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Is Brain Baazi is a game changer! Lets’s have a look. If you are a quiz junkie then definitely heard about how to earn money by playing online quiz. And Brain Baazi shows the way. There are lots of  money earning apps are available on web(specially in playstore)such as Loco, Qureka, HQ trivia, Mobshow etc  but Baazi Now(Brain Baazi) is obviously best one of them.

Formerly Baazi Now was known as Brain Baazi (launched in February 2018) which is developed and maintained by Times Internet Limited(TIL) and was consists of one game in two different timings 1pm and 9 pm. On their recent updates TIL has added a new game version called Bingo Baazi (timing at 4.30 pm daily) and they merged two game in Baazi Now.

So now Indian users except citizens of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim and Telangana can enjoy two games in baazi now. As per Indian state laws residents of these states can not participate and win cash prize in baazi now.

As firstly TIL was introduced brain baazi to acquire a targeted users and popularise quiz contest among Indian people but after getting overwhelming response from the users they started a tambola game called bingo baazi.

1. Brain Baazi

So let’s check out the details information of the first game brain baazi. Brain baazi is completely a brain challenge game based on general knowledge and current affairs where an user can gather knowledge and earn some money. The prize money is Rs 100000 but if you want to win the share of it you have to answer all the eleven questions of the game correctly. This live quiz game show app is presented by a host who asks eleven questions and each question have ten seconds to answer.

There is a multiple choice means a user gets three options for each question. Within ten seconds user need to choose the right one otherwise he/she will be eliminated. But there is a chance to get back in the game by using a life. This life can be availed by Baazi Now’s referral programme where everyone can get a free life by sharing a unique referral code. Also a player get an extra life by answering question number nine which is called kal-nayak sawal. 

Users who win brain baazi can get their winning amount instantly in form of paytm cash or mobikwik wallet.

Brain Baazi Timings

Daily at 1pm and 9 pm IST

Cheat Code

Brain baazi cheat code is a clue or hint of a question which is given daily five minutes before the game starts in a tricky way. User need to find the clue to answer a question.

Baazi Now referral Programme

Along with life a user can earn real cash by refering baazi now to a friend. Yes baazi now is giving 50 paytm cash for five friends referred and play the game. Rs 100 paytm cash for ten friends referred and play the game. This ongoing referral programme lasts till 31st July 2018. So hurry up and enjoy.

2. Bingo Baazi

The other game of Baazi Now is Bingo baazi which is quite different from brain baazi. It is a tambola and housie online game show where instead of questions here you will find 15 random numbers in a ticket. A host will announce a random number spin on a wheel and you have to select that number within 6 seconds. If you select a number not announced by the host two times you will be eliminated from the game. There is no life in this game. It depends completely on your luck

Bingo Baazi timings

Now play bingo baazi daily at 12 pm and 4.30 pm 

How to play the game

Playing Brain Baazi is very easy as one two three. To play you need an android phone or iphone.


1. First of all download the game for android from here

To download for ios click here

2. After installing the app sign up or register with your mobile number by verifying with otp.

3. Now enter the quiz game show at 9 pm and answer all the 11 questions with or without lives.

4. Now if you can give all the answers correctly you will win a share of Rs 100000 as a form of paytm cash.

How to get extra life:

To get extra lives in Brain Baazi app, refer it with your friends as much you can. When your referred friends download and plays the game once, you will get an extra life. Extra life can be used only once during the live game. 

You can use my referral code to get an extra life                      


How to win Brain Baazi

There is no hidden trick to win brain baazi or bingo baazi. Try to answer each question correctly in 10 seconds as the brain baazi clock run fast so actually you get less than ten seconds. Refer most of your friends to earn extra lives and utilise them in daily games to increase chances of winning. Apply these lives during brain baazi game.  As life can be used only once during game so save life till the 10th question.

How to get referral code:

To get baazi now referral code is easy, after sign up use your user name as your referral code which you need to share through whatsapp, google plus, facebook or twitter like social media to earn free lives.

If you have any query about baazi now you can contact admin here at

website –

Is Baazi Now legitimate or scam

It is a legitimate app as per my opinion. There are some technical fault may be arise during game show but its not a scam. Winning amount is instantly credited on paytm or mobikwik wallet.


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