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The term or name parliament is came from  11th century Old French parlement meaning “to talk”. By 15th century in Britain it had come to specifically mean the legislature.

In modern politics and history, a Parliament is the supreme legislative and elected body of any form of a government. The parliament directly or indirectly makes and regulates the law and order by authorised bodies. Mostly legislatures are divided into executive and judicial branches. Legislature may be bicameral or unicameral. Legislatures vary in the amount of political powers. In any democratic country generally there are two houses in each parliament naming upper and lower house.

Different country has a different parliament name. National Assembly, Parliament and Congress are some common names of legislature(parliament) of most nations.

Today jobprostuti will discuss important names of nations/countries ruled by a parliamentary system or legislature. All should learn these names for general knowledge or quiz or competitive exams such as psc, ssc, upsc, rail, defence exams etc. The brackets show all the country’s mother continent

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List of legislature of countries

Here is a alphabetically ordered list of name of parliament of world’s different countries with belonging continents.


Country                   Parliament Name

Afghanistan(Asia)                 National                                                               Assembly

Albania(Europe)   People’s Congress

Angola(Africa)    National Assembly

Argentina(SouthAmerica)                                                                National Congress

Australia(Oceanea)  Parliament of Australia

Austria(Europe)                     Austrian                                                            Parliament

Azerbaijan(Europe,Asia)     National                                                             Assembly

Bahrain(Asia)     National Assembly

Barbados                          Parliament

Belgium(Europe)                   Federal                                                            Parliament 

Benin(Africa)      National Assembly

Bolivia         Plurinational Legislative                                                              Assembly

Botswana(Africa)            Parliament

Brazil(South America)        National                                                                Congress

Bulgaria(Europe)National Assembly

Cambodia(Asia)                Parliament

Canada(North America)    Congress

Cape Verde(Africa)               Peoples                                              National Assembly

Chile(South America)           National                                                               Congress

China(Main)(Asia)                 National                                             People’s Congress

China(Nationalist,Asia)           Yuwan

Costa Rica       Legislative Assembly

Croatia                 Croatian Assembly

Cuba(North America)           National                             Assembly of People’s Power

Czeck Republic(Europe)  Parliament

Denmark(Europe)                Folketing

Egypt                                  Parliament

Equador(South America)                                                                   National Assembly

Estonia(Europe) Riigicogu (StateAssembly)

Fiji                                        Parliament

Finland(Europe)                 Parliament 

France(Europe)                  Parliament 

Georgia           Parliament of Georgia

Germany(Europe)              Bundestag

Ghana                                 Parliament

Greece(Europe)     Parliament of the                                                                Hellenes

Grenada(North America)    House of                                                   Representatives

Guatemala Congress of the Republic

Guyana                 National Assembly

Haiti(North America)     Chamber of                                                   Deputies Senate

Hungary(Europe)                  National                                                              Assembly

Iceland(Europe)                      Althing

India(Asia)                               Sansad

Indonesia(Asia)                     People’s                                       Consultative Assembly

Iran(Asia)                                   Majlis

Ireland(Europe)                 Oireachtas

Israel(Asia)                            Knesset

Italy(Europe)         Italian Parliament

Japan(Asia)                  National Diet

Jamaica(North America)                                                           Parliament of Jamaica

Jordan                       Majlis al-Umma

Kenya(Africa)   Parliament of Kenya

Kuwait(Asia)        National Assembly

Bangladesh(Asia)        Jatiya Sansad

Laos(Asia)            National Assembly

Latvia(Europe)                         Saeima

Liberia                                 Legislature

Lithuania(Europe)                   Seimas

Lybia(Africa)            General National                                                               Congress

Madagascar(Africa)             National                                              People’s Assembly

Malaysia(Asia) Diwan Rakiat Diwan                                                                  Negara

Maldives(Asia)                         Majlis

Mali(Africa)         National Assembly

Malta(Europe)   Parliament of Malta

Mauritius(Africa)                  National                                                              Assembly

Mexico(North America)                                                               Congress of the Union


 State Great Khural

Mojambique(Africa)      Assembly Of                                                       The Republic

Morocco(Africa)          Parliament of                                                               Morocco

Myanmar(Asia) Pyithu Hluttaw(Assembly                                               of the Union)

Nepal(Asia)                           Sansad

Netherlands(Europe) The States General

Newzealand(Oceanea)   Parliament

Norway(Europe)                    Storting

North Korea(Asia)Supreme People’s                                                              Assembly

Pakistan(Asia)          Majlis-e-Shoora

Paraguay(South America) Congress

Philippines(Asia)                 Congress

Poland(Europe)   National Assembly

Portugal(Europe,Africa)     Assembly                                                     of the Republic

Romania(Europe)             Parliament

Russia(Europe,Asia)              Federal                                                              Assembly

Saudi Arabia(Asia)Majlis Ash-Shura

Scotland             Scottish Parliament

Singapore(Asia)                Parliament

South Africa(Africa)         Parliament

 House of Assembly of S. Africa

Spain(Europe,Africa)               Cortes                                                             Generales

Switzerland(Europe)              Federal                                                              Assembly

Sweden(Europe)                    Riksdag

Ukraine                     Verkhovna Rada

United Kindom(Europe)     Congress

USA(North America)          Congress

Uruguay(South America)                                                                    General Assembly

Historic facts behind Country’s Parliamentary name

Its fact that Lesiglature is the parliament name of Liberia. The structure of Liberian parliament is bicameral one is the Senate which is upper house and the House of Representatives which is lower house. The Liberian parliament consists of 30 Senators and 73 Representatives.

The Verkhovna Rada is the parliament name of Ukraine. The parliament of Ukranian government is unicameral and structured with 450 deputies or members.

The zemsky sobor was the first Russian parliament of the feudal Estates type, in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Scottish Parliament is the parliament name of Scotland. The parliament is unicameral and legislative body of Scotland government structured with 129 members.

The Althing the parliament of Iceland formed in 930 AD, believed to be the oldest parliament in the world. Iceland’s parliament house that is Althing located in Reykjavik, was built in 1880-1881.

The Federal Diet of Switzerland was the legislative and executive body of the Swiss Confederacy which existed till the formation of the Swiss Federal state in 1848.

The Folketing popularly known as Danish Parliament is the unicameral national parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark which was established in 1849.

The State Great Khural is the unicameral parliament of Mangolia with 76 members.

The Storting is the supreme legislature of Norway established in 1814 by the Constitution of Norway. The unicameral parliament of Norway is structured with 169 members.

The Knesset is the national unicameral legislature of Israel structured with 120 members.

The Bundestag is the supreme legislature of federal Germany established in 1949. It consists of 709 members.

The Cortes Generales is the national bicameral legislature of Spain. Cortes parliament is structured with 616 members

The National Diet is the national bicameral legislature of Japan. The national parliament of Japan is structured with 717 members.

The Saeima is the parliament name of Republic of Latvia. This unicameral parliament is structured with 100 members.

The Riksdag is the national unicameral legislature of Sweden. The Swedish parliament is structured with 349 members.

Hellenic Parliament or Parliament of the Hellenes is the national unicameral legislature of Greece structured with 300 members.

The Oireachtas is the national bicameral legislature of Republic of Ireland. The parliament of Ireland is structured with 218 seats for members.

The Sansad or Parliament of India is the bicameral legislative body of Republic of India established in 26 January 1950. The two houses of the parliament consists of 790 members.

The Seimas is the name of parliament of Republic of Lithuania. The Seimas is unicameral and legislature of the government of Lithuania. Its 141 members are elected for a term of four year.

The United States Congress is the parliament or legislature of federal government of the United States established in 1789. The two houses(The Senate and The Representatives) of the US Congress consist of total 535 voting members.




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