World Heritage Sites in India 2020 listed|all competitive exams

Do you want to know how many world heritage sites in India! Then at first you should know why a place becomes an world heritage site. In every competitive exams, several general knowledge questions, current affairs questions, news related questions come from topic Indian heritage site. Thats why we need to learn about important world heritage sites located in India. Here you […]

United Nations – GK(General Knowledge)Questions and Answers, UN Organisations, UN Current Affairs

United Nations(UN)GK Quiz Question Answers current affairs 2017: You will find here united nations top objective gk questions, un gk questions for interviews, un gk quiz questions, united nations informative gk questions, un basic gk questions and un current affairs. All the gk questions and current affairs are about United Nations Organisations(UNO) and its related matters. The subjects mainly focused here […]

G-8 G-15 G-20 BRICS Groups and Its Details

We have provided complete study material about world organisations of G-8, G-15, G-20 and BRICS groups through general knowledge(gk) quiz question and current affairs. You will get informations detailing about current and past events, news, history, political matters, international relation, frequently asked top questions and general query related to these organisations. What is Group of 8(G8): Group of 8 is […]

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