List of All Prime Minister of India from 1947 to 2018 pdf

According to constitution of India, Prime Minister is the executive head of the Government of India. Narendra Modi is the current(15th) Prime Minister of India and he took office on 26 May 2014. List of famous Prime Minister of India deals about all the Prime Minister of India who served from India’s independence till now. You need to learn about […]

Full list of past governor of West Bengal till 2018

Governor of West Bengal is the constitutional head of the West Bengal Government. The governor of West Bengal is appointed by the President of India for a term of five years. Raj Bhavan, Kolkata is the official residence of the governor. From the time of British rule till 2018, West Bengal an east Indian state had seen twenty six governors […]

Full list of past Chief Minister of West Bengal till 2018

After British rule ended, West Bengal an east Indian state had seen a total number of eight Chief Ministers since 1947 till 2018. All Chief Ministers are from various political party including CPIM, Indian National Congress and TMCP. Prafulla Chandra Ghosh was the inaugural Chief Minister in this list. Some of these CM also served as governor of any Indian […]

Oscars 2018: Full list of oscar winners and nominees|90th Academy Awards

Oscars 2018 The 90th Academy Awards ceremony which is also known as Oscars 2018 has been held on 4 March, 2018 and presented like each year by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The whole ceremony took place at Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California and The Shape of Water won the best picture award. The oscar nominees […]

List of important countries with their capital and currency pdf download

List of important country and their capital and currency: Here we have provided a list of all independent and dependant countries with their native currency and capital. Those who can’t memorise the country name with right spelling and currency and capital we have classified all countries by continent alphabetically followed by belonging capital and currency. So you can easily find […]

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