Month: September 2017

Durga Puja is one of the best festival of bangali as well as whole West Bengal. Below is given a list of top pandals at kolkata and bongaon area and surroundings. This puja not only celebrated in bengal but also in most states of India and all over the major cities in the world. It is one […]
Here you will find most important 50 gk(general knowledge) and quiz questions on Andhra Pradesh. Including questions on AndhraPradesh history gk quiz, AndhraPradesh polity gk quiz, Andhra Pradesh geography gk quiz, state symbol and Andhra Pradesh economy gk quiz. Gk quiz on population and literacy in Andhra Pradesh. GK quiz on Andhra Pradesh arts, culture and literature.  Besides these topics some questions on sports, prizes and awards. Gk quiz question […]