Ghore Da Daan’ won 59th National Film Award in 2011?

Answer : Best direction, best cinematography and best feature film

Punjab Polity Top GK Questions and Answers

92. Which political party currently ruling the government of Punjab in 2017?

Answer : Indian National Congress

* Which person became Speaker two times in political history of Punjab?

Answer : Charanjit Singh Atwal

93. There are how many seats in Punjab Legislative Assembly?

Answer : 117 Seats

94. There are how many political parties exist in Punjab?

Answer : Five, they are Indian National Congress, Bhartiya Janata Party, Shiromani Akali Dal, Bahujan Samaj Party and Aam Aadmi Party.

* Who was the Speaker of Punjab Legislative Assembly between 1947-1951?

Answer : Kapur Singh

* Who was the past speaker before Charanjit Singh Atwal?

Answer : Nirmal Singh Kahlon

95. In which year Shiromani Akali Dal was founded?

Answer : 1920

96. Who is the current President of Shiromani Akali Dal as of 2017?

Answer : Sukhbir Singh Badal

97. Who is the current Speaker in Punjab Legislative Assembly as of 2017?

Answer : Charanjit Singh Atwal

98. Who is the leader of the Opposition Party in Punjab Legislative Assembly as of 2017?

Answer : H. S. Phoolka

99. What is the name of Upper House of Punjab Legislative Assembly?

Answer : Vidhan Parishad

100. What is the name of Lower House of Punjab Legislative Assembly?

Answer : Punjab Vidhan Sabha

In which year the Treaty of Lahore’ was signed?

Answer : 1849

There are how many districts in Punjab?

Answer : 22 Districts

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