West Bengal GK- 100 GK Questions & Answers 2020, West Bengal Exam

Want to know about West Bengal? Read these general knowledge question answers where you will find most important 100 gk(general knowledge) questions on west bengal. Along with gk question on west bengal history, west bengal polity, west bengal geography, state symbol gk, west bengal economy. Gk on west bengal population, literacy. GK on west bengal culture, arts, literature. 

Except these some questions on sports, prizes, and other topics like Gk question on famous west bengal personality. Bengali General knowledge question on famous places of west bengal. Questions and answers for west bengal competitive exams of year 2020 and upcoming exams of 2021.

West Bengal gk is a best practice set for job preparation interview questions. Its also a model question sets and a suggestion of possible question papers for 2020-2021 exams in West Bengal.

Most Important GK Question and Answers for all competitive exams in west bengal 2020-2021

These important gk question and answers have been arranged thinking about the candidates of Kolkata Police Constable(male/female)Exam, School Service Commission, Staff Selection Commission, WB TET, WBGDRB exam, WBCS, Eastern Rail Exam, Clerk Exam, CBSE Board exam and others.

To increase your score card in bengal written exams and job interview these suggestive gk practice set guide will definitely help you so follow carefully-

General Knowledge(Gk) Question on famous personality of west bengal

Which bengali writer received  2016’s ‘Jnanpith Award’?

Answer : Shankha Ghosh who is a famous Bengali poet has been selected for 2016 Jnanpith Award. Shankha Ghosh born in 1932. He was awarded Sahitya Akademi Award in 1977 for Baabarer Praarthanaa, he received this award again in 1999. He was also honoured Padma Bhushan in 2011 by India Government.

1.Who is the present governor of west bengal as of 2019-2020?

Answer : Jagdeep Dhankar

Who is the current acting Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court as of December 2020?

Answer : Thottathil B. Radhakrishnan

Who became the first Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court?

Answer : Barnes Peacock

* Name the first Bengali Chief Justice in Calcutta High Court?

Answer : Phani Bhusan Chakravarty

2. Finance minister of west bengal?

solve : Amit Mitra

3. Who is the first chief minister of west bengal?

solve : Prafulla Chandra Ghosh

4. Who is the present chief minister of west bengal?

solve : Miss Mamata Banerjee

5. Which bengali person is the youngest martyre of india’s fight for freedom ?

solve : Khsudiram Bose

* Geetgovindam is written by which famous writer?

solve : Jayadeva

6. Do you know the first Indian and Asian recipient of Nobel Prize in literature?

solve : Rabindranath Tagore 1913(west bengal)

* Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Jyoti Basu from 1977-2000(23 Yrs)

7. When Sushmita Sen to received the miss universe award ?

solve : In 1994 (west bengal)

8. Name the founder of Kolkata the capital of west bengal?

solve : Job Charnock founded kolkata in the year of 1690

9. When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose left india ?

solve : 17th Jan, 1941

10. ‘Jana Gana Mana’ The National Anthem of India written by which great person?

solve : Rabindranath Tagore(west bengal)

11. Who is the first indian footballer from west bengal awarded with “Padmasree”  ?

solve : Goshtha Paul

* Name the current sports minister of west bengal as of 2019-2020?

Answer : Arup Biswas

12. Which bengali personality crossed the English Channel first?

solve : Mihir Sen (west bengal)

* Partha Chatterjee is the Minister of which department?

Answer : Parliamentary Affairs

* Who is the Panchayet and Rural Development Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Subrata Mukherjee

* Who is the Information & Technology Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Bratya Basu

* Who is the current food Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Jyotipriyo Mullick

* Who is the present Sports Minister of West Bengal

Answer : Arup Biswas

* Who is the present Municipal Affairs Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Firhad Hakim                  

* Who is the present Transport Minister of West Bengal?    

Answer : Suvendu Adhikari

* Who is the current Agricultural Minister of West Bengal

Answer : Asish Banerjee

* Who is the current Forest Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Binay Krishna Barman

* Who is the Labour Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Moloy Ghatak

* Who is the North Bengal Development Minister of West Bengal?

Answer : Rabindranath Ghosh

* Who is the current Minister of Fisheries in West Bengal?

Answer : Chandranath Sinha

13. Tribal Development Ministry is under whom?

Answer : James Kujur

* Goutam Dev is the Minister of which department?

Answer : Tourism

14.‘Vande Matram’ is written by which famous bengali writer?

Answer : Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya(west bengal)

15.  For which bengali film Satyajit Roy was awarded the Oscar Lifetime Achievement award?

Answer :- Pather Pachali

* Who is the first african secretary general of the United Nations ?

solve : Butros-Butros-Ghali

* Who is the first woman chief judge of high court ?

solve : Leela Seth ( Himachal Pradesh 1991)

* Who is the first woman chief minister of a state ?

solve : Sucheta Kripalni ( Uttar pradesh 1963-67)

* Who is the first woman governor of india?

solve : Sarojini Naidu ( Uttar Pradesh 1963-67)

* “My Experiments With Truth” a famous book written by ?

solve : Mahatma Gandhi

General Knowledge(GK) Question On Different Places In West Bengal:

* UNESCO’s world heritage site ‘Darjeeling Himalayan Railway’ lies in which state of India?

Answer : West Bengal

The Nizamat Imambara built in 1847 AD one of India’s largest imambara located at –

Answer : Murshidabad district of west bengal

16Kolkata is situated on the river bank of –

Answer : Hooghly

The historical place Adina mosque built in 14th century located at-

Answer : Pandua in Maldah district

* Battle of Plassey tool place in the year of –

solve : 1757

17. Indian Museum a heritage site located in which state of India?

Answer : West Bengal

18. In which year Chattagram warehouse of former bengal were captured?

Answer : 18th april, 1930

19. Sandakfu (3630m) one of  the tallest peak is situated in which state of India?

Answer : West Bengal

* Which is the third-largest city in India?

Answer : Kolkata (West Bengal)

General Knowledge(GK) Questions On History of West Bengal:

Q.Mention two names of hindu king of bengal during the Mughal period?

Answer : Raja Pratapaditya and Raja Sitaram Roy

Q. Mention the name of last independent Nawab of bengal who was defeated by British India?

Answer : Mir Qasim

Q. Mention the name of bengal’s first independent king who reigned in early 7th century?

Answer : Shashanka

Q.The Adina mosque was built during the reign of which sultan of Bengal Sultanate?

Answer : Sikandar Shah of Ilyas Shahi dynasty

20. Why year 1857 is famous in west bengal history?

Answer : In Indian history the battle of independence was first fought in the state of West Bengal in this year

21. Who is regarded as the ‘Father of Indian Renaissance’?

Answer : Raja Rammohan Roy

22. How the year 1885 is associated to history of bengal ?

Answer : Womesh Chandra Banerjee from Kolkata,West Bengal elected as the first President of Indian National Congress this year

23. In which year Calcutta University was established ?

Answer : 24th Jan ,year 1857

24. In which year Nathaniel Brassey Halhed published first bengali grammar “Grammar of The Bengali Language” from Serampur Press?

Answer : 1778

* The first battle of Panipath was fought in the year of-

solve : 1526

* Who was the main founder of the Pala dynasty ?

solve: Gopala

25. Which bengali person founded ‘Brahma Samaj’ in year 1828?

Answer : Raja Rammohan Roy

26. First bengali newspaper ‘SamacharDarpan’ was first published in the year–

Answer : 1818

* Who is the founder of Gadar Party ?

solve : Lala Hardayal

* Which dynasty Harshavardhana belongs to ?

solve : Pushyabhuti

27The “Permanent Settlment” system was introduced in bengal in the year —

solve : 1793

28. In which year East India company gained dewani from Bengal, Bihar and Odisha with leadership of Robert Clive?

Answer : 1765

29. Why year 1883 is famous in Indian history?

Answer : India’s first ‘Star’ public theatre was built in this year at Kolkata

30. Year 1817 is famous in bengal’s history because–

solve : Hindu college was founded in this year 

31. Year 1835 is famous in history because–

solve : Kolkata Medical college was founded in this year

32. Year 1849 is famous in west bengal history because —

Answer : Bethune college and Hindu school were founded this year with help of Iswarchandra Vidyasagar

33. Why the year 1772 is memorable in bengal’s history?

Answer : In this year Kolkata became the capital of British India

34. Mention the year when major historical event ‘Partition of Bengal’ happened ?

Answer : 1905

* What is the height of the Martyer’s Monument in West Bengal?

solve : 52 Meter

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GK Questions On West Bengal Literacy:

35. What is the literacy rate in west bengal?

solve : 77.08%

36. What is the rank of west bengal in term of literacy rate in India?

solve : According to census 2011 West Bengal ranks 13th amongst all states and union territories of India in terms of literacy rate.

37. Which district of west bengal ranks first on literacy rate?

solve : Purba Medinipur (87.66%)

38. Which district ranks 2nd on literacy rate in west bengal?

solve : Kolkata (87.14%)

39. Name the district ranking third in term of literacy rate in west bengal?

Answer : North 24 parganas (84.95%)

GK Questions On West Bengal Geography:

40.What is the geographical features of west bengal?

Answer : Except dessert there all kind of major geo-natural features can be found in west bengal. Darjeeling Himalayan Hill Region lies on north of west bengal. Bengal’s highest peak Sandakfu(3630m) situated at eastern part of Himalaya in Darjeeling. Jalpaiguri, Coochbehar and Mahanadi plains to the south of hill region. Apart from hilly and plain region this state contains plateaues,highland and one of the best geological structure of world is- Mangrove forest;The delta region of Sundarbans. To the south-west part of west bengal state there is Kontai bay region. It is the only bay region of state of west bengal.

41. There are how many geographical(international)border with state of west bengal?

Answer : There are three borders with west bengal. One is Bangladesh in the east and Nepal and Bhutan in the North.

42. There are how many Indian states share border with west bengal?

Answer : There are five Indian states border with bengal. They are- Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sikkim and Assam.

43. Bay of Bengal is located in which direction of bengal?

Answer : Bay of Bengal is on the south of west bengal

44. How much area state of bengal covered with?

solve : The state has a area of 88,752 Square Kilometers(34,267 Sq.Miles)

45. Which river is known as ‘Sorrow of Bengal’?

Answer : Damodar River

46. The ‘Darjeeling Himalayan Hill Region’ is located in which direction of west bengal?

Answer : Northern

47. The Farakka barrage is built on which river in bengal?

Answer : Ganges

48. Some of the major rivers of west bengal are-

Answer : Teesta, Torsa, Jaldhaka, Damodar, Ajay, Mahananda, Kangsabati, Bhagirathi

49. The world famous Sundarban is a tourist place in west bengal is known for which things?

Answer : Royal Bengal Tiger, Mangrove Forest, Ganges delta

     * Which constitution is the world’s longest written constituion ?

     solve : Indian Constitution

   Who is the first woman in the world to go to space ?

   solve : Valentina Terescova ( Russia, in 1963. She gone with “Vostok 6”)

* In which year the preamble of constitution of india was launched ?

solve : 26th Nov, 1949

* What is the highest mountain peak in india ?

solve : Karakoram or K2 (8611 Meter)

GK Questions On West Bengal Economy:

50. How the state West Bengal affects Indian economy?

Answer:- West Bengal is the sixth-largest contributor to India’s Net Domestic Product

51. What is the rank of west bengal in terms of GSDP( Gross State Domestic Product) in India?

Answer : West Bengal ranks fifth in terms of GSDP in India

52. What was the GDP growth rate of year 2014-2015?

Answer : 13.35%

53. What was the per capita NSDP(National State Domestic Product) growth rate of west bengal as of 2014-2015?

Answer : 12.62%

54. What are the major food crops of west bengal?

Answer : Rice, Potato, Jute, Sugarcane and Wheat

55. Which industry affects west bengal economy a major roll?

Answer : Tea industry of Darjeeling

56. West Bengal economy is based on which major sector?

Answer : West Bengal economy is mainly based on agriculture

57. What is the major agricultural product in West Bengal?

Answer : Rice

GK Questions On West Bengal Arts and Culture:

Bengali language is enriched by literary heritage, sharing with neighbour country Bangladesh. West Bengal culture includes literature, films, festivals, music etc.

58. Which epics prove the existence of Medieval Bengali literature?

Answer : Charyapada, Chandimangal, Mangalkavya, Gopal Bhad etc

59. Which city is known as the ‘Cultural capital of India’?

Answer : Kolkata, Capital of West Bengal

60. Krittivasi Ramayana was written by-

Answer : Krittivas Ojha

61. Sri Krishna Kirtana was written by-

Answer : Boru Chandidas

62. The first ever Bengali epic ‘Tilottama Sambhab Kabya’ in blank verse(Amitrakshar Chhanda) written by which famous writer?

Answer : Michael Madhusudan Dutt

63. Madhusudan Dutt’s The Slaying of Meghnad(Bengali-Meghnad Bodh Kavya) is inspired by which international poet’s poem?

Answer : John Milton’s Paradise Lost

64. Rajshekhar Basu the famous short story writer in Bengali literature received West Bengal’s highest literary award Rabindra Puraskar for which literary works?

Answer : Krishnakali Ityadi Galpo in 1955

65. One of the best novel in Modern Bengali literature ‘Durgeshnandini’ is written by which famous novelist?

Answer : Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay

66. Who is the pioneer of sonnet, blank verse(Amitrakshar Chhanda) in Bengali language

Answer : Michael Madhusudan Dutt

67. Madhusudan Dutt’s Slaying of Meghnad(Meghnad Bodh Kabya) is based on which topic?

Answer : Ramayana

68. In which year Madhusudan Dutt wrote the play Padmavati?

Answer : 1860

69. By which nickname or pseudonym did Kaliprasanna Singha worked in Bengali literature?

Answer : Hutom Pecha(Bengali:হুতুম পেঁচা)

70. How the Presence of Rabindranath Tagore’s literary works influenced the world?

Answer : He wrote the National Anthem of Bangladesh

71. Devdas the famous bengali novel has been filmed in many languages, is written by-

Answer : Saratchandra Chattopadhyay

72. Which Bengali writer most recently received India’s second highest literary award Sahitya Akademi Award 2015 in poetry?

Answer : Alok Sarkar for Shono Jabaphul

73. Which Bengali poet is the first recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1955?

Answer : Jibanananda Das for Shreshtha Kavita

74. Which Bengali feature film got the most recent 63rd National Film Award in 2015?

Answer : Shankhachil by Goutam Ghose

75. The first ever Bengali feature film that awarded National Film Award in 1954 is-

Answer : Chheley Kaar(Bengali: ছেলে কার)by Chitta Bose

Useful Post – Bengali Literature GK – Famous bengali novels and novelists, bengali poets, bengali author nicknames

* The National Song “Vande Mataram” has taken from which famous novel ?

solve : “Anandamath” by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

* During the reign of King Harshavardhana which traveller came in india ?

solve : Hiuen Tsang

* Which persian king captured and taken the “Peacock Throne” ?

solve : Nadir Shah in 1739

West Bengal State Symbols| GK Quiz Questions:

76. Which is the symbol of West Bengal state animal?

Answer : Fishing Cat

77. What is the state bird of West Bengal ?

Answer : White-throated Kingfisher

78. Which is the symbol of west bengal state flower?

Answer : Night-flowering Jasmine

79. What is the symbol of west bengal state tree?

Answer : Devil tree

West Bengal Sports GK Questions

80. The first Indian and Asian woman to swim across the English Channel is-

Answer : Arati Saha(1940-1994), West Bengal

81. Who is the world’s first handicapped swimmer to swim across the English Channel?

Answer : Masudur Rahman Baidya, West Bengal

82. Who is the 2nd Indian grandmaster in chess?

Answer : Dibyendu Barua, West Bengal

83. Who won the ICC Women’s Player of the Year 2007 award?

Answer : Cricketer Jhulan Goswami, West Bengal

84. Which woman won gold in both 800 and 1500 metre athletics event in Bangkok Asian Games 1998?

Answer : Jyotirmoyee Sikdar, West Bengal

Gk Quiz on West Bengal Polity:

85. What is the existing political party that ruling West Bengal Government?

Answer : All India Trinamool Congress(AITC)

86. How many LokSabha seats are allotted for the MPs of West Bengal?

Answer : 42 seats

87. How many RajyaSabha seats are allotted for the MPs of West Bengal?

Answer : 16 seats

88. How many seats West Bengal Legislative Assembly contains?

Answer :  294+1 seats. One seat is for a nominated member from the anglo-indian community

89. What are the major political existing parties in West Bengal?

Answer : All India Trinamool Congress(AITC or TMC), Indian National Congress, Communist Party of India(Marxist)[CPIM], Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)

90. Which is world’s longest ruling political party that governed West Bengal from 1977-2011(34 yrs)?

Answer : Left Front led by Communist Party of India(Marxist)

* The Discovery of India was written by which famous personality ?

solve : Jawaharlal Nehru

* For which film A.R.Rahman was awarded the Oscar prize ?

solve : Slumdog Millionare

* In which year the historical Dandi March was happened ?

solve : 1930

* In which year Jana Gana Mana the national anthem of india was first sung ?

solve :  27th Dec, 1911 at the Indian National Congress calcutta session.

* Who is known as the mother of indian revolution ?

solve : Madame Cama

* How much time does moonlight take to reach earth ?

solve : 1.3 Second

* Which is called as the “Roof of The World” ?

solve : Tibetan Plateau (Pamir)

* The great Alexander was the king of which city ?

solve : Macedon, Greece

* Which two cities are known as twin cities ?

solve : Hyderabad and Secundrabad

* Which place is known as the heaven of earth?

solve : Kashmir

* Agra city is situated by which river?

solve :  Yamuna

* Which is the former name of Iraq ?

solve : Mesopotamia

* Which is the former name of Chennai ?

solve : Madras

* Which is the former name of the city Patna ?

solve : Pataliputra

91. In which city 2020 Olympic games will be held at ?

solve : Tokyo, Japan

92. How much water does a human body ?

solve :  70%

93. The term “Cover Drive” Is related to which sports ?

solve : Cricket

94. Viswanathan Anand is associated with which sports?

solve : Chess

95. Who is the first Indian to win gold medal in olympic games ?

solve : Abhinava Bindra, in shooting (2008, Beijing olympic)

96. Labour day is celebrated on which date ?

solve : May 1

97. Who is known as the “Iron Man of India” ?

solve :   Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

98. Which border is known as Radcliffe Line ?

solve :  India and Pakistan border

99. Which border is known as McMahon Line ?

solve :  India and China border

100. In which year the Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed ?

solve :  1931

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